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Dark Archive Faction Status Report - Year of the Sky Key

Dark Archive

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Paizo Employee

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Arodus, 4714

Most loyal agent,

As I set pen to parchment, Korvosa is just fading from view in my cabin's window. The city served me well for my year of near-exile, but from peasant to prince, the population is too tied up in its Chelish origins. Already I find my thoughts clearer for having left. Of course, that's not the only reason. With a little help from friends in the Academae, I have performed most enlightening experiments with the gifts you and my other agents have sent me. Despite the school's reputation for losing students in magical accidents, it seems that there is a limit to how many bright-eyed, young conjurers can disappear before the faculty starts asking uncomfortable questions.

No matter, though. The experience has honed my skills, and your discoveries with the Pathfinder Society have provided ample information with which I have negotiated a more permanent home in Absalom. I fear the Chelish government has since cleaned out my townhouse in the Ivy District, but I understand the Grand Lodge has a space already prepared for me.

Do you remember how so many finds disappear into one of the lodge's vaults under pretenses of their being "stored for later study" or "too great a threat to Golarion?" The Decemvirate is concerned that we have acquired too many such relics without anyone spending the time to give them proper examination. They took rather kindly to my suggestion that we found a dark archive to curate and maintain these collections, and we get the unique privilege of operating it. Archival work may not seem glamorous until you remember what powerful artifacts we are handling. So long as we prove our competence, we will enjoy nearly unfettered access to this vast collection that everyone else is too afraid to handle.

Before we can settle into our new role, I want to ensure that we have the proper training to avoid any catastrophes. That means making friends with other curators who are in the business of handling dangerous objects. Can you think of any? I know I have a few in mind, and I have no interest in taking no for an answer.

Onward, brave archivist,
Zarta Dralneen

The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign begins the Year of the Sky Key, its sixth season of Pathfinder RPG adventures. Keep the words of Zarta Dralneen in mind, and be on the lookout for opportunities to help the new Dark Archive faction succeed in its objectives. When the time comes, endeavor to participate in Pathfinder Society Scenario #6-02: The Silver Mount Collection.

Dark Archive

Well my lady, your humble caterer will go forth in search of new recipes for celebration at your newest locale. And if I happen to find any curators who can help for a peak at my recipe book, I'll certainly send them your way.

Now to index said recipe book.

Your Humble Caterer,


Sovereign Court

Milady Dralneen,

it pleases this humble servant greatly that you have turned your attention to matters of such scholarly import. Though I was not allowed the luxury of choosing to become a Pathfinder, I have found some solace in its desire for discovery and knowledge. Knowing that You, as my patron of sorts, have spent time researching things close to my lowly heart makes me believe that perhaps this... rental I am on shall not be such a horrid time after all. I could complain about the company, but as that is not my place, I will merely pray that fortune will befall me and I shall no longer be the only one keeping in mind the value of law.

Grateful to be your servant, negotiator, and archivist,
Josei Kilojarrah

Dark Archive

The Darkive begins! Yay!

Legally yours,
MeriDoc esquire
Order of the Scourge

Dark Archive

I shall ever remain your humble servant. Well, less humble as the years drag on, but no less loyal. I will miss that townhouse, and our lengthy discussions there.

Dark Archive

Always willing to start work on the bottom, and pray to work my way up.

Dark Archive

My Lady,

I am your agent afield or at home. I shall hunt the ruins of this world for secrets that must be understood and protected. Point me in a direction and I shall go forth and find what is needed to be found.

In Service and Loyal Devotion,

Dark Archive

I am good at making friends, though it troubles me that you had to leave Cheliax.

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<Posting as Tuksen Saguaro>


All pleasantries aside, you've obviously lost possession of your faculties. Asmodeus sees all, knows all and will not take kindly to you abandoning his counsel for these demonic problems you've had of late. If you were a true Chelaxian, which is as plain as the lash above your bed that you are not, Asmodeus would have found the right contract for you. To deny Him the opportunity is to spit in His face. He's the rock to whom you should have turned, yet you cast Him to the docks like one of your used slips.

I find no further need for your correspondance, as I shall not sully myself by being associated with a traitor to Cheliax and, more importantly, a heathen to Asmodeus.

May Asmodeus guide my blade,

Tuksen Saguaro

Dark Archive

Archivist hrm? I could get used to that title.

And your previous belongings? They were burnt by representatives of House Thrune. I'm sure you know why. The Chelish Parent's Society Against Profanities made sure nothing was spared. There was quite a lot of material that offended their sensibilities, so we had bonfires for three long nights.

Time to "persuade" some curators. Hrmmmm.

Dark Archive

Dearest Cousin,

While it saddens me to hear you are leaving our homeland for brighter shores, it is somewhat understandable with the number of enemies you've managed to cultivate in your own home's garden.

While others may be fooled by your sudden altruistic ideals, I assure you that I, and more importantly our Lord Asmodeus, are secure in the knowledge of where your true allegiance lies. Cheliax is still the cornerstone of our Lord's plans, but now it seems you realize his is a much grander strategy and you continue to serve that larger purpose.

Those that chose to see you in the harlot's guise you have so readily crafted for yourself do so at their own detriment. You always were the clever girl, Zarta.

Beware Ambrus, dear cousin, for I have a belief his dedication to the Society far eclipses what sweet nothings he may have whispered to you so many years ago. Do not be too eager to please him in your new role- despite your fondness... words of caution from myself and others in our noble family.

Best wishes in your new endeavors,
Beware treachery within the Society,
Asmodeus keep you close and favored.

Damien Dralneen

Dark Archive

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Dearest Mistress,

It saddens me that you have so softened your tone as of late. I long for the days when you will once again call me your exquisite flesh morsel. I will continue to serve, as I always have, and hope that my service will once again make you happy with me, as your softened tone only shows your discontent with the work I, and the rest of your servants, have been doing. It is my hope that, with success, we may one day feel the joyous sting of your lash once again.

Dark Archive

"Though I have thus far been a crusader for righteousness with Lady Zadrian, my encounters with the evil in the Worldwound and elsewhere have convinced me that Aroden's power still seeks to reach me from his prison in the Abyss. Already I have taken some of this tainted divine power, and I hope to find further channels to wield the power of Aroden among the evil artifacts collected by the Decemvirate. Though we differ in matters of politics and devotion, I look forward to employing Miss Dralneen's assistance in reconnecting with her ancestral patron."

Dark Archive

That is.. more than a little interesting

Hops up on a stool and peers closely at Friedel;s mouth, removing a pronged glass and brass contraption with giant pincer claws on the front connected to a series of vials

I don't suppose you'd mind giving some samples?

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Comes in with a plate full of fresh baked cookies.

Ah, welcome to the Dark Archive!

Who wants cookies? They're chocolate chip! There's some milk to go with them on the table in the hall.

Dark Archive

I brought the devil's food cake. I am told it's sinfully good, just like mother used to make.

The Exchange

Miss Dralneen,

You have roused my attention. I shall be departing my collaboration with Qadira to pursue my prerogative among your Dark Archive. In addition to my arcane puissance, I possess great personal experience with artifacts, not the least of which being those I liberated from former Runelord Karzoug at the time of his demise, as well as the Thassilonian sihedron I reforged for Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch and now retain in my care.

I look most forward to assisting you in your research.

Saren Valasorn

Dark Archive

My dear Madam Zarta,
We have worked together in the Past, Mostly at the request of Former VC Grandmaster Torch. I was disinclined to acquiesce to your request of joining your endeavor.
But with that fool Aram Zey, still Banning me from the Grand Lodge Library, I Have reconsidered my position on the matter. As a member of your Dark Archive, I will need access to the Grand Library to perform my Duties, and having your Backing with the Decemvirate he will be forced to lift the Ban.
I will need some time to Finalize my departure from Aaqir al'Hakam's organization, but Look forward to working within the Dark Archive.

Ebenezer Flamestaff
Trade Prince of Shadow and Flame

Dark Archive

I'm sorry to hear about what happened. It must be hard, being a lot less well-off all of a sudden, but you told me yourself how the well-off ruling over the less-well-off is like nature, but with people. I'm glad the Decevmir the Ten were happy to take you in.

I've never been any good at reading or cataloging, but if you need someone to ask people to help, I can do that! If you ever need a pair of hands or two, I'll be happy to help out.

(Do I sign these too, or do I not have to?)

Dark Archive

Fuligins tail snakes out to snag a couple of the cookies while he calibrates a few instruments. One of the clawed pincers snaps shut

"Hmmm... much too loose...So you were the one that burned down the east wing. They have rules against open flames for a reason you know."

Dark Archive

No no Fuligin,
That was a Lightning Elemental summoned by a Gnome named Shamus Woodgear. He for some reason thought an Elemental of the Lightning variety could light his way. For some reason he didn't catch on that electricity could start a Fire. I was the one who put it out.
Zey and I have had problems since I gave him failing marks in Evocation study. If he had taken the time to use the spells with a more open Mind he would have been the Top of the Class. But no, he would rather write a new spell to do exactly what is needed, then Learn to use a Spell in an interesting and Useful way, even if the spell was not intend to be used that way.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"Mistress Dralneen, we haven't been formally introduced. My name is Azkadellia, and while my power comes primarily from inborn magic, like you, I've recognized the need to augment my abilities with power from other sources."

"As a young sorceress in Riddleport, I allied myself with those Sczarni thugs, because I recognized that allies are another form of power, and I continued that allegiance when I joined the Pathfinder Society. But with that fool Guaril joining forces with that Qadiran businessman and trying to make it all about money, I fear I've gotten all I can out of my association with him and his 'family'. My primary interest has always been power, not gold."

"This new archival venture is of interest to me. I'd be curious to see what dark magic the Society has access to. With my magical abilities, I believe I can be of assistance in uncovering uses for some of these items, to both of our mutual benefit."

I can't believe nobody's made the obvious connection here yet...

"As for other curators used to dealing with such powerful objects, I've heard that the Blackros Museum is practically bursting with dark magic that they don't know how to control. Given the Society's good relationship with the Blackros family lately, I'd think this would be an ideal place for us to set up shop. Their curator, Nigel Aldain, seems like he'd be easily manipulated into serving our purposes."

Dark Archive

Bob - Dearest Zarta, as the phoenix sheds its embers and is reborn so too my loyalty and devotion reignites for the Darkive. I will loyaly bring such persons as necessary to complete the task. Perhaps the cyphermages of Riddleport may be a good possibility?

Ogre - you're not foolin anyone Bob

Dark Archive

Mistress Dralneen,

It vexes me greatly that you have chosen to abandon the Empire for the opportunity to study trinkets under the yoke of the society. The powerful seek to change their environment and fashion it to their will, not flee and hide under the guise of secret power.

I have bled and been bled by the opponents of the society. I have worked loyally for the Empire to expand it's influence and bring order to the realm.

Justice through might
Order through fear

There is a reason that the society has chosen to divide you from the Empire with this carrot. Your ambition has blinded you...

Farewell Mistress, I see our relationship ending in the coming weeks.

Kuraz "Raze" Sanguine
Hellknight, Order of the Gate

<< soon to retire and I think Gencon will be a good time as I can't see a hellknight following Zarta and maintaining a standing in any Chelish order >>

Dark Archive

Azkadellia wrote:
"As for other curators used to dealing with such powerful objects, I've heard that the Blackros Museum is practically bursting with dark magic that they don't know how to control. Given the Society's good relationship with the Blackros family lately, I'd think this would be an ideal place for us to set up shop. Their curator, Nigel Aldain, seems like he'd be easily manipulated into serving our purposes."

Given his track record why on earth would you let him near a butter knife, much less any dangerous objects? I have little problem with having fodder test the artifacts first, but he seems to have a savant level mixture of incompetence and talent that allows him to activate the artifacts in the most disastrous way possible.

Dark Archive

Archivists, you say?

Why my dear Lady, allow me to offer my humble services!

Prior to becoming a confirmed field agent this past year, I have worked in the archives of the Grand Lodge for nearly 20 years, cataloging and storing the very artifacts to which you refer! My chief regret is that we were not allowed to examine some of the most potent artifacts that were recovered. Now it sounds as if you have overcome that obstacle, so I would be most pleased to join your cause.

Xan Kahlan, the Sineater

Sovereign Court

Dearest Zarta,

I will always treasure being your exquisite flesh puppet, and will be happy to continue as such. I am also happy that I succeeded in tracking down your disappearance, freeing you from Hell, and most recently bring the dog Tancred Desmire to justice and your tender care. While I value my service to you and the boons you have brought me, I must say I do not believe that my talents will serve you well in your current pursuits.

As you know I seek to bring glory and honor to my family's name and to help return them to Thrune's Favor. I feel that I will be best served in doing so by joining Lady Gloriana Morilla's Sovereign Court. I also feel that it will be one of my duties to ensure the lawfulness of her activities and to make sure she doesn't undermine any of House Thrune's power.

Marquise D'Railford Lady Jasmine Henderthane
Hellknight of the Order of the Chain

Dark Archive

Dearest Zarta,

While I understand your recent troubles with the Chelish government, my masters in the Order of the Gate wish me to convey their most... sincere desire to assist you in your current endeavors. I'm sure that comparing notes will be most enlightening.

Viscount Victor Zajic, Signifier, Order of the Gate.

Dark Archive

Beloved Paracountess,

First off, let me express my sincere relief that you once are well and good and once again find yourself in an advantageous position. My heart has weighed heavy both for you and the Empire during the most recent turbulent times. I shall never forget the kindness you showed me in my period of exile, certainly at the behest of my father, but your aid certainly went well and beyond what was necessary. In exchange I have been a loyal and trusted servant both to you and the Empire while travelling Garund like a vagabond-slave at the whim of the Decemvirate. Certainly not where I thought I would be spending my time a year ago, but we all must act like the reed and bend when the wind is strong enough.

I must confess, my dear mistress Dralneen, that my heart once again weighs heavy that I will no longer be able to serve both you and the Empire. Though my country has little tolerance for my tainted blood, I assure you that it has a need and use for me. One day, I shall return to my deserved station in the high courts of Egorian. One thing that certainly trumps bias in our sacred land is wealth and power. I am well on my way to amassing both. Though this cursed blood that runs through my veins frightened and sickened me when I first realized my infernal nature, I no longer fear my power as I once did. My time with the Pathfidners has exposed me to a great deal of things that I was previously entirely ignorant. I have seen power, seen it wielded in others rather effortlessly. I admit I am not yet entirely comfortable letting loose the powers of the Pit that dwell within my blood and soul, but I am beginning to see my potential. My path to redemption, to both house and country, is clearer than ever before. So now I must decide what associations will move me more quickly down this path.

Oh Zarta! I am at a difficult crossroad. My loyalty to you remains as strong as it ever has been, but this new path that you have chosen is not one that I could have foreseen. My talents, my true power, lay in my skill at words and court. I have never been, nor do I believe I will ever be, a scholar of the arcane arts. Even though it pains me to confront my shortcomings, I frankly do not have quite the mind for it. I also have a duty to my House, in exile I may be. I am intrigued by Lady Morilla's new endeavor and cannot help but wonder if my house would be better served by both observing this grand experiment while simultaneously ensuring my House's place in this New Order should it ever gain traction. The thought of following such notable persons as Jasmine Henderthane has certainly crossed my mind. However, I certainly see the benefit of remaining close to the real power that will reside in your Archive. So, here I stand, at the next fork in the road this life has led me. Honestly, I am not certain which next step in the correct one.

Needless to say, my anxiety shall run high as I decide my own fate. No matter how I decide, I shall always hold you in the highest regard and be willing to aid you in a time of need. I do not believe my debt to your kindness will ever be fully repaid. I shall inform you of my final decision in due course. I am very glad you are once again out of danger, Paracountess.


Your Humble Servant
Heccan Abraxi
House Abraxi, Egorian

Silver Crusade


I am relieved to see you hale and hearty after your unfortunate detention last year. I have aided you out of a sense of debt and obligation these last two years, all the while worrying over your fascination with things dark and fell. As I see every day in the mirror, those thing have prices and a cost beyond just ourselves.

I pay the cost of my grandfather's sins, tainted by dalliances with the Rakshasa. My sister, though returned to me thru magic as my companion and eidolon, paid a far dire price for that sin. I cannot council you on your path, for you did not share your plan and while some of your actions echo in my thought with similarity to the First Vault, I fear your path and mine have finally come to a parting of the ways.

I am unsure of where I shall go from here. The Silver Crusade, where so many of my fellows in faith go? Perhaps I will find friends among the followers of Adabar there, or to this new mercantile inspired exercise that is called The Exchange? Perhaps. This new reborn and revitalized collection of Sages? I find it heartening that Amenopheus, the only other truly active faction leader, has seen wisdom in sharing his vision of rebuilding his brotherhood with such a powerful ally as the Diamond Sage. Perhaps I might take up Ambrus' invitation to join his merry bad of mayhem. Truthfully, I am as yet undecided.

I know I cannot stay with you. Not because I fear your will is not too the task but that mine might NOT be strong enough.

I wish you well.

Drago Klien,


Sovereign Court

OooooOOO sounds like warehouse 13. If you are ever bored I will be more than willing to sing you a dirge or Ballad as well as other things my lady. OH and that Nigel is a friend of mine and his human wife is on death's door.

The Marque De Sard

Dark Archive

Mistreess Dralneen,

I am pleased to inform you that our affiliation shall continue unaffected by your new position. After several days and sleepless nights, and many many bottles of red, I have concluded that your endeavor in the Dark Archive best suits both my personal goals as well as those of the House Abraxi, While I was tempted, if just for a moment, by the machinations of the Sovereign Court I have now discovered that their plan is doomed at its inception. As you are well aware, I seek power, both for myself and my house. The Sovereigns are attempting to build some sort of utopia with kind noble houses at the head of their unicorn and rainbow society. Laughable. Truthfully, after digesting their "grand scheme" I laughed for the better part of the day. Granted I was well into my cups, but still, very amusing. No my dear Mistress, we both know what it takes to rule. Power. Simple overwhelming power. I believe this little project of yours is the path to that power. Make no mistake though, despite your recent distancing from the Empire I remain and exiled but loyal citizen of Cheliax. Once I have proven myself running around all of the world like a vagabond, I shall return and re-take what I have lost.

In the end, I could not willfully dismiss myself from your service. My debt to you has yet to be paid and I always even my ledger. So, please inform me what duties I shall attend to this new Archive. I am at your service, except if you require recording and cataloging as my skills lie in other projects. Also, I have cataloging. Truly. Perhaps I could aid in arranging the introductory jubilee. Yes, much more to my tastes. I eagerly await our next meeting.

As always your servant,

Heccan Abraxi,
House Abraxi, Egorian

Dark Archive

Glad you saw the light Heccan, from the soul burning lanterns of course.

Dark Archive

Fuligin wrote:
Azkadellia wrote:
"As for other curators used to dealing with such powerful objects, I've heard that the Blackros Museum is practically bursting with dark magic that they don't know how to control. Given the Society's good relationship with the Blackros family lately, I'd think this would be an ideal place for us to set up shop. Their curator, Nigel Aldain, seems like he'd be easily manipulated into serving our purposes."
Given his track record why on earth would you let him near a butter knife, much less any dangerous objects? I have little problem with having fodder test the artifacts first, but he seems to have a savant level mixture of incompetence and talent that allows him to activate the artifacts in the most disastrous way possible.

"Exactly why we should 'join forces' with him, and take over his collection. It would be much safer with us, don't you think?"

Dark Archive

I have no problem taking over his collection madam, but as his "talents" are clearly in either the realms of pure academia or fishing I believe he is too clumsy of a catspaw to manipulate with anything more volatile than a block of ice.

Hmmmm... perhaps he could be convinced that field work was above him and that a managerial position would be more befitting his station? I believe there is an old chelaxian army proverb on the matter...

Dark Archive

My dear Madam Zarta,

It seems that Aaqir al'Hakam plans to hold me to the fullest extent of our contracted agreement. He has enacted a clause in our contract, that I would provide bookkeeping for a very particular shipment coming into Absalom.
This comes as a surprise, as this endeavor was only half funded when I penned my previous letter to you. No doubt this is due to Guaril Karela's help, and I find this quite unsettling as Guaril and I have had some dealings in the past. He has tried to recruit me for years, to get use of my Network of friends, Allies and Acquaintances.
No matter. I will finish my contract as soon as time permits, at which time I will be at the full disposal of the Dark Archive.

Ebenezer Flamestaff
Trade Prince of Shadow and Flame

Dark Archive

What does this mean for me? Are you telling me you can no longer help me become a hellknight? THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Dark Archive

I am happy to parteesipate, Joor ladyship has always kept her promeeses and I hawve always kept mine. I look forward to collecteeng more items and serveenk under the banner of the archive of dark theengs. I have never conseedered myself a servwent of motherland, only to the law and the God Claw and joo seem to steel support those causes.

The Exchange

Madam Zarta,

I find this change of goals intriguing. A lessened focus on the nation of Cheliax itself is...somewhat necessary I should think. I shall enjoy the opportunity to work with these darker and more dangerous artifacts that other pathfinders or archivists are to scared to touch and tinker with them.

I do hope the Dark Archive suit my tastes in the long run.

Noilli Ssisik,
Daughter of the Schwarz Draconic lineage, and (one of the) heir of the Ssisik Family riches

Dark Archive

I am not convinced that the Paracountess seeks to further the goals of Lord Asmodeus, but I shall continue to put my sword and wizardry to use on her behalf. For the moment.

We shall see what transpires.

Liberty's Edge

Where I? The nice horned guy said cookies are here.

Dark Archive

Beloved Paracountess,

While I am saddened by your departure from Cheliax, and being able to influence our position within it's society, I am looking forward to studying the artifacts that have been brought back, specially those of a darker nature.

I know that when I was younger, my innate powers disrupted my ability to practice true witchcraft, but they did not stop me learning it and turning that knowledge to my benefit.

I also hope that we may still work magic together, encouraging one another to push harder, and continue finding new ways to amaze each other.

The Ice to your Fire,


Dark Archive

To the Esteemed Lady Dralneen,

It is good to hear you are well in these troubled times. I had feared that Korvosa had perhaps brought about the end of your patronage, but it would appear that I was mistaken. Your survival, and your new appointment amongst the Society, brings much joy to my heart. I have learned much since joining your circle, and even now have gained a placement in the ranks of the Hellknights thanks to some of the efforts you have made on my behalf. I shall not forget it, and with a devil's luck perhaps it will bring us both good fortune.

Many of those who are amongst the ranks of the Hellknights that once followed you have, regrettably, been most vocal about their separation from you in response to the news. In truth, this was rather depressing. Many gave remarks about how you had turned from Asmodeus' calling, or that your joining the Society after your altercation in Korvosa was a sign of weakness. I must assure you, I do not hold to the same line of thinking.

As one who is training to be a Hellknight, it is order, not religion, that is most important in my efforts. In this regard, your continuing devotion to Asmodeus or not is of no concern. As a Pathfinder, I know that it is only through understanding the world around you that allows you to survive and thrive. In this regard, your undertaking of examining these dangerous and unknown artifacts speaks of your courage, as well as a sign of your intention of using such knowledge to eliminate your enemies and restore your rightful place once more. One must be ready to dispel ignorance and the unknown if you are to instill order upon chaos after all.

As far as further connections go, I may be able to be of continued service to you. The various orders of knights each have their own agendas, yet they come across surprising finds along their way that even new recruits sometimes gain access to. The brethren orders of the Rack and Coil may cause some issues, however, brother knights within the Order of the Scourge tend to find many a curious artifact within their purges and arrests. The Order of the Gate, surprisingly enough, has shown some more sympathetic ears to this endeavor. If other contacts can be gained, either through the Society or even through other organizations, then the reach of the Archive, along with its understanding, will go far. It has been some time since I have done research of a scholarly sort, yet I find myself surprisingly looking forward to it nonetheless.

Yours faithfully,
Glorfindel Seregon
Hellknight of the Order of the Godclaw

Dark Archive

My dear Madam Zarta,

I have now set asunder the shackles of Aaqir al'Hakam and as I call it, his new bedfellow Guaril Karela. They had hoped to use my talents for there own schemes to make coin. But one doesn't reach the Age I have and not know a thing or two on manipulating the out come missions. The two had seen to it that I would be placed on the mission to the Pathfinder lodge in Nantambu to acquire a copy of A Thread of Silver, this was a mistake on their part. Not only was my team able to recover the text, but I was able to take control of some of their interests and put a halt to the money that could be made from them. Then I explained that I could quite easily destroy said interests and any other that happen to show up, or they would let me finish my duties that we had Accorded, or even better, release me from the contract altogether. They chose the Second option, which I was able to finish quickly, and with that business concluded I now am at the full disposal of the Dark Archive. To that end I have heard for my friend Boris that an expedition to the Pillars of the Sun in central Osirian is being put together, and as I hear they need someone Knowledgeable of Ancient Osiriani and the Jeweled Sages which I have submitted more then a few Chronicle on this subject. I take my leave for central Osirian to lend my expertise to the expedition, but upon my return I hope that the invitation to join you for bottle of Cheliaxin Vinho do Porto is still open.

Ebenezer Flamestaff
Trade Prince of Shadow and Flame

Dark Archive




Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Lily looks quizzically at the assembled group of archivists

Kinda stuffy in here, do you all really need to be so gloomy and formal? I mean, I know a lot of you are Chelish and joy is not really your "thing", but we have an entire vault full of ancient arcane objects of immeasurable power to play with - we should be in there having fun! Crack open a nice bottle of wine while we zap them with random bolts of arcane power, poke at all the gems to see if any activate it, stick them in each other to see if there's any reaction! Now, if you will excuse me...

Lily grabs a random load of unlabeled items in one arm and heads off to find a side room to work in, drawing a bottle of wine from an extra dimensional space in a belt pouch with her the other hand as she goes.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ooh, I just got a response back on my research proposal! Zarta must have really liked it, because I'm supposed to get an entire area to myself, all the way in the back so no one will get in my way!

Dark Archive

Do you need some help drinking the wine there?

You know...

... in the back.

Dark Archive

Well, I haven't had a chance to perform my obedience to Calistria yet today, so I suppose I wouldn't mind a bit of company wink

Dark Archive

on Jul 28, 2014, 06:12 pm

Zarta Dralneen wrote:
Arodus, 4714 Most loyal agent,.

... clearly something fascinating and time consuming has been found...

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