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GM Valen wrote:

By my count, we now have 12 players,two full tables.

I will post table assignments on or before Monday.

Recruitment is closed.

Am I just overlooking the table assignments?

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i have not played it

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I'm still relatively new to 2e. Been playing for about a year. I have quite a bit of experience with 3/3.5, but i hadn't played a game in probably 10 years before last year

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1) Character name: Callie "Winds" Jones
2) PFS#-Character#: 2714-2004
3) Character Ancestry, Class & Level: Human, Sorcerer (Elemental Air Bloodline), 1st
4) Faction: Vigilant Seal
5) Earn Income (with roll): Performance: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20
6 Any boons or field-commission impacting Earn Income rolls/results: No
7) Anything unusual or fun about your PC that you think the GM or other players may like to know: This my first time playing a Sorcerer, so if I do something stupid, just point it out so I don't do it again.

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I would like to play this as well, if there are still slots available. I'm creating a level 1 sorceror as a new character (never played a sorceror before)

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I think it was mostly just to explain where the powers of the classes come from.

I'm sure they could come up with something that basis off of the power, like temporary immunity to powers of a certain type, or, what I was thinking of earlier today was variations of the spellthief class that were specific to powers (martial power thief, arcane power thief, divine power thief) etc, etc, etc.

But mostly I think the power sources were coined to bring cohesion to the origin of powers for the classes.

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This looks interesting. My son and daughter are big into yetis, although typically the non-violent kind found in children's television programming ;)

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I assuming its dead. And hoping that Sect is okay.

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I think we all assumed Geddoe would open it.

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Nerek is in the library, yes

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In '94 I picked up a copy of a book that was lying on the break room table at work and started reading it. It was the second or third book in the series, I forget which now, but it was what got me started readying fantasy novels.

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Dragonmann wrote:
Nerek Lodetracker wrote:

we're only an hour away, right? So nerek won't bother with longstrider this morning

Nerek packs up his things, loads his crossbow, and readies himself for the journey.

"hurry in the morning" included longstrider... Otherwise you are about 2 hours out... 1.4????.

still won't use it, unless everyone else objects.

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Jason Grubiak wrote:

Is Paizo (Or any company for that matter) really allowed to re-print the 3.5 core rulebooks and sell them?

If Pathfinder stayed 3.5 (please do) while WotC moved on to 4th...Could Paizo really publish "Pathfinder RPG Rulebooks" wich are basicallythe PHB DMG and MM 3.5 with Mind Flayers, Beholders ect removed and some new Pathfinder monsters inserted into the new MM and the gods and planes in the DMG changed to Pathfinder?

I really doubt this would be allowed.

There are large parts of the 3.5 SRD reprinted in Monte Cook's WoD with minor if any changes.

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Geddoe wrote:
Keno... stop rolling for me. It's ridiculous when you manage to roll a NEGATIVE ONE for my initiative. And on that note...

eep! exactly how did I get six for the total. I rolled a two, and added 7 and got 6.... I would blame the keyboard, but the 6 is awfully far from the 9. Sorry about that.

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Sect wrote:
Sorion, Elegost, I have your posts done. Zakok, give me a few more hours; there was a bit of information that I don't have with me that I wanted to put in the post. Sorry!

No problem.

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Sect wrote:
kahoolin wrote:

OK, how about this? I was thinking a Varisian Paladin or Hexblade, but the party is already quite strong anyway so you can easily play without me. If you guys want to wait for another week and a half to get everything perfect then I'm in. But only if you want to wait, I don't want to hold the whole game up any more than I have already.

Otherwise it's no worries, I'll just check the boards for another game when I get back from overseas. I'll be back on the 8th of September.

... Varisian... Paladin?

Great, you broke my mind. ANyways, I'll see what everyone else wants.

I'm anxious to get started, but I'll bow to everyone elses wishes.

I'm thinking about starting a Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Grayhawk PBP game but I have to wrap up another game I have running on another message board before I start that.

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Kruelaid wrote:

With the whittling down of setting by Wizards and the edition change, one wonders if there will be a new campaign setting.


From what they've said, not for a couple years. Their plans are to update one campaign setting a year, so that makes it 3 years off at least.

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Heathansson wrote:
Hey, Keno....sorry to others for the thread intrusion, but I figure he'll see it here....just to let you know, I just sent that book to you to day. Good gaming, homes!

Thanks dude!

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Moff Rimmer wrote:
Keno wrote:
Call me strange.


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I love novels set in the realms, but for some reason I just don't like gaming in the realms.... Call me strange.

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hilarious! I especially liked Chuck Norris and Michael Jackson.... Hmm, is it legal to say "Chuck Norris" and "Michael Jackson" in the same sentence?

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Anced_Math wrote:

Maybe Paizo could take a stab at it under the OGL.

A functional set of rules would be welcome, and an addition to the setting.


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I was about 30 minutes from Indy when I realized I'd left my camera sitting in the cabinet at home....

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Affliations aren't OGL, so you won't see an Affliation for the Pathfinders like the Affliations that were in STAP.

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Brian Van Wyk wrote:

What is the purpose of the pathfinder society information? Are the players supposed to start as members or is this something that comes out later in the campaign?

Is the existence of this society common knowledge, or is it a well kept secret?

I thought it was pretty well explained that the Pathfinder Chronicles published by the Pathfinder Society is often the catalyst for youngsters going off on adventures.

I don't think its necessary that anyone be affliated with them, but I think they're supposed to feel the role of the "Seekers" without being quite so plundering.

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Heathansson wrote:
I just hope they get all the kinks out of 4.0 in the next 6 years; then my son will be ready to play it.

I just started teaching 3.5 to my 5 year old a couple months back. We're going to start Hollow's Last Hope soon, but I'm wondering if I should hold off some until 4e comes out. I'm glossing over a lot of the rules, but I still don't want to get too far into it if I'm going to turn around and teach him new rules in a year. Decisions, decisions.

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Amen brother.

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When i first read this, I thought you said, "dressed" instead of "depressed" and I was getting a little concerned. Then I read it again, slower this time ;)

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The 8th Pagan wrote:

I was referring to the 'Conversion Manual' they produced when AD&D become D&D 3.

It's still available as in a zip file at Wizards, at the bottom of the following page...

If they could convert (or at least attempt) AD&D to D20 then I am sure they can provide guidelines for 3.5 to 4th edition.

That was more than a rules tweak.

I think its more of a "they don't want to" thing. I asked about conversion from 3.5 to 4th and was told that while they plan to present some converted stats for villians/monsters from a few books this fall, they have no plans to release any kind of conversion notes.

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Xaaon of Xen'Drik wrote:
Also the description of what a dragon can do in 1 round, and the fact a Fighter hit the dragon for 500 dmg in 1 round is a bit disconcerting.... sounds like DDO...DDO isn't a hugely popular MMO...

I think you misread, I think that dragon has 500 HP after the fighter attacks. And I don't think its round 1. I think its a snippet of the battle. Although, I could be wrong, its not very complete.

I sure hope we're not going to a 10-fold increase in HP.

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CourtFool wrote:
Really? I heard the same angry cries of 'never again' at 3.5. Anyone want to take a wager on the number of unhappy posts we will see when 4.5 comes out?

Yeah, I remember that, I was amused.

I just hope WotC sticks to their guns and don't release a 4.5. When I was talking to them, one of them slipped and said 4.0, and the other guy said, "No, we're never going down that road again."

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Sect wrote:
Keno, potato chips.

I wanted to bring the Mountain Dew!

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I got my copy signed at GenCon!

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DMFTodd wrote:

The OGL cannot be revoked, the 3E stuff that is out there remains out there.

WotC has said that there will be an OGL and SRD for 4E. There have been vague hints that the OGL license for 4E will be different from 3E.

A publisher I spoke to at GenCon stated that they were told by WotC that they would be one of only 5 publishers who would be licensed to produce 4th Edition OGL materials, but when I asked Wizards if that was true they stated that the OGL would be open to everyone, but exactly what that license would contain, like you said, was up in the air still.

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Sect wrote:

Keno: Man, you're pumped for this, ain't ya? Double check your stats; at a glance, I can see that your AC is off. Other than that, it looks good.

Yeah, I guess so. Hmm, maybe I'm not thinking straight, but isn't it simply 10 + 1 (dex) +4 (AC bonus from the hide shirt) = 15? Or am I over looking something Barbarian specific?

And I have Zakok arriving in town as a merchant's bodyguard.

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Sect: I've got my character setup (Zakok the Plainswalker) in my aliases.

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I plan on playing a barbarian. I'll start work on my character soon (as soon as I solve some RL work problems).

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Garjen Soulhammer wrote:


As of now, nearly everything (archived articles) after December 2004 through July 2007 is missing from WotC's website.

Signs of things to come?

No more free content whatsoever?

According to the Wizards guys (Bill Slavicsek and Scott Rouse) I spoke to on Saturday, DNDInsider will still continue to offer free content, only the Dungeon, Dragon, and Character/Dungeon/Adventure building content will require a subscription fee (and Monthly compilations of Dungeon and Dragon will be available to buy if you don't have a subscription as well). They could always change that, but that's what they're currently planning on doing.

The site has been changed to direct people towards the 4e content, since they obviously want people to go that route, but the old stuff will continue to be available for a time (according to Scott, the final decision on the fate of things like the 3.5 SRD have not yet been made. They may rely on other sites to mirror it and not actually have it on their site.)

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I'd like to join a Pathfinder game, if there's a spot available.

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I have a stack of stuff to review, and I put in the order I received or bought it. Unfortunately, that puts Pathfinder #1 next to last in the stack.

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MercLordDeadboy wrote:
I have no idea if I will buy into the 4th edition. Perhaps if the changes make sense or the betters the overall game. I hope that the books for 3 and 3.5 don't become useless as I am one those that probably bought to many of the books. I personally like a large list of skills as I feel that gives characters better development. I guess I will just have to wait and see what the end product becomes. Grumble, grumble (looks at empty wallet).

I'll have a pretty good idea after tomorrow whether I will buy it right away or wait. If they've simplified the rules I'll be tempted to buy it to make it easier to teach to my children.

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even though I'm a subscriber, I still plan on picking up a copy at GenCon tomorrow if they have any left (prays fervently) so I can have the special cover too.

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chopswil wrote:

4e? That's their plan?

After only how many years from doing 3.5?
I hope you haven't bought MMV or Expedition to Castle Greyhawk.
Oh, and there's the big Rules Compendium coming out soon.
Bet that's going to be a big seller.

I'm all for digital content, I get Kobold Quarterly and write my own software, but if you can't store their DI on your own PC it won't be worth it.

Actually the Rules Compendium is actually there for users that won't be switching over anytime soon.

What I've heard about the DI so far doesn't sound too promising, but like my boss said, "The whole point of 4e is because someone at Hasbro said, 'We want online monies.'"

Hopefully I'll learn more tomorrow while I'm at GenCon.

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Javier Alcaraz wrote:
I've just checked my credit card and Paizo has already charged Pathfinder subscription. Is there anyone else out there in the same situation? Does that mean Pathfinder #1 .pdf is ready to be downloaded?

I started to check my card to see if it had been charged when I remembered the first two issues are part of my transistion ;)

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Haldir wrote:

if anything hopefully wizards will come out with a 3.5 to 4 conversion book, even if you have to pay for the darn thing. I love D&D & I've liked 3./.5 version of D&D, heck it's what got me back into rpging, minis, the world of gaming again back in 00, but if I'm just gonna sit on a giant stack of books with Wizards of the Coast wording on them, then I for sure am not gonna follow through with 4e.

Didn't they have 3.0->3.5 conversion notes on the website at one point?

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Timitius wrote:

My 2-yr old son's heart biopsy results came back Monday, showing no rejection! WHOO-HOO!

(He had a ABO-mismatch heart transplant at 12 days old, so 2-yrs and going strong!)

Yay! That is something to cheer about.

How exactly do they do a biopsy on a heart though?

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