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OK so one of my characters has actually told me that heis character has lived in Sandpoint for the last 5 years. being a bit flustered in our first session, i've now re-read through the first few chapers, and thought of the following.

When Ameiko's halfling maid would normally be the one who goes to the PC's for help after finding ameiko missing, it would be his character that finds the note, as he lives and works in the rusty Dragon. he would then go to his friends who saved the town, seeeing as sherrif hemlock has already left for magnimar.

another PC has a background linked to Xian Tia, and was wondering if ameiko was a distant relative.

I was thinking that there might be a chance that she was, in which case if she can prove her lineage to the kaijutsu family, she might stand to inherit the glassworks if ameiko is killed.

i kind of played down Foxgloves situation, but plan on having him obsess over the PC's for a time, making regular visits in their off time, rather than just one encounter in the boar hunt.


i kind of played down Foxgloves situation, but plan on having him obsess over the PC's for a time, making regular visits in their off time, rather than just one encounter in the boar hunt.

any advice would be helpful.

Well now that was the first thing i thought of when i bought the critical hit deck. "Wouldnt it be awesome if there was a critical fumble deck?". Of course my players didnt like me saying that out aloud. Looks like their jinx is my dream come true!

Cant wait to see it released!

Dalorend was the first human to ascend to deific stature in my gaming world... so i thought it fitting to use that as my favourite RPG website's avatar.

DMFTodd wrote:
Nicolas Logue wrote:
There used to be A LOT more kobolds...
Ahhh, that's an answer I like. I'll be adding descriptions of lots of dead kobolds to the rooms on the first level.

i think there may be a problem with that, Cubey would sweep the floors clean right?

now that... thats just creepy! or accidentally good marketing

Halidan wrote:
Just because a DM rolls the manticore as a wandering monster doesn't mean the players have to fight it. There are plenty of ways to make it a non-lethal encounter that's still interesting for the players.

i like all of those ideas Halidan. and just as the hill giant is an attempt to make a tough encounter bearable, so is the maticore a way to get across the idea that the world wasnt created with the PC's in mind, the world is a harsh place where heroes often fall meeting challenges that they were foolish enough to take on.

else, where would the Ballad of the Glintaxe come from? the dwarf was foolish enough to go it alone and get drunk the night before entering the ruins. just because he slept didnt mean the Gel Cube did!

Stebehil wrote:

Coridan, thanks for your report on the actual gameplay in D1.

Nick, was it written with the idea that the PCs gain several levels? W1 indicates which level the PCs can be expected to have at the end, but for D1, this info is not given.

Overall, I like D1 very much. It has a nice story, some interesting encounters and showcases just how flexible the magic items can be.


well essentially the plot is to rescue the children. done in just the right way, the PC's can skip a lot of the encounters, nab the kids and run (and i mean REALLY run!)!

but i think the answer is in the question. yes the players are expected to gain levels, but the number isnt specified, because they arent expected to take on every single monster or encounter. and ultimately, its up to each individual GM when and how XP is dealt out.

Coridan wrote:

I've been noticing while running D1 that the treasure really isn't useful unless you have a group of small PCs (and sometimes, like with the ranger in the slurk room, it's not even put down as a small weapon since small light crossbows do 1d6 not 1d8) but there just seems to be little treasure actually useful for the group (and there's only so much small gear Falcon's Hollow will probably buy)

Is this resource restriction intentional?

when your fighting kobolds, you shouldnt expect much "loot". My own PC's learnt that very quickly, that unless you take out the bosses of the kobolds, you wont get any decent treasure. unless you consider javelin treasure.

And consider that the group can potentially gain up to 5 powerful magic items (the Crown, Heartripper, Grasp of Droskar, Manfeller, Forgespurned Hammer) and also advance to level 5 or 6. those are worthy trade-offs in my opinion.

And depending on your playing style, if your more into the plot and not hack-slash then selling every belt buckle isnt what you'd be looking for.

The Last Rogue wrote:

I noticed the same thing, I just figured that the cemetary is a bit northeast of the perch.

perhaps the shack is his summer home, and the perch is his winter estate. its better to be inside the palisade during winter after all (shelter from blizzards, more people=less boredom, close to deaths caused by cold.) yet in summer the heat and claustrophobic environment in town would be irritating.

the forge spurned was one of my only true concerns with this module. i was wondering what might happen to a party of 4 2nd-3rd level PCs in that encounter. but i absoluely fell in love with the spurned, and indeed the entire history of the dwarves, which fits in perfectly with my NPC Dwarf ranger's backstory (willing exile to atone for his ancestors sins).

Nicolas Logue wrote:
Ugh! Sorry! Mikra is in the same room as Kimi! He's hiding from dem evilly kobolds under a table.

nah its alright, just a little tough to find. In any case, i'm sure most GM's out there would have found another area to have him captured or maybe bump into the PC's somewhere in the halls.

this ppretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter. it actually never occured to me that the way could possibly be block short of a few cave-ins

may have come up before, forgive redundant posting if so please.

It has come to my attention that the whereabouts of Mikra Jabbs is somewhat harder to find than the first two previous readings. I was a little confused as to where he was, as in Area 11, if the PC's listen into area 13, they hear Kimi calling out for mikra to run.

yet in the description for area 13, i couuldnt find mention of the boy anywhere! i scoured the module for his name elsewhere, to no avail. I thought perhaps he was hiding elsewhere in the complex and I'd casually skimmed over the detail. nope noi luck there.

finally i poured over the area 13 encounter and bam, there he was in the Kobold's tactics section under! sneaky sneaky!

weirdest game of Clue! I've ever played.

I have been wanting something like this for a long time, i just didnt know it until i saw it on the shelf! next chance i get I'm buying a pad, because my PC's know how hard it is to keep track of all them hit points!

Just bought this set along with module D1. I really didnt know what to expect with this set, as it is the first i have ever bought. while the idea of having different sets is what you are doing, one thing that can go a long way to helping Gm's make a decision about the product is to make each "environment specific".

that may be too much detail, but say for example i pick up Map pack : Campsites, you expect campsites, areas where pcs randomly turn up to sleep. but you have no idea that one will be a ruined farmhouse while another is a glowing crystal glade in the underdark, and yet another is in the desert.

personally for my own campaign setting, probably only 1/3 of the tiles will be used in my own adventures, mainly due to the envirnoment in which it is set (lush temperate aboveground). with a little forewarning, such as map packs - temperate/lush campsites, desert or underground campsites ( even just a reference in the blurb) would make these sets easier to choose from.

but on the whole i'd have to say that the other map packs are liekly more "genre specific" such as the city maps or cave systems. I'm not a salesperson, i probably know less about sales than anyone, but i do know what I like.

William Pall wrote:

But what I meant is that Tauren from WoW viewed as "Cow/Bull People" (a Cow or Bull Furry if you will), where as a Minotaur is Half Man/Half Bull.

arent they the same thing? half man half bull is the best way to decribe minotaur. much like a yuan-ti is part snake part man.

mevers wrote:
Nicolas Logue wrote:
Australia eh? I am seriously toying with the idea of hitting the Gencon down under next year! Never been to Australia!

That would almost make a trip to Brisbane worthwhile :)

actually (have to check up its location this year) but mostly its held in Canberra last i heard.

on topic question. is there anyone who has already run this module, or is part way through running it, as I am about to start this tomorrow in a one on one session. so are their any tricky bits i should look out for? advice on the High EL encounters for low level PCs?

Edit - Seplling

PC's Name - Kaylee
Race - Human
Class - Cleric (Pelor)
Level - 12-ish
Circumstances of Death - Beheading courtesy of a mature adult black dragon
Setting - Home Brew Age of Worms


PC's Name - Delta
Race - Tiefling
Class - Sorcerer
Level - 7th
Circumstances of Death - fell down a 120ft shaft on the way to recover a famous heroes remains. failed Ref save to catch self, 3 failed Ref saves by fellows to catch her on the way down (she was climbing last.)
Setting - Homebrew. Using adventure from Dungeon Mag.

Mothman wrote:
flash_cxxi wrote:
Mothman wrote:

I think we've done this before... ;-)

I'm in Sydney, Australia.

Cool more Aussies please!

I'm from Newcastle, Australia (about an hour and a half north of Sydney)

The home of Silverchair! Bit far to travel for a game then? ;-)

crikey I'm right in the middle of you two! I'm on the Central Coast, and if you go by train and get off at Gosford, that'd be where I'm at.

that is just so creepy... thanks for sharing!

DMing for one person is sooo much easier, but we did start the campaign way back when the first adventure came out.

like the week after i bought the mag. and now we are hovering between the intro of Library of Last Resort and actually going on the journey. mainly due to a hiatus in game to find new jobs, family problems and general life stuff. that and losing the character sheets and having to build them from scratch only to find them again once we're finished.

I had the problem of my characters releasing the apostle waaay too early, i mean like the night after the first fight. imagine this scene, the pc's trudge through the sewers out of the arena and end up in the shrine to kyuss. they notice the glowing scrolls, and the pelorian cleric touches them. succeds on the knowledge check, spellcraft check and the turning check.

then they hightail it out of there and the next morning the fight is aout to begin and the ulgarstasa breaks though the arena floor, nearly eating the parties fighter and then another notable fighter. thing was I had the second fight packed waaaay past capacity, due to the controversy in the first fight with this party (use of Vile magic, from a mis-understood wand.)

that would have made it worse right?

So far from the very little i am seeing, this world is shaping out to be fresh an vibrant. I was wondering whther to get into Forgotten Realms, but then i realised how much lore is out there, and how many time the same nations are re-used and have set histories, rivalries hatreds blah blah blih blah,...

now I can start a campaign in a new world, and still be able to keep up wih the lore and such, so if a PC asks what happened 30 years ago in such and such, i actually can answer.

anywyas a bit off topic, but yeah, cool job!

Well the first tavern name i ever used was the Golden Griffon pub and the first Inn was The Cat's Bell.

and one i've always wanted to use, but never thought it would go down well.

The Unladen Swallow. XD

then there was the Blue Door. that later became the Dragons Eye Gate, after a brawl sent someone sailing out into the street (plus one gate around the neck.)

ummm yeah...

Sect wrote:

... Dude, the war's over.

well dont i just feel like Mr. Bush Jnr?

Takamori wrote:
Dances With Worgs wrote:
I suppose chiming in here at this point with "this isn't Earth, remember?" would not be terribly productive? Somebody grok the idea of "Fantasy"?

Again, though it isn't Earth, it is drawing on Earth cultures for its inspiration. It is not an alien world.

And I'm glad to see what the messageboards here are, drjones.

make a world of your own completely spawned without any trappings of our own reality and then tell us how you go. honestly,if the fantasy genre was entirely made up of things that are not similar to our own world, or even have elements of it, then it'd probably be about as interesting to the lay-man as reading a physics theory textbook.

so in other words, im sad to say, about 90% of all gaming products will have to be modified to your tastes by you. the world rarely changes for one person, and in this case it likely isnt going to happen.

I was under the impression from module D1: Crown of the Kobold King that Iomedae had a sundisk symbol. thats jsut going by the pregen cleric character in the appendix (light and healing domains, sundisk picture, makes sense sort of?)

though i may just be jumping to conclusions.

Picked this one up just this weekend and for such a short module i'm amazed at its depth. finally a module that makes finding a secret door more worthwhile than a pile of coins. I'm hoping that when i run this for my group it will give them a dose of "reality" so to speak, as most of the rewards will have greater consequences than simply "i an buy that suit of armour now."

What really set this one in my favourites was the very real feeling that the Falcons hollow isnt just another town on a map, it has true horrors in its daily life and personifies the harshness of the frontier.

rescuing the kids will also set up the chance for my PC's to make some serious moral and personal choices in character, and will help to profile their alignments accordingly, as most are still hard to read.

ever since the dungeon/dragon fiasco I was hoping that Paizo would continue in providing quality product. So far I'm satisfied and cant wait until the Rise of the Runelords gets released here in Australia!