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Full Name

"The" Craig Shackleton aka The Rambling Scribe


Rambling Scribe


Rambling Scribe




Older than he looks

Special Abilities

Spell like abilities, at will sleep, confusion


Chaotic Lawful


Joss Whedon


Ottawa, Canada


Many and Varied

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About Craig Shackleton

The Rambling Scribe has been playing rpgs for far longer than he wasn't. He is a part-time freelance designer and has had articles published in Dragon, Dungeon, and recently was a contributor to GM Gems form Goodman Games. He has more on the horizon so keep your eyes open. Craig is a proud member of the WereCabbages

When not writing games or filling messageboards with idle chatter, Craig enjoys teaching people how to fight with swords in his historical sword-fighting club, Ottawa Classical Swordplay. He is particularly partial to the I:33 sword and buckler manual written ~1300 AD

In addition Craig is a tour guide for Ottawa's Haunted Walks, mostly giving historical tours of the old Carleton County Jail, Now converted to an International Hostel, and said to be haunted.

Craig also is the primary caregiver for his two children, both of whom coincidentally love sword-fighting and playing D&D.

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