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Test of the Starstone Module

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Liberty's Edge

Do not fall in the trap of the Great Betrayer.

Aroden's death is an incredible opportunity for Humankind to break the chains of Fate and assume its true mantle.

Do not cheapen it by becoming another of their pet Greater Gods. You cannot know just how much you will lose

Grand Lodge

Adding my name to the big list of people who really want to see this as a 20th level module.

Shadow Lodge

H.P. Makelovecraft wrote:
I want this to happen, just because if I make it to the end and am given the choice of godhood I can turn it down. Why you ask? It'll make a better story.

I want my character to take the stone and leave the way he came out of the place

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So, after giving this some thought I finally went ahead and adapted and reworked a module to fit this concept for a campaign. Basically I reworked the version of Rappan Ahtuk Pathfinder as the test.

Campaign Spoiler:
I start the PC’s with a choice of Campaign Traits that set them up to take the test. They either have a deep seeded drive, obsession, divine inspiration, or charismatic following pushing them to take the test.

They are approached by a secretive agent of the dead god Aroden. They have sought out the PC’s to help in their goal and have been divinely directed by a series of dreams to find the PC and give them a small stone (small replica of starstone) which will help them to cross the pit by creating a onetime use d-door. This device can only be used at a certain time (the anniversary of the death of Ardon) This way all the PC’s have to try on the same day (by fate) and since the Test changes per person that enters the PC’s entering as a ‘team’ the test will force them to work together…enter Rappan Ahtuk. I worked in the Shrine of the Failed and other story points for flavor.

I changed a lot of its signature text to fit the Test storyline and its outcome instead of facing Orcus – they face the Avatar of Achaekek.

Not sure if this interests anyone?

Shadow Lodge

Im interested (I know thread necromancy but) the test of the star stone has always been something I've wanted to play.

What if-instead of having the PCs go through the Cathedral, they made a one-player module where they WERE Cayden? Like, the player really experiences what Caydn did? Just to enhance the story, and satisfy our bloodlust for more details on the famed Starstone Cathedral.

Just an idea.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Card Game, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I know for me, I would not want to see the test of the Starstone as a playable module. I think it would take away from the mystery and what it creates. I feel it is better left alone, similar to the mystery of how Aroden died.

the Haunted Jester wrote:
I know for me, I would not want to see the test of the Starstone as a playable module. I think it would take away from the mystery and what it creates.

I see two possible paths for this module; private and public.

A private module would be an adaptable GM tool for running the test of the Startstone in their game to have player characters assend to demi-godhood within that contained campaign setting.

A public module could be done through Pathfinder Society as a limited invite scenerio for an individual player run by a Piazo official. As mentioned in this thread, many of the individuals who succeed at the test of the Starstone seem to conveniantly fulfill a niche in the world. If each player had to create a "portfolio" for their character prior to taking the test in the off chance they survive to assend to demi-godhood, that would give the Piazo people a way to "sift through the sands" to find candidates that would fit nicely into the mythos.

Characters should probably be at least 12th level (Society epic), have accumulated a set amount of Fame in order to qualify, and know that whether they succeed or fail in the test of the Starstone, their character is going away (either forever dead or ascended into godhood). If they fail the test, they might gain a special boon anyway for future characters because they took the test. If they succeed, they gain a special boon for future characters and perhaps Piazo officially adds the character to the deity list of future publications.

I see a lot of potential in Pathfinder Society running the test of the Starstone.

I'm actually working on writing up a campaign for this myself. Basically, my idea so far is the players at level 1 decide to try the test. While they of course fail cause they are level 1 nobodies, whatever mysterious divine forces that guides the Starstone sees potential in them... so they don't emerge gods, but they do emerge changed. Mythic tier 1.

Not sure yet if I will, but thinking a crazy twist would be at the "end" of the campaign when they are level 20 and mythic tier 10 they actually emerge from the Starstone and realize that once the entered the Starstone, the rest of the campaign never actually happened, it was just part of their test... and they are gods.

Shadow Lodge

I'd just like to get drunk in a tavern and then be dared by some NPC to take the test. And take that dare!

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber
Xaaon of Xen'Drik wrote:

I'd love that...

I want to know what Cayden went through.

You wouldn't find out that way... The Test is different for everyone who tries. It's also something that should be done solo, not as a typical dungeon run for a party of four.

There actualy was a British module published in 2 parts in the old White Dwarf Magazine... The Key of Tirandor. the climax of the module is a solo encounter for each surviving party member.

LazarX wrote:
Xaaon of Xen'Drik wrote:

I'd love that...

I want to know what Cayden went through.

You wouldn't find out that way... The Test is different for everyone who tries. It's also something that should be done solo, not as a typical dungeon run for a party of four.

Oh yeah that's what I did, each of them had their own test in the actual starstone.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

RPG Superstar candidates... take note!

James Jacobs wrote:

A test of the starstone module is probably the most obvious epic-level adventure we could do for Golarion. If (when) we do this adventure, there's a VERY GOOD chance that it'll involve some sort of additional storyline over and above "So the PCs want to become gods?" but will also ultimately give the GM and the players the chance to do that; to have their PCs become deities after they handle the menace facing the Starstone Cathedral or whatever.

But yeah... this is still quite a long way off. I'd love to do something with this eventually, but we've got a lot of other things to do first. Like, say, figure out how epic-level play works.

You might want to look at some of the community created epic level rules. I, however, would suggest that you might want to steer away from 'per day' use rules. As in, the vancian system, and epic abilities usable x times per day. Instead, look at all abilities functioning off a pool of power. So you can use epic ability a, b or c as often as you have epic points to spend.

You also might want to give Spheres of Power a looksee, as something inspired by their attempt to recreate Mage: The Awakening style spellcasting might be a good place to put epic, and have epic level function a bit more like Mythic.

What I mean by this is that, perhaps, while epic level can be gained through normal xp leveling, you select an epic path, or perhaps epic class, that determine hit points and other factors. Each epic class would have a different focus, and each would give you an at will ability, and a variety of abilities you can use that cost points drawn from your pool.

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