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About Jeffrey Swank

Jeffrey "Zerzix" Swank is the Lord of the Shadow Shoal and a very active member of Freelance Forge (a freelancing think tank of sorts) AKA: Demon Lord Lascer

He lives in St. Louis, MO. and has been playing roleplaying games in some form or fashion since the 7th grade. Jeffrey Swank started freelancing in March 2014 and has credits with:

Paizo Publishing
Bestiary - Pathfinder Adventure Path #105: The Inferno Gate (Hell's Vengeance 3 of 6)
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Temples
Pathfinder Society Scenario 8-17: Refugees of the Weary Sky
Bestiary - Pathfinder Adventure Path #120: Vault of the Onyx Citadel (Ironfang Invasion 6 of 6)
Ultimate Wilderness
People of the Wastes
Blood of the Ancients
Martial Arts Handbook
Soon-to-be-announced #9 Project KM
Soon-to-be-announced #10 Project RP

Frog God Games
Lost Lore: Supernal Dojo
Lost Lore: Ecology of the Basilisk
Contributor on Lost Lands: Quests of Doom
Developer/Contributor on Richard Pett's Lost Lands: The Blight
contributor on Lost Lands: Rogues of Remballo
contributor on Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces
Tome of Aliens

Legendary Games
Contributor on Aethera Campaign Setting
Soon-to-be-announced project C

Fat Goblin Games
Call to Arms: Ten Foot Poles
Secret Societies of Vathak: The Final Phase
Return of the Drow: Darkwood Enfold
Soon-to-be-announced project
Contributor on Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guide to Vathak
Contributor on Shadows over Vathak: Explorer's Guide to Vathak

Purple Duck Games
More Magic Pants

Dreamscarred Press
Monster Classes!
Monster Classes: Harpy, Imp, Medusa
Monster Classes: Woodlands
Monster Classes: Sand and Spirit
Monster Classes: Giants and Reptiles
Monster Classes: Savage Races
Monster Classes: Savage Races II
Monster Classes: True Dragon
Monster Classes: Fey
Monster Classes: Undead
Monster Classes: Erinyes
Monster Classes: Astral Deva
Monster Classes: Earth Elemental
Monster Classes: Pinnacle and Pit
Contributor on April Augmented 2017

Flaming Crab Games
Coins and Credits
The Dragon's Hoard
Dragon's Hoard: Rings, Rods, and Staves
Soon-to-be-announced project

Outland Entertainment
The Great Bazaar
Contributor on Villian Codex IV: Monsters for Meddlesome Heroes

Rising Phoenix Games
Soon-to-be-announced project HP

Fabled Lands
soon-to-be-released in layout

Avalon games
Scored Earth American Wastelands
Scorched Earth

Zenith Game
Contributor on The Colossal Creatures Bestiary

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Washington University School of Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry
Changes in hippocampal volume and shape across time distinguish
dementia of the Alzheimer type from healthy aging

Playground Adventures
Concept Design on Royal class

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