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Race, female drow
classes, witch (ley line guardian, shadow patron)/sorcerer (fey bloodline)
Sorcerer bloodline feat, dodge
10 str
16 dex 5p +2r +2 auto prog
12 con 5p -2r
20 int 10p +4 auto prog
14 wis 5p
16 cha 5p +2 r

spirit sense

lvl feats,
drow nobility
drow nobility improved
shadow caster
spider climber
blind fight
craft wondrous

path trickster
mythic feat, dual path, archmage
wild arcana
fleet charge
subtle magic

Skills, 2+3 sp per lvl
9 ranks: acrobatics, stealth, Spellcraft, perception
5 ranks: craft knotting, craft leather, k arcana, k nature
2 ranks: swim, survival, climb, handle animal, ride

Witch spells,

0 lvl: Spark, arcane mark, detect magic, detect poison, light, mending, daze, message, stabilize

1 lvl: Fumbletongue, cure light, recharge innate magic, whispering lore, shadow weapon

2 lvl: share memory, climbing beanstalk, cure moderate, zone of truth, glide

3 lvl: deep slumber, guiding star, remove curse, locate object

4 lvl: spite, secure shelter, persistent vigor

5 lvl: reincarnate, wreath of blades

sorcerer spells
0 lvl: acid splash, drench, prestidigitation, breeze, penumbra, scoop, haunted fey aspect, jolt, mage hand

1 lvl: endure elements, shield, shocking grasp, snapdragon fireworks, memorize page

2 lvl: minor image, silk to steel, extreme flexibility, haunting mist, ironskin

3 lvl: witness, dispel magic, vampiric touch, silver darts

4 lvl: aggressive thundercloud greater, ice storm, minor creation

5 lvl: break enchantment, major creation