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Pathfinder Society Quest: The Silverhex Chronicles (PFRPG) PDF

***½( ) (based on 8 ratings)

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A series of six Quests designed for 1st-level characters.

When the daring half-orc scholar Ulisha enrages a noble family in the River Kingdoms, she contacts the PCs with a special deal: she will sell them a unique and ancient druidic relic at a steep discount to secure the gold she needs to pay off her bounty. By the time the PCs arrive to meet her, she has gone into hiding. However, she has left behind a journal full of profitable leads as a sign of good faith. Can the PCs recover this hidden wealth and claim the powerful Silverhex before an assassin finds their friend?

The Silverhex Chronicles includes six, 1-hour adventures that take the PCs to a graveyard in Gralton, a mist-choked forest in Ustalav, a brainwashed village in Razmiran, an ancient crash site in Numeria, and the perilous city of Daggermark. Experience the adventures in any order to create a unique story.

These Quests are designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world.

Written by Josh Foster, Scott Sharplin, and Walter Sheppard.

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Product Reviews (8)
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Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 8 ratings)

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***( )( )

I love the intro module

****( )

Seperated into many quests that don't relate much with each other.

I love Mausoleum and Colony, but the others just not impressive.

In general, I can't give a high rate no matter consider of story or combats. But, a good demo for new players into PF, or PF players into PFS, not very PFS-like(agents go on missions), enjoyable for casual players.



personally, i love gming this. it is a very flawed scenario, but those flaws give you so much space as a gm.

the first time i read through it was in prep for gencon 2014, and right off the bat i noticed that it is probably the worst written scenario ive ever seen. there is a complete page missing! the motivations of npcs and the players for that matter are left wide open, which leaves it open for me as the gm to fill in those gaps.

i will say if you are not good at coming up with info on the fly, or being creative with npcs, this scenario can come across as dry and jumbled and complete garbage. if you are like me however and you like the freedom to make up silly things for creatures to say and do, this is the scenario for you!

Not a Good Demo

**( )( )( )

While I like the format of Silverhex Chronicles (with each segment being only 45 minutes, with the ability for players to jump in or out), I didn't particularly like the Silverhex experience itself.

The story was really thin and non-intuitive. We want to get an artifact from someone. We go looking for her but instead we find her journal. We read the journal and find that she wants different artifacts, and then we try to get these artifacts hoping that she will trade these minor artifacts with us for the major artifact that we need... when we eventually find her. These MacGuffins were found all over the world, lol, involving weeks, maybe months of travel. But let's ignore that.

The Silverhex demo wasn't as good as demos I've done for other RPG systems, and there was nothing to distinguish Pathfinder from other systems. There wasn't any roleplaying or puzzles, there was no human element. Each segment was a skill check (that didn't matter, like opening a door) followed by a non-interesting combat. Even with a good GM, each one was a yawner.

Despite not liking this particular quest, I hope to see more quests that follow this format, but perhaps being shorter in length (2 hours) and only offering some extra gold when they start a character.

Detailed Rating:

Length: Medium. All the quests can be completed in 4 hours.
Experience: Player with 6 players (4 of them new to PF) with pregens.
Sweet Spot: Level 1.
Entertainment: *YAWN*. (1/10)
Story: Illogical. (2/10)
Roleplay: None. (1/10)
Combat/Challenges: Just wasn't interesting. (2/10)
Maps: OK, used lots of flip mats (which were unavailable to my GM).(7/10)
Boons: The rewards were suitable. (8/10)
Uniqueness: 80s flashback. (1/10)
Faction Missions: None. (N/A)

Bottom Line: If I was doing a demo of Pathfinder for new players, I personally wouldn't use the Silverhex Chronicles.

An interesting approach at introducing Pathfinder

****( )

I ended up playing the entirety of the Silverhex Chronicles in one sit, with every player changing characters every short adventure. It kept us off guard and offered us an opportunity to play a class we normally wouldn't play or even think of playing. I now have a new-found respect for all the different classes out there.

Crash was the first one we visited and in hindsight it was by far the most challenging of the bunch. The fight is extremely nasty and were it not for Kyra, the pregen of awesomeness, we'd have been completely mauled, beaten and crushed. It really demonstrated how challenging and lethal fights can be.

Mausoleum was next. It was a nice murder-mystery and role-play section, with an emphasis on solving a puzzle. New players will learn to be paranoid quickly, which is always fun to see happen. I really enjoyed this portion and would say it's one of the two best parts of the entire Silverhex Chronicles.

Third up was Colony. If there's one thing to be pointed out about this small quest, is the fact that there are multiple ways to use a skill. It's a good way of teaching new and reminding old players to be flexible and creative with their characters.

Following that, we played Mists. As others mentioned before, it's indeed a great mix of mechanics combined with a spooky setting and some unexpected foes. I quite enjoyed it personally and would say it's probably one of the better parts.

I can not really say the same about Webs. While it was fun being ambushed like that, I felt like the combat was a bit too easy, especially compared to Crash or Silverhex. It was nice, don't get me wrong, but just not on the same level of difficulty as the other parts.

Silverhex was the grand finale, or at least it's supposed to be on paper. I suppose it's more challenging that Mausoleum, Colony, Mists and Webs, but it's really not as scary as Crash is. The whole decision-making afterwards was a nice little touch though.

Overall the Silverhex Chronicles are nice short adventures which all provide a different experience. There's role-play, puzzle-solving, investigation and combat. For a free product, it's actually rather good, especially if you're new to Pathfinder and role-playing. Based on that I give it four stars.

It's just a bit unfortunate that the six parts don't really make a logical story. At times they're just a bit too standalone. That's not to say this approach is bad. I can see it working, especially if it's used to introduce the various factions in Pathfinder Society.

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