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I would like to try it out.

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As a min/max PC builder and someone who cannot verbally express myself without stumbling over my words... I still would have no problem playing with a Int 9 wizard... but I would reserve my right to cast expeditious retreat with my travel domain Inquisitor and leave the wizard behind.

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nosig wrote:

let's take a minute to put the shoe on the other foot....and see how we like the fit.

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I love your opinion

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In todays world RPG, does not mean roleplaying like acting, video games have made it role playing. Do your role for the party. I hate reading forums like this where volunteer gm wants to walk cause his table is full of roll players though many could be role players that don't want to roleplay. So its a game everyone wants to have fun. Do your best to adjust and point out after the session, if you diplo'd here this could have happened... ect. Sorry, I just think gm should insure the tables fun.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
So everyone is on the same playing field. This is meant to be a beginner-friendly scenario, and what we don't want is experienced players showing up with characters that use a lot of non-core options and techniques to trivialize the experience for those new players.

Ok, that makes sense.

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Why only Pre-gen characters though?