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I guess that's where we are different. I run and play scenarios as a campaign, as a story, not as, "One shot," adventures. My characters generally don't give spoilers, except when faced with evil, dead, Venture-Captains. Usually I'll be vague like, "I once killed a Giant King".

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

I want to start by apologizing for necromancing this thread, but after playing this scenario last Saturday, something is really bothering me. Also, I realize that changing/updating a scenario takes time and a lot of work, that the campaign leadership is aware of problems like this in a story line that advances forward, and that compared to other projects on the horizon, this isn't anywhere near the top.

I played in this scenario because a friend suggested I play in it after telling him how my -2 character is getting ready to one day play in Eyes of the Ten, and that this character has played in a lot of season 5 scenarios. After hearing the suggestion from my friend, I read the blurb, saw something about The Worldwound, and suggested it to a local GM to run via Roll20 to get more peeps involved. It's worth noting that my -2 is my character who has a lot of GM cred applied from when I first started GM'ing and organizing in libraries, around the middle/end of season 5, made a point to, and did, kill the Venture-Captain of this scenario as well his buddy/business partner/boss/whatever you want to call the other. Like, sure, he killed a Giant King, and a Runelord, but neither of those two victories are as important as killing the jerks who were thorns in the Pathfinder's side for most of his adventuring career. This character is also possibly one of the Society's and Grand Lodge's biggest fanboys, because this seems like a great organization for those who like adventures.

So there I was, the guy who suggested this scenario, at a table of 4, party tank, and the GM was a local 2 star GM. As soon as I found out who the Venture-Captain was I was lit. It would make 100% sense for my character to say no, receive a chronicle sheet with all 0s, and go have a chat with Valsin about a zombie Venture-Captain. But, that would leave the table with only 3 players remaining, one of which was out of subtier playing up, all whom set time aside to play this game, so I didn't want to ruin it for them. I was well aware that I was coming across as a jerk as I openly called out the Venture-Captain in front of the other players, without spoiling anything, felt both bad and yet justified for doing so, given this character's story. The GM was also doing the best he could and I've since apologized after the game to him and explained things the best I could without giving spoilers, because he doesn't even know of the scenario I was referencing where I killed the Venture-Captain.

Heck, if it wasn't for the problem stated above, I was even ready for my most cherished PC to get kicked out of PFS if it meant he killed a bad guy and did what he felt was right.

Before I play Eyes of the Ten, I now need to have a chat with my peep Valsin about an undead (probably zombie?) Venture-Captain to make sure PFS is cool with this, or if we should go kill that before going onto other missions.

What I'm asking, much like asked above, is that the name of the Venture-Captain be changed to Venture-Captain Jorsal of Lauterbury, who also/now gives missions from Nerosyan. It wouldn't change the time it takes from the PCs to get to the place, it's a fix that makes sense in the story.

Again, I repeat, my character cannot forget the most important scenario he's been involved with (and actually got to play) as it would have also affected most of the rest of his adventuring career. I think my idea of swapping to Venture-Captain Jorsal of Lauterbury is a simple and reasonable fix I wish would get taken into consideration. Thank you for your time, sorry for the long post and if I've come across as a jerk.

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

Congrats to the all the new VCs!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

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Peeps of the hood!

Tri Con Fall 2016 is coming up this Labor day weekend in South Sioux City, Nebraska! This Fall, we're cranking it up like never before. Not only are we offering the newest and coolest scenarios, but we're also offering 8-00 Cosmic Captive! You might be asking yourself, "How does 'lil old Sioux City make 6 tables"? Well, we made a deal with some good peeps who play D&D to help us make tables. In turn, we're taking a slot off so that those that want to can go play in their big interactive.

If everything goes to plan, we've also applied to be a charity Con and should have support for such, as we support a local food bank.

More information about Tri Con Fall can be found here. See you there!

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Nohwear wrote:
@Jason Rosuar, I am curious what you think of rknop's suggestion.

I think this entire thread is about a thing that isn't broke and doesn't need to be fixed. I don't think any change needs to be done. I think that if myself and the people I know, all who have been filling out hundreds, if not thousands of chronicle sheets over the course of several hundred tables each, can do it correctly, then the system as it currently is written is a working system.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
jason Rosauer wrote:
In conclusion, what you're doing by following the rules correctly as a GM, is making it easier for the next GM that has that player.
You are not. There is absolutely no way you can tell who filled out the chronicle sheet in which order as the DM.

If you are making sure that the player is following the rules, including filling out all of their chronicle sheets, then you are, in fact, making it easier for the next GM who has that player. If you let anything slide, then it's possibly something the next GM may need to correct.

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Gary Bush wrote:
There is a problem with how chronicles are being completed. I believe that problem needs to be addressed because if most GMs are not following the process than process should be changed.

This problem can be fixed by both Venture Officers and GMs alike caring about the campaign. Having roughly 290 GM table credits at this time, I assure you that this isn't hard to do at all. I started doing it once I learned people do it this way at an Omaha Con and it's been easy to do ever since.

Gary Bush wrote:
My hope is that this topic will highlight what is in the guide for filling out chronicles and that the steps will be follow given the individual circumstance that each adventure has (IE time at the end and stores closing).

In most cases, you will know if you're pressed for time. One thing that I've done that helps is pre-filling out sections of the chronicle sheet, mainly the event name, number, and I initial the portions such as XP, PA, and GP, but don't fill in the amounts, and I don't sign or give my number at the bottom until they've filled their part out. Sometimes I'll fill out the other numbers during the final encounter if it's apparent how the game will end, but it usually doesn't make any difference if I do it then or after the game.

Gary Bush wrote:
I stand by my petition. I don't like that most GMs don't follow the guide but I am not the "Guide Police" and don't have a right challenge anyone in the manner I have. All I can do is to follow the Guide to the best of my abilities.

I assure you that this gets easier as you GM more. I was in the twin cities one time at a con. I filled out chronicle sheets like I always do, as stated above, and refused to sign any that weren't completely filled out. 2 players were upset as they wanted to grab food/get ready for the next slot, and I was the first out of a handful of GMs they'd had ever ask for them to fill out their stuff. It really got me concerned as I didn't ask, nor felt a reason to up to that point, to see anybody else's chronicle sheets, and that it was very easily possible that they were spending more than they had. Anyway, I casually informed them on how to fill out chronicle sheets and moved on. It's quite possible, though I don't hold them to this, that I get a negative label and that they never want to play at my table again. And you know what? I'm okay with that. I want players who follow the rules, and there's a lot of those players out there.

The sooner you do it correctly, the easier it gets. One of my peeps once GM'd, or almost GM'd, for a player at a high level interactive, and found before the game started that the player didn't bring any of his chronicle sheets. The GM politely asked that player to either play another character or grab a pregen off the HQ table. The player was upset that this was the first GM out of like, 10 or 15 levels of play with that character, that made him follow the rules. I'm not sure if the player actually played at that table, but his friends at that table informed the GM that the player has known about those rules for some time. This would have been a much easier conversation if the rules had been enforced much sooner on the player.

rknop wrote:

...Part of the problem (to my view) is that we have a couple of half-assed not-very-good systems.

* People sometimes want to browse sourcebooks and think about what they want to purchase after a scenario. This is usually impractical. Many time scenarios end with minutes to spare (or negative time to spare) in the slot, and people are in a rush to get out for one reason or another. Even if they don't, I know myself I sometimes spend well more than 10 or 15 minutes thinking about what I want to buy. So, buying stuff at the end is impractical. The answer given is that you should buy it at the beginning of the next scenario and get the next GM to sign off on it for the next sheet. Well, great, if you want to do the additional ad-hoc paperwork of keeping notes on what you're going to buy. And, if you don't have the bad luck of running into a GM running an early-season scenario who says "Nope, you were woken up in the middle of the night and the scenario starts in situ, you can't buy anything". This gets worse if the stuff you bought might change your character sheet more than adding a single line to your inventory; should people be rushing to do that as a scenario is starting?...

There is a misunderstanding on how tracking is done on chronicle sheets, I've noticed it online at almost every table I've ever GM'd online, as well as at conventions outside my area.

The gold and other rewards you receive at the end of a scenario reflect what you have from the end of the previous game until the end of this one. Anything you wish to purchase from then on goes to the next chronicle sheet.

So, for example, say I have a character sitting around with 650 GP. At the start of the game, before we even went to the Venture Captain for a mission briefing (barring a few exceptions noted in, I think maybe 2-3 scenarios ever), I picked up some armor costing 25 GP. That armor goes on this chronicle sheet. Let's say that I earn 500 GP at the end of this scenario, putting my total to 1075 GP, and I'm like, "Cool! I can now purchase a +1 Cloak of Resistance"! I write on my ITS that I'm buying it on the next chronicle sheet. It does not appear until the start of the next game. I can write that in anytime before playing my next game, giving me plenty of time (usually) to look over what I want to buy. Again, I don't really need to fill any of that out until the start of the next game, but I do need to have my totals from the last game filled out when I finish that game.

When starting a game, if I'm GM'ing for players that I don't normally GM for, I usually try to ask for the player's most recent chronicle sheet, if they have one. I can learn a lot from that chronicle sheet, such as if they're filling out their information correctly, if they have an abundance of gold and are looking for suggestions to spend it on, if they're saving up for that really cool magic item, where they're coming from (in game wise), and much more. If they haven't been filling out their sheets, well, you have roughly 4 hours to fill this information out before receiving the chronicle sheet from my table. If something looks seriously wrong, like if I don't think they've been filling out any of their totals and maybe have overspent their gold (had another peep GM online for someone like that once, was 5K overspent), I'll either ask them to fix it immediately, making as few of changes as possible, or ask they play a different character or pregen. It's a case by case situation, but in all cases I want them making as few of changes as possible.

In conclusion, what you're doing by following the rules correctly as a GM, is making it easier for the next GM that has that player. You're giving that player a better time knowing they won't walk into a convention and be told they can't play their character. What you're doing by not following the rules is making it more difficult for the next GM that puts up with that player, potentially have a player drive to and pay for a con to be told they're character isn't legal to play, and setting unacceptable expectations about our campaign. Please don't do that.

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**Grabs my paints and brushes** GAME ON!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

As our campaign grows, so does our need for coordinators around the world. I am proud to announce the first ever Venture Lieutenant of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Josh Pierce! He has been a huge boon in regards to rules knowledge and helping new players get initiated in Sioux Falls. Congrats Josh!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

Congrats all!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

Congrats Nicole!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

I'm looking to some more Jeweled Sages scenarios, Destiny in the Sands is one of my favorite trilogies!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

Congrts new VCs!!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

Congrats Jack!

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Racial boons, anything different, like Fetchlings and Damphir, but I'm not picky. I want a zoo of races in my stable, lol :-)

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This Paizo blog covers some spooky scenarios, and This Paizo blog covers some Adventure Paths, Modules, and additional resources that can be quite scary!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

Congrats to all!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

I'm curious as both a former convention organizer and PFS con organizer in my local area, what brings people to game conventions? For me, the first and foremost item is who is going to be there. If I've got friends in that area, I'll go to see my friends and help out. Second, I also like to meet new people, so I'll try a different convention from time to time if it's within driving range. Driving range for me tends to vary based on those two factors, along with the cost of the trip, mainly hotels and such as that's usually the biggest expense. For example, Gen Con isn't out of my range if I go as a tier 1 GM and have most expenses covered, and I make an effort to see many of my friends.

I know for some people, it's a matter of size, what games are offered, convention boons (if there are any) weather, and scheduling. I've also heard that people will make an extra effort to travel to a convention if the right names are scheduled in attendance, like going to Paizo Con to get a chance to meet their favorite Paizo employees, or Comic Con for some of the different panels of guests. What makes you go that extra mile for a convention?

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

What's worked for me in the past:

1.) Give it time. The group size seems to grow and shrink throughout the year. As more people attend, the likelyhood of at least one other person stepping up to GM increases. Over time, if you stick with it, things will improve.

2.) Be personable with your players. Have 1 on 1 sessions with your players. I try to have as many sessions as I can with as many of my players as I can. During this time, I will often slip in mention that I feel that player would be an awesome GM. I give them positive encouragement, and walk players through anything they would need leading up to their first time GM'ing.

3.) Offer rewards, boons I have earned at conventions, pay for the beer, spend outside PFS time with your GMs. This does two things, it creates friendships and brings you people who want to be good GMs.

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Congratulations Walter!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

I don't have words to describe how awesome this event is, I can't wait to attend! I'm going to go tell all my friends!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

I'm also interested in a code. Thanks!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

It actually took me a while to realize Lucas was only a VL. I mean, I first thought he was already running the place ;-)

Congrats Lucas! Your players are lucky to have such an awesome VC!

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My FLGS is pretty cool with us, I do advertise on his site and have posters up at his store. He was actually the one who came up with the idea for Facebook Ads, we were talking about reaching out to more people, mainly high school students, and that's how he's reached out to kids in the past (he and I were actually business partners at a former shop when we did the card game Ad that attracted lots of kids).

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

Has anybody tried advertising their Facebook group/page, or other Pathfinder lodge internet sites via Facebook Ads or Google Ads, and if so, what was your experience, was it worth the cost? Or, is there a really good reason I should not do this? I have a Facebook group for my local, public PFS group, and I'm well aware that where I'm at, there are still a lot of people in the area who probably have no idea that we exist, and would probably try if they knew about us. In the past, I once was involved with a business (game store) that purchased Facebook Ads to spread the word about a card game we were starting up, and the results were amazing, well worth the cost.

Silverhex was made prior to CORE Campaign, I ran part of it prior to when CORE Campaign existed, meaning it would have been ran standard campaign.

Question: I'm planning on running a quest soon, at a game store for new players. The new players will work best under CORE campaign, at least 3 of them are brand new to role play. I've got another player who started while it was only offered standard campaign, before CORE existed, who has 1 or 2 quests left to complete, wants to complete them, and may or may not show up for the public event. Normally, I would run something either CORE or standard campaign, does it matter with Silverhex Chronicles, since it's the first chronicle sheet applied to a character? I only offer core pregen characters anymore as an organizer, to keep things simple for new players.

If I can't do this, what would y'all recommend in this situation?

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Howdy folks!

Just wanted to let everybody know about a convention with PFS that I've been trying to grow for about a year or so. Tri Con Spring, formerly known as M.A.G.E. Con in the past, is hosting a convention at the Marina Inn Convention Center in South Sioux City, NE, May 1st-3rd, 2015. A list of scenarios being offered as well as to be able to sign up and get your seat as a player or GM can be found here.

The address of the Marina Inn is: 385 E 4th St, South Sioux City, NE 68776

Cost of the convention is $25 for players, free to people coming just to GM and sign up via Warhorn.

More information about Tri State Gamers, other events being offered, and hotel block rates can be found here

Thanks to those who are able to make it, I hope to see y'all soon!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

Thanks for the information! Looks like I'll buy a copy of Skulls & Shackles and some expansions for now. We don't really have a FLGS yet, though one is scheduled to open March 15th and he's interested in picking up the ACG after I shared this information. We don't really have a card guild where I'm from, though I am the VL of the role play side (PFS), so I've got good contacts as far as that goes to get things started.

One other question, is there convention support for the ACG like there is for the RPG? We have people in the area who have played the card game in the past and like it, and I think there is one gamer who actually owns it, if he can ever get time off work, lol. I'm sure if I owned the game and got others to play/buy into it, they would gladly run it at conventions, seems like there is good crossover between the RPG and ACG.

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

What are some recommendations for starting into this game? Usually, I'm one of those players who wants to buy all of the expansions of a game once they've been out, but I don't know if my wallet will allow me to buy into all of the expansions of both Rise of the Runelords and Skulls & Shackles. I'm interested in getting some Adventure Card Guild events happening in my area, as we have a decent amount of board and card gamers, as well as a fair number of people playing Pathfinder Society Role Play. Thanks in advance!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

Congrats Phillip! See you Thursday night! **Evil grin** Is there a GM boon for killing a Venture Captain's character?

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

Providing I finally get enough for a table at an out of town venue I'm hosting, I'll be running it tonight. It's actually been one of my more favorite scenarios, you just have to go with the flow and enjoy the role play. I've ran it 3 times in the past, once at a convention with people I didn't know. I'm pretty excited!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

John Compton wrote:

Reporting the Quests as presented presents a bizarre challenge, as maximizing the flexibility in reporting (i.e. waiting to assign credit to a particular character number like XXXXXX–4 or –5) also means complicating the reporting during the first session of the Quest (i.e. what does an organizer input for a character number when reporting the first Quest if the player has not yet concluded the Quest series?).

For those who have the file, check out page 3, which explains how one receives credit. The way I wrote it grants greater flexibility in playing the adventures rather than maximizing the information we receive through the reporting system. At this time it is not essential that a player assign the Chronicle sheet to a particular character number on the reporting sheet, though if the player happens to have completed the Quest series and/or knows which character is receiving the credit, reporting that information would be helpful.

The exact execution for the Chronicle sheets did not come together until shortly before Gen Con, so there has not yet been time to update the reporting system to, for example, track which individual Quests were played or how many Quests were played as part of a session. Until such a time as we can add those features, include what information you can, and expect to see the occasional "You have already received credit for this adventure" warning on your online record.

If you have further feedback or recommendations based on this new system for Quests, let me know.

DrakeRoberts wrote:
Also, as a note to the Powers That Be... the quest thing was awesome fun. You managed to suck up all the free time I had kept in my schedule, and as a result I never even checked out the exhibit hall. My wallet thanks you.
The authors did a great job of coordinating with one another to ensure the Quests all integrated with one another to tell as big or small a story as the players might want. I'm very happy with how the final product turned out.

What would the most preferred way of reporting this on the Paizo site be? I plan to run all 6 this weekend at a public location where a few players might stay for all 6 sessions, though more are likely, including people brand new to Pathfinder Roleplay, will stay for only one or a few sessions. Do I report it as one table and list all the people who played throughout the day, or each session separately, with who played at those sessions?

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I'm somewhat new to Pathfinder, been playing for about a year. A friend who played a long time ago created a vivisectionist alchemist when they were PFS legal, claiming they were legal for a short time, but are now banned according to the additional resources page. What does the person do with the character and where do I find this information? Thanks!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Iowa—Tri-Cities

Do the scenarios usually release online, available to be purchased, during the time of Gencon? The reason I ask is I'm planning on running PFS for my local convention, labor day weekend, which is only two weeks after Gencon, and I'm wondering if I would be able to run Season 6 or if I should just stick to purchasing Season 5 scenarios for now.