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Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
GM Shared Prep

I need a good social scenario.

6-02 The Silver Mount Collection [Spoilers]

Pesky Character Classes

Character Generator Tool

Looking for Info on how to become a PFS GM

Am I supposed to follow the errors

5-13 Weapon in the Rift GM Discussion *Spoilers*

Do maps have to be the same?

Destiny of the Sands Part 2 (SPOILERS)

Running a scenario multiple times

Dragon's Demand Chronicles

Echoes of the Everwar

#5-99:The Paths We Choose (spoilers)

Running Adventure Paths in "campaign mode" and PFS...

New PFS GM looking for info....

Story arcs? Connections?

4-03: Golemworks Incident

Delirium's Tangle

Legacy of the Stonelords Discussion Thread [EPIC SPOILERS!!]

PFS #16: To Scale the Dragon [SPOILERS]

5-24 Assault on the Wound

Horn Of Valhalla

Thoughts on the Ancestral Ally boon

Pathfinder Society After Scenario GM Reference Sheet

PFS#23 Tide of Morning [SPOILERS]

List of PFS sanctioned modules and non-PFS modules with Chronicle sheets

I'm GM'ing for a group of level 1s and need suggestions

5-21 - The Merchant's Wake

Changes in reporting for season 6

1st timer & dealing with random looting [candlesticks & body parts]

6-01 Trial by Machine

Season 6 Technology Rules Roundup

How to update a scenario?

5-22 Scars of the Third Crusade

6-03 The Technic Siege

Applying GM credit to a first-level character

What flip mats or map packs give you the most bang for your buck?

New to running PFS...

#5-05 The elven entanglement gm discussion [spoilers]

MoFF questions: Should I reduce reward for loot left behind?

Free Actions Per Turn Poll

#4–05 Sanos Abduction Questions / Complaints [Spoilers]

4-24 The Price of Friendship (spoilers)

5-99 and Death as an Inconvenience

another scenario recomendation post

pfs first timer

Printing scenario maps for the Gaming table. (tutorial)

Subbing players in PFS scenario?

PFS # 47: The Darkest Vengeance [SPOILERS]

Emerald Spire and PFS

I think I inadvertantly reported a scenario twice!

A hearty thanks to one of my Gen Con DMs

Bane / Boon when applying chronicle sheet to a level 1 pfs character

What to play before Legacy of the Stonelords

When is a little metagaming acceptable (even desirable)?

How do you handle saves against specific effects?

Session reporting troubles

#3–23: The Goblinblood Dead

5-23 Cairn of Shadows

5-99 The Paths We Choose, funny stories

You Have What You Hold ( possible spoiler)

Trying to Understand Table Credit

5-25 Vengeance at Sundered Crag GM Discussion

Reporting Emerald Spire

Current list of Specials and Exclusives for 5 star qualification?

PFS #49: Among the Dead [Spoilers]

Hardness Rules and Energy Damage

Among the Gods

Should I not have pulled this punch? (Night March of Kalkamedes Spoilers!)

GM Stars

The Confirmation Thread

XP for Modules?

A PSA for GMs running Season 6 scenarios

5-16 Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages - GM Discussion

How creative is "creative"?

Xebeche's Scenario Reporting Sheet

When do you cancel the table?

PFS#55: The Infernal Vault [SPOILERS]

Bonekeep 3 (SPOILERS)

Scenario Prep Worksheet - Encounter Summary

Robot Knowledge Check DC

First Campaign: Skulls and Shackles

Advice for running of The Mantis Prey

Sending Chronicle Sheets over Email?

Will not run a game with Pageant of the Peacock

6-01 Trail by Machine

PFS 3-25: Storming The Diamond Gate (SPOILERS)

5-19 The Horn of Aroden [SPOILERS]

5-20 The Sealed Gate Question

5-17 Fate of the Fiend - GM Discussion

Prepping 6th season Scenario...

GMing on Aug 14th - how do I handle faction changes?

Contacting players from a convention

Handling a bad situation

Official Boon List?

silverhex chronicles *spoilers*

Post GenCon PFS GM Prep for next year question

6–03: The Technic Siege

Going to run First Steps, I have some questions -spoilers inside-

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