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Full Name

Kevin Video




Commoner 1/Ex-Monk 1/Ex-Paladin 1/Expert 1/Author 1






Too old

Special Abilities

Master of all things related to Procrastination




Chocolate (sweet and glorious)


The Great White North




Bum who attempts to write

Strength 12
Dexterity 10
Constitution 9
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11

About kevin_video

Real name's Derek. "Kevin Video" is a handle based off of the cartoon Captain N(intendo): The Game Master aka Kevin Keene.

Began freelancing officially in 2014.

Completed Sean K. Reynolds' RPG Design Class (2015).

Participate in, and help run RPGs sessions at, annual Prairie Con convention.

Currently a 4-star GM for Pathfinder Society (Pathfinder 1st edition).

Venture-Lieutenant for my local PFS lodge.

Publishing Credits

Fat Goblin Games:
8-Bit Adventures - Vampire Slayer Gear

Knotty Works:
Player Paraphernalia #86 Seasoned Flexibility (collaberation project); Ruthless Overseer rogue archetype.

Purple Duck Games:
10 Monsters Basic Bestiary Vol. 1
Anpur of Porphyra
Encounter Pages III
Legendary Treasures X (collaboration project with Onyx Tanuki)
Orcam of Porphyra
Giants of Porphyra: The Red King (5 star rating with seal of approval)

Wayward Rogue Publishing:
Whispers of the Dark Mother Part 6: Beasts of Bright Mountain

Upcoming Projects:
PDG - Two monsters for Purple Duck Games' 3rd bestiary (To be named Monsters of Porphyra 3), 10 Monsters Basic Bestiary Vol. 2, and Magic Items of Porphyra
Misc Publishers - Two adventures -- one level 4-5 module and one level 4 scenario.

Working On:
PDG - Two different race guides

Editor Credits

Zenith Games:
Superhero Classes
Undead Paragon Classes

My old blog and Tumblr where I discuss changes I (would) make to Adventure Paths that I partook in (ie. Way of the Wicked, Throne of Night, etc). There's mostly Tumblr nonsense on there now. The links to the individual information is still present.