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Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-20: The Rats of Round Mountain—Part I: The Sundered Path (PFRPG) PDF

****½ (based on 16 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for Levels 7–11.

In an effort to prevent an alliance between the Aspis Consortium and a contingent of ratfolk with incredible regional influence, the Pathfinder Society sends its best agents deep into a Darklands passage to the heart of Round Mountain, where the ratfolk hold court. But as is often the case for Pathfinders, the journey is an adventure unto itself, potentially deadly enough to prevent the PCs from reaching their destination at all.

"The Sundered Path" is the first scenario in the two-part The Rats of Round Mountain campaign arc. The story concludes in Pathfinder Society Scenario #3–22: The Rats of Round Mountain—Part II: Pagoda of the Rat. Both chapters are intended to be played in order and consecutively; PCs who do will receive a special reward at the arc's conclusion.

Written by Kyle Baird.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 16 ratings)

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Played yesterday with a 4 person party at tier 7-8. 2 Wizard 8, 1 Sorc 8 and a Bard5/Cav3.

No real issues up to the final encounter. We had abilities or items to bypass most of the hurt up till then (we did not play the optional encounter).

But oh...the final fight. Edge of our seats.

Pre-fight our OOC attitudes shifted from, Yeah we can take this to hmmmm should we fight or try to solve this some other way, which was great foreshadowing to our IC and OOC attitudes during the fight.

Round 1. This might have been a bad idea
Round 2. Yeah this was a really bad idea
Round 2A. OOC - WTF - who the hell wrote this scenario - how can it be balanced? Whats the CR on this fight?
Round 3. Holy Crap we should flee, do you think we can get away
Round 4. hmmm - no maybe we can take this.
Round 5. How the hell are we gonna get outta here?
Round 6. Nah we got this - and at least we've figured out how to run if we are wrong.
Round 7. Half the party saying Hang in there, hang in there, we have almost turned the tide. Half the party saying...we gotta run (followed by some unconsciousness activity)
Round 8. Hurrah, we are finally dropping some damage here
Round 9. Huzzah - guess you should have planned your retreat a bit better you Epic Challenge you.

Seriously Great, and we pulled every trick out of our wizard bag of tricks along with some really brave actions by the cavalier and the sorc who resisted the urge to flee right before the tide turned in our favor. Both the Party and the challenge had some bad luck D20 rolls which further impacted the swingyness...but awesomeness of the fight.

Honestly the best fights in PFS are when half the time you think you are gonna die and half the time you think you are gonna rock. This scenario delivered!

Shout out to Jesse, our judge, who did a great job running the scenario, and the final fight. I cant help but think that the two ingredients of solid writing and good judging came together to provide a really sweet evening of society play.

*disclaimer...I'm not sure if the fight actually ran 9 rounds or longer (and my wizard is still trying to clean his shorts instead of recalling the blow by blow of the fight for his chronicle), so take those "rounds" as turning points in our attitudes during the fight.

One of my favorite Scenarios


I GMed this scenario at a convention. Other people have gave in depth reviews, I just want to add my voice that this is an excellent mod. As suggested it is very challanging which I found to be a nice change of pace.

Although this could be considered a dungeon delve, it really does not feel like it because of the well balanced addition of role-playing oppertunities. Furthermore I would like to comment that the role-playing oppertunities are very good, and feel more then just nostalgic due to the inclusion of real benefits or concequences depending on how it plays out.

To top it all off Gen. Goldfrap lost his panties on this scenario, can't get much better then that.

An exercise in testing character builds and party dynamics

***( )( )

I would not recommend this mod for the light hearted, especially at high tier.

Each encounter is tough with a high potential for character death. The optional encounter is particularly deadly and will almost certainly take out a PC at high tier.

That said, at the end of the mod, each PC will have earned their chronicle.

Breakdown of my experience with the module:

Played at tier 10-11.

Party Composition:
Ninja 7/Shadow Dancer 3 w/Shadow Companion
Paladin 11
Ranger 10 w/Wolf Companion
Fey Blooded Sorcerer 9 or 8 (I wasn't sure)
Diviner Wizard 11

Encounter 1:
With a high Diplomacy Paladin, the Ratfolk were easily talked into taking the party to meet the captain of the guard. The captain was also Diplomacied to allow passage through the Sundered Path.

Encounter 2:
This is where things got a little ridiculous. Deeper Darkness and Dispel Magic in unison hurt the whole party. With the addition of Sneak Attack, we were lucky to have a Paladin who was healing himself with Swift Actions and a caster with Daylight as a Preferred Spell.

Encounter 3:
A swarm in a fragile cavern. Luckily our Arcanist made the Knowledge check to determine that the cavern could cave in should there be any significant disturbance, like a fireball for example. We were able to get to safety and the Wizard brought down the roof, literally, with a Fireball.

Encounter 4 (Optional Encounter):
We had sent the Shadow Dancer's Shadow through the rockfall to determine how long it would take to clear. Reasoning it would take a considerable amount of time, we decided to rest. The Paladin took the majority of the watch after taking first rest (he had a Ring of Sustenance) but had not yet prayed to regain his spells when the party was ambushed by the two Advanced Gugs. The Paladin did not notice their approach so they were able to get their move in the Surprise Round. He then beat them on Initiative but was unable to kill one in a Full Attack action after Smiting. The party mostly awoke to the sounds of combat (this may have been due to an error by the GM, DC to hear battle is not 0, but -10 so when sleeping, the DC is 0, not 10). The gugs proceeded to act and one rounded the Paladin with Awesome Blow, AoO, AoO followed by a full attack from the other Gug. The Wizard then cast Glitterdust. The Sorcerer and the Wizard proceeded to create pits and then the Wizard D-Doored the Shadow Dancer, Ranger and Sorcerer to the other side of them. The Wolf was killed but the rest of the combat was spent whittling the Gugs down from the other side of the pits.

Encounter 4:
With the loss of the Paladin, the party decided to just offer tribute to the Dragon.

A lesson in building challenging encounters

***( )( )

Perspective: Player

If you like challenging encounters then you will love this. There are several very different and very challenging encounters in here. Even the optional encounter is brutal (and claimed several PCs lives at Paizocon UK).

However if you want story and role-play you will be disappointed. The first encounter is on story and and involves some role-play. The rest are a series of challenging encounters which have no obvious link to the story though are possible in the setting. Think of all the horrors you might find in the setting described in the scenario introduction and you have underestimated...

If you are a combat junky this will be 5 stars for you.

Perspective: GM


I ran this module at Paizocon UK last weekend and had an absolute blast! Even if I didn't already know who Kyle was from the boards, all of the encounters in this scenario bear the hallmark of an author who's extremely experienced in PFS rules and situations...and is intent on using that experience to utterly crush you. Good stuff!

I ran this at Tier 10-11.


Encounter 1 - This went fine. Prior to the game, I wasn't sure how to handle the Lantern Lodge mission if the players went for diplomacy, as raiding the ratfolk's footlockers seemed to be a bad thing for a guest to be doing! In the end I didn't get a Lantern Lodge player, so the problem was bypassed, if not resolved. The players used Diplomacy and got through fine.

Encounter 2 - I had high hopes of murder here, but my dice betrayed me. The dark slayer went too late in initiative to stop the dispelling of the first darkness, and while the stalker put up a second one, the sorcerer with the party had dispel magic and the cleric had daylight. Action economy defeated the dark folk with little damage done.

Encounter 3 - This was a fun one. The swarm popped up, and the alchemist stepped up. I was in two minds about whether a regular bomb would trigger the collapse, but I also knew he had another kind of bomb up his sleeve...but having spotten the weak ceiling, would he really use it?

Alchemist bombs. I ask 'what kind of bomb?' Answer: 'regular bomb. Oh, actually, I'll make it explosive.' Mwahahahaha! 50 damage to most of the party.

Encounter 4 - The party then dug through the rubble after healing up. As they broke through, one of the party was exhausted, and two were fatigued. Perfect time for 2 advanced gugs to attack!

The gugs won initiative and moved up to bottleneck the party in the narrower corridor they were exiting. In the first round, I took 7 attacks of opportunity as characters kept walking into 'the Venn diagram of doom'. Then a full attack on the exhausted dwarven tank...5 hits, 104 damage. Already injured, the dwarf dropped to -50 hp! However, a (very!) well-rolled breath of life from the cleric brough the dwarf up to -13 (1 point above their Con!) and stable.

Unfortunately, the cleric then went down in the next round, dropped to -9 by a gug claw. This meant there was nobody to help the inquisitor when he went to -36 from the other gug's full attack. So sad.

At this point the party were getting worried - the main fighter had 12 hp remaining and the sorcerer and alchemist were not looking forward to being the front line! Still, some flame strikes saved the day and the inquisitor was raised the next day.

Encounter 5 - compared to the gugs, the dragon was easy. With 2 buff rounds, the party were in much better shape than they were for the surprise gug attack. The dragon tried wall of stone; the sorcerer dimension doored. Then it got staggered by a terrible remorse. All the while the dragon is getting pelted with frost bombs and an enlarged, divine favoured (from spell contract), hasted etcetera fighter is ripping it up. The dragon got 2 actions and then bit the dust.

All in all this was a brilliant scenario, and I heartily recommend it for experienced players! Just be sure to bring your A-game and 21 prestige at least, just in case...

1 to 5 of 18 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | next > last >>

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