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MyTThor wrote:
Dalgar the Great wrote:
Rage Prophet would be nice.
Mine's nearly ready for publication: stay tuned ;)

so excited! hope its done soon

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

If you are playing a character below 9th level, then summon. If you're summoning, play a Summoner or a Conjuration specialist wizard.

If you're playing 9th level or higher, then you want to play a Diabolist. Trust me. Search this forum for "DMDM's Guide to the Diabolist" (several entries) and "DMDM's Guide to Planar Binding". If you play the Diabolist right, it is both flavorful and *very* powerful.


Doug M.

Doug, when are you going to put it together into one cohesive document?

may I suggest checking out the work in

abyssal bloodline...nuff said

Deadly Dealer

somehow make it work

has your character been subject to any wounds sustained while fighting any evil outsiders?

the scars of these wounds could be the source of your stigmata bleeding.
I wouldn't box the character into christ like wounds...
though the imagery of bleeding hands dripping down your blade does sound cool and flavorful.

check out P6 codex

check out P6 Codex

check out P6 codex...its worth a look.

how about a guide to traits...Getting what you want

spellstaff 6th

watchout for SR with your Planeshift...i don't see any spell penetration in that build...maybe take the human cleric fav. class bonus?

Using a scroll to bind a lemure gets you into diabolist...

its not flashy, it'll take a little preparation...but it will work.

search the threads for DMDM's guide to the Diabolist...its a multiforum work in progress

casting using a scroll does get you into diabolist...


After reading your post I see where you're coming from now.

Next point...wealth! Any ideas? Seems like a major discussion point for your P6 system. How should wealth continue to accumulate? I know many people don't like the WBL chart. I was particularly stung when I looked for a Minor(mind you) cloak of displacement for my ranger(getting my WoT on)and saw the price compared to WBL. Even crafting it would be pricey.

Any thoughts on how wealth should continue to accumulate into epic advancement levels? Or at least guidance/advice for Dm's

What would a good location be to start a dwarven stronghold?
And what are your thoughts on stone masonry?

This is a P6 campaign so no spells above 3rd level. I'm more interested in mundane skills working together with the available spells.

How long do you think it would take to delve a defensible stronghold? Probably modifying a existing structure like vordakai's lair or an empty cave or something.

Probably goin to have a party of 4-5 PC dwarves. (There would be at least 1 PC "foreman" type with K(engineering/architecture) Prof(Stonemason) or the like.) once they claim a few hexes around the area they would send home to summon help for the forging of a new stronghold.

Any ideas on how many npc helpers to send and how they would progress? They could also use local help but the stone dressing and detailed work would be dwarven...


PS: anyone know of any good modules that contain a nice dwarven ruins/hold that is mapped out?

smoke stick?

in regards to your Druid Terrain stuff-
for as true as you are to Core i would nix the Terrain stuff. while i like the idea, it seems a departure from what you've done so far. it encourages more min/maxing.

maybe add it to a future release as an option for themed campaigns.

my 2cp

kingmaker or homebrewed(dwarven kingmaker) maybe something tolkien-esque for the first 6-7 levels.
wandering dwarven refugees return home to retake their ancestral mountain stronghold. then once they retake the stronghold then you could work in alot of the kingdom building/defense/politics and overarching BBEG story line.

just a note: i think in your druid CaveTerrain section, you mention "exceptional abilities"; they should be extraordinary abilities

i find this site helpful for my halforc ranger with keenscent

it includes various perception mods just like sight and hearing

Items? feats? I would love to get the Ancestors Subdomain (Speak with Dead) power on my bounty hunter ranger...

i can't think of any way to do it.

maybe include some bonus to non lethal you can bring your marks back alive if needed.

net proficiency?

So I built a ranger with the indomitable faith trait for the will save and for RP fun. Would it be reasonable to get my hands on a lesser strand of prayer beads?
If so how would I go about finding some without meta gaming?
Would a large church sell blessed prayer beads? Or would it be an important relic in a low-magic campaign? Something my church would loan me to aide my mission?

It's "lower magic" for P6, so it's not completely "LowMagic".

So I built a ranger with the indomitable faith trait for the will save and for RP fun. Would it be reasonable to get my hands on a lesser strand of prayer beads?
If so how would I go about finding some without meta gaming?
Would a large church sell blessed prayer beads? Or would it be an important relic in a low-magic campaign? Something my church would loan me to aide my mission?

It's "lower magic" for P6, so it's not completely "LowMagic".

i know traits can be cheesy but they also could be helpful in making P6 a little more survivable and flavorful.

I'm building up a halforc bountyhunter/stalker-type ranger and i like the racial trait that gives halforcs a +5 bonus to appear human.

that and picking up IndomitableFaith to help that weak willsave and lots of roleplaying opportunity. usually have to dump at least 1 or 2 ranks into knowledge religion then

p6 codex! check it out

so during post 6th-level epic advancement I can take a signature feat when ever. what epic level can i take my second signature feat. e10 or e11?

would i be eligible for signature feats at (e1 and e10) or (e1 and e11?)

Also in your Alpha document you mention not using Backgrounds or Alternate FavClass Bonuses...what do you mean by Backgrounds?

Haha, I thought you needed help building a brawler for your mom.

no SR checks on a prepared Diagram Circle...
SR is a big thing you keep worrying about DMDM...
Diagram on Magic Circle negates SR

also a creature can't use SR to resist being called in the firstplace.
Only a will save prevents the calling.

cast Dimensional Anchor on Diagram circle...
Diagram also increases the CHA check DC by 5!

is divination effected at all?
Commune is out
Contact other Plane is Out

very interesting idea

what about Healing; Cure spells are positive energy? Inflict?
is your plane still connected to Positive?Negative Energy planes?

I like the idea of a Survivalist P6 game where food/water matter...
just my 2cp

P6 its pretty cool

some people like to do Survival stuff in real life
I like to do it in my imagination while eating a bag of chips and drinking a brew with a sandwich

Kudaku wrote:

I'm looking for ways to cast an Orison, Create Water, on an arcane spellcaster - preferably at will.

I've found numerous traits that allow you to cast arcane cantrips at will, but a similar option for Orisons seem to be eluding me.

I'd be happy to spend a trait or a feat for the Orison, but the spell should be available as soon as possible - ideally at level 1.

The character in question is a level 1 arcanist: 10 Strength, 10 Dexterity, 14 Constitution, 17 intelligence, 8 Wisdom, 16 charisma.

what is it you're planning to use create water for?

a desert campaign or something devious?

Dark Dwarven Arcanist= Wizard+Diabolist PrC
Be a Conjurer.
Summon, Battlefield Control, and when you hit Diabolist the bonuses to dealing with devils will make Binding alot easier.

I like the idea of a dark dwarf binder.
he could be the serious guy in your ragtag dwarf group. with darker motives.
you are a bit less squishy than a normal wizard and you don't suffer as much from not having a INT bonus. craft/scribe/bind...profit!

see DMDM's stuff on the Diabolist/PlanarBinding, its excellent.

Plus the capstone lets you call as std. And bargain as a move....

Thanks real fast

Don't forget about the Agonize spell. It's probably worth mentioning as it is designed to work with binding/bargaining.

Diabolist probably won't need it.

i loved sandshaper

you could research a specific native outsider with class levels?

you also may want to consider angling your guide to be a guide to planar binding...since you're compiling so much info and i haven't seen a guide for it. optimizing the diabolist as an aside...

And Hell came following after...A Practical Guide to the Diabolist and Effective Planar Binding.

most high level casters will use planar binding/ally from time to time.
so this will be a very useful guide.

Love your stuff DMDM can't wait to see a full guide...
I know you're aware now of the magiccircle+dimensional anchor/diagram stuff now...

when you revise, don't disregard and leave out the willsave/SR stuff and solely list by CHA score. its still useful to know if your casting spells at your bound guests.

though I would emphasize that the CHA check is the only thing that really matters if you're prepared.

a disclaimer about the importance of reading the flavor text for all your outsiders are important. because many DMS will eventually get upset with your "friends" and use flavor text to screw with your plans.

Any updates Jr Annalist?

Jr. Annalist wrote:
I dislike a lot of the racial feats, performance feats seem a step too far

I'd like to voice my support of the Keen Scent Feat...My half orc ranger would like to keep it.

Check out the P6Codex and Participate in the discussion!

though the ability point at 8th would be nice to round up the odd score

for simplicity's sake i'd advise against "BAB advancement stops at level x, HP advancement stops at level y."

I like martials getting 2 attacks and keeping 3/4 and 1/2 classes seperate. you can always TWF to get 2 attacks. Monks can flurry, Magi can spell combat. druids can wildshape.

I like P6 and using the Epic/Signature feats to sprinkle in levels 7-8.
I like the idea of allowing a signature feat at every 5th epic advancement.

I love Traits for the sake of campaign hooks or backstory.
I don't like munchkining with traits...but some times you really need those 2 CL!

Jr. Annalist wrote:

Sandbox wrote:

Any thoughts on tweaking any of the skill DC's?

I wasn't planned on it (a 17 modifier by level 6 is pretty easy to get), but that still doesn't reach some difficulties. It might just be that things that hard shouldn't be used. I'll think about it more though.

Maybe see what is achievable by a rogue optimized for lock picking and set the highest DC's around that?

Would you suggest rolling HP/MaxHP/or average HP for a P6 game?

Check it out... I think it has a lot to offer
Please contribute:)

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