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Not to put words in anyone's mouth, or impugn their motives, but it's important to remember that Sanders is popular with under 30 voters who, given their age, have only had the experience of their candidate beating Clinton in the primary for the nomination in 2008, followed by his running as the president in 2012. If you're an under 30 voter who supported Obama, this is the first time you've experienced your favorite primary candidate not winning the nomination against Clinton. Not that that excuses blaming primary winner for actually winning, but, y'know.

Look, whatever, I voted for Nader in 2000 and--OW! Stop throwing things, it's not like I did it in Florida!

I don't know about Emily Blunt. I still feel faint every time I think of her doing yoga in Edge of Tomorrow; watching her wiggle around in a skin tight super hero costume might just be too much for me! :P

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Given the way this presidential race seems to be shaping up, I suggest taking the quick, painless way out with the aneurysm. :P

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
I actually favored Hillary over Bernie. While I would prefer Hillary to be a bit more progressive on some issues, I think she can actually get a lot of what she promised done. I feel that if somehow Bernie did get the nom and then won the election, Bernie would have a much greater difficulty working with congress and wouldn't be able to follow through with a lot of his campaign platforms.
I don't think that working with congress is a thing that happens anymore with a democratic president.

I'm not saying you're wrong BNW, but given the reaction to Merrick Garland's nomination, I think that's more on congress than the democratic president.

That's politics for you, Doodles!

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

I, for one, don't "actually" know anyone in this thread.

I do know a bunch of labor activists, mostly paid staffers oddly enough, who are Hillary supporters.

Now I'm sad 'cause Anklebiter doesn't think our friendship is "actual." :(

thejeff wrote:

I've been doing Hugo voting reading:

Ancillary Mercy, which I liked quite a lot. Wrapped the series up nicely, with a cool space battleish bit and some tense personal confrontations.

SevenEves, by Neal Stephenson, which was certainly interesting, but really dragged. Near future, humanity's attempt to ensure some survivors of an apocalyptic storm of meteors resulting from the destruction of the moon. Cool premise, some cool characters and plotlines, but all of it embedded in way too much orbital mechanics and technical detail. At some points running a couple pages of exposition before we get a page of people doing stuff, then back to more exposition. Then 600 pages in, we finish the prelude and jump 5000 years forward. And spend about 100 of the remaining 200 pages describing the new society and the cool things they've built.
It's been awhile since I've been able to enjoy a new Stephenson book. This didn't change that. Shame, because I really liked Diamond Age and Snow Crash.

Also, for the 1941 Retro Hugos:
The Ill-Made Knight (part of the Once and Future King) Far more twee than I remembered it. Too many asides to the reader, somehow both condescending both to the reader and the characters.

Currently in the middle of Slan, one of the classics that I'd never read. Holds up pretty well as an adventure story, if nothing else. I suspect a lot that was new and exciting at the time is now kind of stale, but it still reads well.

You thought SevenEves dragged? I thought it read like an edge of your seat, worldwide extinction level event techno-thriller. And then the last section got all the more awesome!

I guess I'm just saying I totally appreciated the way Doctor Doob's point-of-view narration personalized the first two sections, and really enjoyed the OSR hex crawl of the third section, but no harm, no foul if you liked a different book more. :)

Kaladin_Stormblessed wrote:
Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Kaladin_Stormblessed wrote:
As far as the mind control thing, by the rules and the intention of the setting, it's not evil. Many people can think that, but there are a lot of enchantments that don't have the Evil descriptor. I do think some of them should, notably Murderous Command, but the point is, very few do. Charm Person? Not evil. Suggestion? Not evil. Dominate Person, not evil. You're free to disagree, but it's not just my opinion you're disagreeing with. Kinda hard to argue that I'm wrong for agreeing with the game itself.

Just because they don't have [Evil] next to them doesn't mean that using them willy nilly isn't evil. Just not inherently evil.

After all, Fireball isn't [Evil], but chucking it around the town square on market day certainly would be.

All I'm trying to say is that I think a simple Mass Suggestion of "drop the flowers" would be a sufficiently LG solution in this case.

I'm not saying you're wrong, but it sounds like you're speaking in the hypothetical while Grumbaki is describing an experience he had while playing at the table, you know?

It's also been explained several times by several Paizo staffers that Mengkare probably isn't Lawful Good, no matter how gold a dragon he is. (Though I think "monsters of LG" Is a more interesting way to handle the character, personally.)

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I wouldn't call any of the OP's actions unlawful or ungood, but I'm also one of those annoying people who think that players and GMs should have a conversation about alignment before play begins.

I don't know about investment being off topic; I bought some eldar shadow hunter escorts off Ebay UK for a cool $40 as compare to $70 on Ebay US, thanks mostly to the drop in value of the pound. That's the only way the Brexit has any effect on my life, outside entertainment value. (No offense UK readers.)

Edit: Whoopsy-daisy, wrong thread. It's still factual though, so l'm editing instead of deleting. :P

Wait, has this conversation taken a turn where the libertarians who hate big government are in favor of the federal government dictating the items state government can and can't tax?

Sarcasm Dragon wrote:
Jessica Price wrote:
GreyWolfLord wrote:

With today's kids, I wonder how many of them will get the name reference much less understand the relation of it to the movie.

I think the naming could be quite thought provoking considering what the original Birth of a Nation was about and the results of Nat Turner Rebellion was.

It is a way to give reflection, and in that reflection, consider how much we have changed today, and yet how much we still have not.

"Today's kids"?

As likely to recognize the name as the Baby Boomers or anyone born after them. Possibly MORE likely, given that the internet exists.

Kids today, the world has gone mad today and good's bad today and black's white today and day's night today! I wonder how many of today's kids will even recognize the song I'm referencing, much less understand its place in the show it is a part of. Probably not many, given that the show opened in 1934 and today's booming babies were all born between 1943 and 1960.

And Anything Goes is still more recent than Birth of a Nation.

Okay, but you're mixing the lyrics of "Kids" from Bye Bye Birdie with "Anything Goes" by Cole Porter.

I can't imagine there will be much media discussion of this movie without a reference to the first.

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The quote by the French Home Office isn't substantiated by the article, though. His father says he wasn't religious, but that he had been medicated in the past because of his violent behavior. If there's evidence of his radicalization, that is what it is, but killing 84 people by driving a truck into a crowd isn't evidence in and of itself.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

From the reports I've heard, there's no evidence of ideology playing any part in this aside from Daesh claiming credit for the attack. I'm not saying we should deny evidence when it's there, but let's not assume a very troubled guy who committed suicide by cop had any other agenda.

thegreenteagamer wrote:

When 2/3 of the people don't vote because they're dissatisfied with the two options in front of them, I'd say 3rd parties have a place in our system. So many people say they don't vote for a third party because they can't possibly win - but considering how many Americans are independent, they actually can.

Whether in the long term they will remain, frankly, I don't care. (Okay, I do care, but not nearly as much as I care about this particular election having a third option.) All I care about is right now, I have two choices in front of me that are, to be blunt, horrible, and I absolutely, vehemently, and totally refuse to give a vote to either one of them. I'm absolutely not going to vote for someone I find a villain just because their opponent is a super villain.

The 2/3 were primary turnout numbers though, right? I just feel like primaries are a totally craptasijc model for the general, you know?

Edit: That's right, I spelled craptastic with a J, for the sake of my eastern european kith and kin. :P

Brain Blessed was always the version in my head, but he's getting a bit long in tooth at this point. Also, a calm considered Brian Blessed, who wasn't spitting all over everything all the time like Boss Nass.

Kryzbyn wrote:
How about we don't charge sales tax on food/groceries?

Already there in Rhode Island.

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Not to be a dingus, but everyone reading this knows the difference between a Fiduciary and a Financial Counselor, right?

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thegreenteagamer wrote:
Hitdice wrote:
"Some kind of change" doesn't necessitate privatization, though, does it? You could just as easily raise the retirement age as hand the whole thing over to the private sector, right?
I, for one, don't want to be f!%~ing 80 by the time I can retire. My parents generation already had it bumped back, and they keep bumping it back more and more.

I don't want it either, but I'm willing to put in the time I have to keep the system functioning, you know? As Iron has pointed out, raising the retirement age isn't the only option.

My point is that privatization is a horrible idea. The private entity is only there to skim profits off the top of your nest egg.

"Some kind of change" doesn't necessitate privatization, though, does it? You could just as easily raise the retirement age as hand the whole thing over to the private sector, right?

Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Wow. Did the Trump/Pence campaign staff design their new logo in WordArt or MS Paint? All it's missing is a cameo by a Mike Judge character.
The jokes just write themselves.

Seriously, whoever designed that logo was not a Trump fan. Or maybe Pence was the issue, but you get my point.

MeanMutton wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:
ChucklesMcTruck wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
As a skilled chef you could get any result you wanted from filet mignon to burnt to a crisp.
That actually makes a lot more sense to me. You'd be skilled enough to fake being terrible.

As a lifelong cook, I'll have to politely disagree, and go with the "Bluff" crowd.


Because it's not just about making something taste bad, or cooking it too long. It's about handling the knife poorly. About bumping into people, and pretending you don't hear the "music of the kitchen". It's about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and pretending that you don't know where to look to find an ingredient, or pretending you don't even know what the ingredients are.

In my mind, to my somewhat-trained eye, the difference between watching a professional chef pretending to be bad and a true novice would be palpable and obvious. But it's because I know my way around a kitchen.

I'd give the professional chef a significant bonus to his/her Bluff if none of the observers had "Profession: Cook". +4 maybe?

If no one is watching you, you're telling me that you can't make an over-spiced chicken breast that's burnt on the outside and raw on the inside with some over-boiled veggies and under-cooked potatoes?

And then there was the time one of the waitresses at my restaurant (work at, not own) said to the cook, "Hey Charles? I just got another complaint about the tuna, but I think they just don't know what "seared" means; comp their drinks?"

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I bet it is, Icy, I bet it is. It's a pretty fricken strange thing to watch from the perspective of a US citizen, too.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So, instead of calling Clinton by an epithet, we should just call her "Rodham"? :P

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James Jacobs wrote:
Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
What makes a monster a monster?

Strictly speaking in Pathfinder? I guess... having any racial HD does.

But poetically speaking? What makes a monster a monster is attitude. Jack the Ripper and H. H. Holmes are as much monsters as anything, and they were both human.

James, have you read Devil in the White City, or are you an oddball like me who read about H. H. Holmes in a serial killer coloring book you found at a friend's house?

. . .

Y'know, said friend was a perfectly nice guy, but I feel like there's no putting the toothpaste back in the tube after describing the contents of his bookshelf.

Well, I got mine as a Tome of Beasts backer reward; I'm not gonna buy a second one! :P

Y'know, the first time Droe vs Drao came up on these boards, I was all, "Those johnny-come-latelies; I'm going to check that pronunciation guide from Dragon 93!" But when I did, it gave the correct pronunciation as quote, drow, or dro, unquote. Mentzer really dropped the ball on that one.

Edit: ZOMG, what if all the arguments that D&D nerds have about pronunciation are reflected in-world? In the World of Greyhawk and the Forgotten Realms, they say it differently, just like aunts vs ants or of-ten vs offen in the real world! Mind blown.

Not Sa-HWAH-gin, Mark? (NERD ALERT: I'm really asking, not being a dingus.)

52 to 48 is always a small margin, assuming we're talking percentages. "Considerably larger (number of votes, I guess?) than the Bush-Gore contest" is like the lowest bar to meet, ever. 'Cause, y'know, Bush vs Gore was decided by the Supreme Court, not the voting public.

Can I ask if you reside in the UK, Drahliana?

Dunk & Egg struck me as a perfect follow up series only because it's such limited quantity, if you see what I mean; all of the name recognition, significantly less of the production costs! :P

I'd lovelovelove a Tuf Voyaging series, I just can't imagine who'd play the title role. I read all the Wildcards books up to a certain point, but never related to the characters on an emotional level.

Ooh ooh, what about Armageddon Rag as a miniseries? They could set it ten years earlier and use all the Vinyl set dressing and wardrobe and junk!

Well, you're right about that. Every series that's ended in the last few years has ended with a half season. On the other hand, GoT is known money maker, but Westworld? Not so much, not that I've got a problem with Westworld.

About a million years ago, GRRM signed a development deal with HBO. Given the popularity of GoT, it seems possible if not likely. I mean, the Dunk and Egg series is there to be adapted, but I'm not saying anything more definite than "Maybe someday . . ."

You've got the Dunk & Egg stuff for movie(s), or maybe a miniseries.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
Cameron actually did the best and most statesmanlike things he could under the circumstances. He fell on his sword, removing himself from the debate about the future. He offered himself as a sacrifice that might satisfy the lust of some of his backbenchers for blood. He resigned on a very long time scale, which grants time for everyone involved to come up with a plan, "knowing" that no decisions are likely to be taken until October.
That's one way of thinking about it. Another way is that he took the coward's way out, using resignation to avoid dealing with the consequences of losing the most idiotic political gamble ever made by a UK politician. Now some other sap is going to have to invoke Article 50 and face all the hard work of dealing with the consequences. Which may very well include ending the United Kingdom itself.

Speaking as an american who who knows absolutely nothing about the UK legal process, does that other sap actually have to invoke article 50, or is that just one of the many options said sap has when forming their government?

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He makes me think of myself when I look in the mirror. :(

Takei's opinion in the linked article was interesting. Speaking as a straight dude, I don't think it invalidates the character as established in TOS to make movie Sulu gay. I guess Takei disagrees, but whatever, he's just they guy who originated the role. ;)

Apparently the Star Trek: The New Voyages website is under construction, but I loved the way Of Blood and Fire (two parter, episodes 4 and 5, I think) established that Captain Kirk's nephew is into dudes, and same sex marriage is so accepted in the Federation that Kirk might think his nephew's too immature to marry someone, but the spouse's sex just isn't the issue. Hey, wait, there's a Wikipedia page!

I think Tony was passed out and Rhodey had to rise to wear the mantle of a hero he'd never asked to be, THEREBY PROVING HIS TRUE HEROISM!

Thinking about Rhodey as Iron Man, and Heather Hudson as Guardian/Vindicator, I don't mind having a more diverse cast of characters in comics, it just feels gimmicky when the creators choose to introduce a new character instead of working with the huge cast of already existing characters. Watching Tony come to terms with his alcoholism and realize that he wasn't fit to be Iron Man was meaningful to me as a child, as was watching Heather deal with her grief over Mac's death and find meaning in continuing his work; both of those depended on character history far too much to rely on the introduction of a new character.

Not that I've I got a problem with african american female minors as superheroes; for a good portion of the first Mage series, Edsel was the most kickass member of the team.

Edit: Yes, it took me 18 minutes to write that.

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Mark Carlson 255 wrote:

Ok Story Award, in quite a few modules I have seen award the players X Exp as if they defeated the monster if they are able to do Y.

So even if you divide the death star exp up amongst all the people who attacked it it should be quite a bit? But I guess if it was an adventure path you could just say you are now level Z.

Story Teller Fiat:
Is there a section on this so I can show it to my 9 and 13 year old nephews to aid them in building their RPG'ing knowledge? I for one have been gaming since 79 and have seen quite a few different ways to rule the above. And as I pointed out it tends to be more of an issue with advanced tech and equipment then it is with sticks and stones.


Assuming you're speaking seriously and not just handing my own snark back to me, most newer level based RPGs include a section level advancement without XP. I know D&D 5e DMG does, and I assume the PF rules do too.

If you really want to do your nephews a favor, explain to them that while watching a movie can be just as exciting as playing an rpg, the two don't function the same way. A character in a movie is as capable and powerful as that character needs to be to make the story compelling, not as a function of how many encounters they've survived. My point here is, you keep mentioning the Death Star experience award as if A New Hope listed PF game info for all the characters and encounters, but there just wasn't any. While there have been many adaptations of Star Wars to many different game systems, it's impossible to watch the movies and know how many levels Luke gained over the course of the original trilogy.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

There are no XP in awards movies, characters advance through storyteller fiat. :P

I'm with you on that, Bookrat. I thought the D20 Modern design was too reliant on the core class/prestige class system to provide as good a modern game as Top Secret (or whichever, James Bond was good too; I guess it has to be spies, though!) or as good a generic character design as GURPS.

The 5e modern fan conversion I linked earlier is interesting because the advanced classes fit onto the basic classes like 5e subclasses, so you start getting advanced class features at level 3 instead of having to satisfy requirements, but I suppose that's not particularly relevant to the game you playing in. ;)

Right now? The days are like eighteen hours long in Iceland. I think the issue is there's so little warm weather action left to film. Everyone's in Westeros at this point, and even King's Landing and Dorne aren't going to be all that warm and sunny for long.

Speaking of winter in King's Landing, anyone else notice how much earlier their white raven arrived than Winterfell's?

Speaking as a 5e fan, I'll add my voice to the chorus pointing out that it's not an either or proposition. Hell, given how close the systems are, I might buy Starfinder material so I can adapt it to 5e. Lord knows I've done that with a couple of Pathfinder products.

thejeff wrote:
Hitdice wrote:
It's probably been said before, but I think it should be a full round action to reload each pepperbox pistol (like, 6 seconds to fully reload, it's PF, not the real world) but you can TWF with two loaded pepperbox pistols until they're empty.

Not a bad house rule. Though you still can't TWF with them, since you have to manually turn the barrels, unless you house rule that as well. :)

Would that be with Rapid Reload & alchemical cartridges? Or would those make it faster.

Currently there's no way to get there - it's either 6 free actions with both, or 6 move action with one or 6 standards with neither.

I was just suggesting being able to make iterative attacks so long as the pepperboxes had ammo, but fine, you win. :)

It's probably been said before, but I think it should be a full round action to reload each pepperbox pistol (like, 6 seconds to fully reload, it's PF, not the real world) but you can TWF with two loaded pepperbox pistols until they're empty.

I'd be very satisfied with a system where the PC ship functioned with PC stats (highest ranged attack bonus for laser cannons, highest Perception bonus for sensors, highest Diplomacy bonus for communications), whereas NPC ships had monster style stat blocks with a listed CR. However, I think it's pretty settled at this point that the APL vs CR equation has always been a bit of a knotty problem from d20 systems.

I'm not saying you shouldn't try Dale, I'm saying better you than me. :P

Not to sound like a dingus, but didn't you just do that by posting the question here? :P

Real answer: I think Kobold Press has cemented its reputation as the Switzerland of the Edition Wars solidly enough that it couldn't do any harm to send out a backer notification. Full disclosure, I backed the Tome of Beasts, but not Deep Magic; so many Kickstarters, so little wallet.

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Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Fergie wrote:

A Letter to the New York Post

The NY Post is just about the worst source of "news" imaginable. It is not to be taken seriously, or believed for a moment. Like most other parts of Murdoch's media empire, it makes people who believe it more ignorant and less informed then those who are not exposed to it.
Considering The Times's, The Sun's, and (until recently) News of the World's roles in misinforming and misshaping the UK public's opinion on immigrants for years, I'm even less inclined to trust any Rupert Murdoch media outlet when pushing racially-focused "news." Especially with Orange Julius Caesar currently running for PotUS.

That's not very kind to the color orange, or Julius Caeser.

Dustin, the file(s) you linked look very interesting, but they're behind a contribution paywall, so I can't look as closely as I'd like. :(

There's also a fan made 5e version of D20 modern out there, but it wasn't complete last time I looked. It's not exactly a ready to play sic-fi game, but it has got the base class/advanced class design Dan was talking about. Here's a blog with a link.

Threeshades wrote:
Hitdice wrote:

I think all you'd really need to do to make your space marine in 5e is build a regular fighter (or whichever martial class you prefer) who's proficient with the futuristic weapons from the DMG, and with Vehicles (Space). Sadly, that last proficiency doesn't exist anywhere yet, but home brewing it for 5e seems much simpler than using the D20 Future rules.

If you're playing in a futuristic setting you're likely going to have those proficiencies present. Vehicle proficiencies are tool proficiencies, and if the tool exists, you should be able to get proficiency in it.

In the same vein futuristic weapons would probably be a standard proficiency for fighters in such a setting. Or more likely those weapons would be martial weapons, which automatically add them to the fighter's list.

Making a futuristic setting for 5e is the more difficult bit. Because the firearms and futuristic weapons in the DMG are not written for a setting where they are commonplace, but rather for a Numeria-type scenario, where they are artifacts that the characters who are from an otherwise medieval setting, can find them similarly to magic items. If you make a setting where such weapons are prevalent you would have to rebalance them to be more along the lines of what medieval weapons are like in the PHB right now. So the balance, not between modern and ancient weapons but between weapons and EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE GAME is preserved.
The other option would be to balance all damage dealing and HP-targeting spells (like sleep for example), monster damage and all hit points in the game so that your guns aren't the most powerful thing you have in the setting.

In my own homebrew the only real problem I've run into is that the laser pistol's 3d6 damage feels a too high for a simple weapon, and the PCs with simple weapon proficiency want lasers too, because lasers are cool. Introducing the 3d4 damage Laser BB gun! (Yes, that's what we've been calling it.)

I chose not to reduce the damage of futuristic weapons (just because I feel like lasers should be more damaging than arrows; yes, I know a person in the real world can be killed by a single arrow, just humor me) but I have made resistance to radiant damage easily accessible. Antimatter weapons are still terrifying for all concerned though.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Hitdice wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Hitdice wrote:
Sissyl wrote:

My only point is that, at least within medicine, race is a relevant issue. It rarely comes up, but when it does, you need to be aware of it. Humanity is far from random genes. Study of the differences and similarities of race is not by itself, blasphemy. The difference between humans is enormous, startling and magnificent, and it should not lead to morons saying one configuration is better than some other.

That said, it does. Morons will always mistreat others for the flimsiest reasons. Whether you are fat, thin, male, female, black, white, or have a patch on your jeans, you will be targeted. Perhaps we shouldn't give the morons ammunition? But when it comes to medical biochemistry, please let us not ignore what knowledge we have and say "lalala he said race he must be racist!!!"

I don't think you're automatically racist for saying race. I think that, given the specificity of testing available at this point, describing the characteristics that rarely come up but matter when they do as race seems equivalent to using the terminology of the four humors when we're able to type blood.

from inside of tanning booth

I keep my bile levels in balance with my phlegm...

Wait, black bile or yellow bile? They're two different things!
I thought phlegm was yellow bile?

Oh jeez Freehold, your post history makes an entirely different kind of sense when considered in light of misbalanced humors! :P

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