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thejeff wrote:
Snorter wrote:

OR for having Stealth as a trained skill.

You got one, or you got all? Same difference.
And if the target is trained in Perception, or has any situational advantage whatsoever, the whole description is for nothing, whether you had one benefit, two, or a dozen. All cancelled out.

Given that any PC who intends to be stealthy, such as Rogue or Ranger, will automatically get 1 instance of advantage from their class...why bother trying for more?

What am I missing?

Wait. You get advantage for having a trained skill?

Did I miss something that huge? I've only got the Basic document, but I don't see it.

Trained just gives you your proficiency bonus as far as I can tell.

At 9th level the basic Rogue archetype Thief gives you advantage on Stealth at half speed, which really suggests to me that you don't always have it.

That's right, Jeff, you get proficiency in trained skills, not advantage. Inspiration (page 35 Basic) goes into the "RP your way to Advantage" approach, but given that Inspiration doesn't stack, I've found it a better ideal to bankroll inspiration and try to gain Advantage situationally.

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. . .Dude, if you mix up a Frenchman and a German, they'll join forces to beat you up for not knowing the difference, and World War Two. In my experience, no one cares if you identify as european-american, french-american or german-american, but it's boorish (not Beor-ish, different thing) to say, "You're african-american, that dude's hispanic-american, and I'm just american."

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. . . Felix Heathcliff Garfield?

Freehold DM wrote:
Racism can be obvious, but it's more dangerous when it's subtle. That's just my experience, though.

I don't disagree; subtle racism is certainly harder to tease apart and deal with, and I say that as a patrician New England WASP; if it weren't for subtle discrimination, I wouldn't have any cultural identity at all! :P

I mean honestly, having introduced the term majority privilege, now I'm thinking that white privilege is a different thing, and that both should be defined, but I don't have the energy to dance around so many hot button terms this early in the morning.

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Freehold DM wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
Simon Legrande wrote:
Frankly, as a white male, I find the idea of "white privilege" offensive. Especially the damned if you do, damned if you don't thinking behind it.
You're in good company. People who aren't white find the idea offensive too.
While I think white privilege is a thing, I also think the concept is a very crude, unfinshed bludgeon when on such a sensitive topic an obsidian scalpel is needed.

Y'know, I've been think that majority privilege might be a better phrase since the last thread on this subject.

I've also gotta say that, having read the CNN article (and I'm going to quote here, but I hope the profanity filter is working) however much of an eye-opener an minority majority experience is, calling black people pickaninnies and Puerto Ricans spics, or wiping off a soda can because you don't know if a black person touched it are not subtle examples of racism. I mean, there are members of my extended family who are that racist, but they're not confused about what they're doing.

. . . That wasn't the alley I was talking about, I promise. :)

Limey, have you heard of a book called The Iron Dream? It sort of combines the best (I use that word advisedly) parts of Gor with a fascist rip-off of Throngor, as written by Adolf Hitler if he'd set his sights on writing pulp science fiction instead of world domination. It's a pretty weird reading experience, but it might be right up your alley.

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Not to derail the thread, but there are plenty of stories that don't have a bar for fantasy or science fiction. Ordinary People, for instance, ain't no ray guns or magic swords in that one.

Buri wrote:
There is *a* PDF option. It's just not the full PHB but still enough to form an opinion about the game itself and its design philosophy.

I'm curious as to whether the Basic pdf will contain enough info to play/run the various setting books and other supplements. Given that the various class archetypes are described as one option of archetype in Basic, rather than a "Basic class" which functions as an archetype once you get to the PHB, I think it will. If so, it will be possible to buy Dark Sun (or whichever) and play it with Basic until some archetype for a PHB class is so awesomely awesome that you buy the PHB to fulfill the desperate nerd yearning in your heart.

Um, I meant to say that I think having a free pdf as entry level D&D rather than a shoddily made cheap paperback is a good idea.

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Now it seems like everyone is just fixating on how many cosplay Nazis there were at GenCon, and whether or not GenCon endorses Nazis, which is sort of a non-starter for a reasonable conversation. (I'm pretty sure it wasn't a majority of the attendees, and that GenCon doesn't; I doubt that's a surprise to anyone reading this.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Actually, given that no one is talking about how super hot, wealthy blond actress are taking jobs away from americans, but every one disapproves of the icky immigrants of color who steal the manual labor careers from real americans, I'm not sure it is a non sequitur.

Actually actually, I think the disparity George writes about and Theron's dual citizenship are both symptomatic of a problem that GenCon exhibits, rather than causes, and problems like that require generational solutions. I also think that RPGs as a whole, and specifically in the cases of Paizo (as the industry leader) and WotC (as the producer of the most recognized brand name), are inclusive to a degree that "Gencon has race problem" is a simplistic statement.

Adding to the derail, is Theron African-American? I haven't heard that she's gained U.S. citizenship; as far as I know she's just South African, and therefore African.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

What I notice about this discussion is that GenCon is expected to solve the problems of institutional racism in isolation of the institutions themselves changing, which strikes me as about as reasonable as not carrying an umbrella because you don't want it to rain. I'm not trying to argue with A.A.George's experience or observation; I, too, think that the numbers of minority service staff as compared to minority attendees are very telling. However, it seems to me that the headline could have easily as read, "This year's GenCon is no more racist than baseline U.S. society, and given the history and stereotypes of the hobby, that's progress!"

Given how many times he said, I feel like Correia has issues with that website/publisher, or possibly the author of the article he's responding to. I think the established RPG companies (yes, I mean most of the GenCon exhibitors) are more inclusionary than exclusionary, and beyond that, I don't know what to tell you.

Two and a half consecutive hours? Isn't that like your whole monthly allotment in the UK?

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Diffan wrote:
memorax wrote:
Diffan wrote:

But for some, the mechanical choices were paralyzing or otherwise unwanted. They didn't want to wade through lots of options and stuff and they just wanted to sit down and play. Can't really blame them other than their desire to NOT want a robust option system yet desire the "best" options that were there.

Seconded. Players want to make characters asap. If it means less choices than so be it. I don't agree with that type of philosophy yet understand it.

Couldn't they have also created "packages" for those who don't want to bother with the option minutia? I mean, if someone wants to play a "Knight", there could've been a simple "make these your best scores with this background and class" rather than removing all the other things that someone could take ala-carté. Instead we get two levels of "meh" until most classes first big choice in career path occurs at 3rd level. I know I can always just start at 3rd level but I feel zero-level or pre-level rules would've fit the bill FAR easier.

Diff, how different would those be from the quick build entries that are already included with every class? If you follow those, the only choices you're required to make are race and class. As for two levels of "meh," I'm a grognard who thinks Fantasy Viet Nam is a feature not a bug, so "meh" me up! :P

Mykull wrote:

WH00T ! ! !

"Adventure Gaming" was just approved as an elective for me to teach for the coming school year ! ! !

It will be open to 5th - 8th graders, but the class is capped at six students and with 8th grade getting to choose first, it'll probably fill with older students first.

I'll do Shackled City because I've already run that 1.5 times and am very familiar with it.

As far as lessons, here are what I'll require:
( 1 ) Pupils will keep a character journal of the adventure as it progresses. Each quarter will culminate in students cooperating to write a story of the adventure so far.
( 2 ) Pupils will be required to read fantasy novels. Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Wheel of Time, Tolkein, Ann MacCaffrey, Robert E. Howard, R.A. Salvatore, etc. All books are subject to my approval.

In class, I'll ask questions like, "Okay, the DC is 15, and your skill check is 7. What do you have to roll on a d20 to succeed and what is your probability of success?" But I'll also be asking them to use context clues to draw conclusions about interactions with npc's, cooperate to solve problems, analyze and solve those problems.

Now, community, how do I grade this class?
A reading log and their journal is one obvious way.
Their cooperation/citizenship will also factor into it.
Should their level matter?
Should I quiz them on vocabulary? Rules?

I don't think level should matter, but given that you'll only have six students, I don't see how there could be any level disparity to gradethem on. (Or maybe I've misunderstood the question?)

No one ever went wrong with a vocab quiz, and rules are a perfect opportunity to test reading comprehension, like math word problems, but with a much more engaging subject than two trains heading towards each other from different cities.

Anyhow, this is great news; congratulations! :)

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Treppa wrote:
Read 'Heart of Darkness', 'Pride and Prejudice', 'Sense and Sensibility', and have moved on to 'Agnes Grey'. I need to return to 'Moby Dick' and 'Heart of Darkness' though, because I'm finding what I read affects how I write. I'm sure Wayfinder doesn't need the story of a poor but virtuous and spirited half-orc girl's adventures with beaux and balls.

I'd read it; Hell, we may have just welcomed a new cast member to the halls of Manse Dice!

Ganryu wrote:
This might be a stupid question as I haven't read through the entire basic guide, but how are NPCs created? Do they obey standard character creation rules?

At this point there's a list of generic NPCs in DM Basic, with a section on customizing them with racial abilities and whatnot. The NPC statblocks don't list class or level, but they all (Mage, Priest or Knight) have a d8 hit die, and the proficiency to hit dice advancement doesn't appear to line up with PC advancement. I assume (well, maybe "really hope" is a better description) from scratch rules will be in the DMG.

James Jacobs wrote:
Winfred wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:
Samy wrote:
Well, if this product sells ten times the average Campaign Setting book, I'm sure we'll eventually get an Ultimate Technology.

Me too.

....Any chance of Unspeakable Futures? ;)

Not unless I sell it to Paizo.

I've already kind of done that with my fantasy homebrew setting. I'm not yet 100% sure I wanna do it with my postapocalypitc homebrew setting.

No insult, but if you had to ballpark it, how many genre-ready homebrew settings would you say you had exactly? :P

Dream no longer! The 5e DMG will contain variant rules for different edition play styles. I have no idea how well it will emulate those versions of the game (and a lot of the feelings on that will probably vary table to table) but it's been confirmed as part of the contents.

thejeff wrote:
memorax wrote:

While I don't agree with Scott on everything. I do think unlike many posters on the boards he tends to be more rational and logical than most. Like it or not he is correct. Legally Wotc were in the right. Drivethru had no business selling the PDFs if they were not allowed. Morally not that much. Except morals don't pay the bills at the end of the day. Nor a accepted form of currency at any bank.

Business is not FAIR. That's why we have the 995 vs the 1%. Do I wish it were different yes. I don't think it's ever going to change. I would have done the same thing with the PDFs. I would have given a week at most three days. Then pulled the pdfs.

And when a business screws me over, even if it's in a perfectly legal fashion, I reserve the right to be upset about and not give them my business anymore. That, even more than the letter of the law, is how you get businesses to behave well.

I don't disagree with any of that, Jeff, but I don't think emotional conditions like trust and betrayal enter into informed consumer behavior. I mean, you can support whoever you choose, but giving a corporation enough trust that they're even in a position where betrayal is possible is playing with fire, y'know? I'm saying all the reason you might or might not trust a human being aren't how a business functions.

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A lot; cases, not bottles. :P

Sort of, Marcus, but "willful evil" also means that, so long as the Paladin doesn't say ". . .And I'm doing that just for the sake of evilness!" then she's probably on pretty safe ground. I'd just roll untrained on Survival as many times as I could before I considered killing and eating a fellow PC.

Or equip a Ring of Sustenance, I guess; this whole conversation could have been avoided if Create Food and Water was on the Pally spell list!

thejeff wrote:
Tequila Sunrise wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Cardinal Chunder wrote:
eating tofu is Evil
No, no, no, making other people eat tofu is Evil. Eating it yourself is just a bit odd. ;)

Eating unseasoned tofu is definitely odd.

Eating seasoned and stir-fried tofu is delicious!

It's not bad if you fry it in bacon grease!

In a world with intelligent, ambulatory plants like Golarion, I really don't think vegetarianism has anything to with morality; there are probably gnoll tribes that regard vegepygmies as a delicacy because they scream all the more shrilly. :P

What about turpentine, though? All that requires is distillation, so alchemical, sure, but perfectly preindustrial.

Really, I'm agreeing with TheJeff, here; you can reflavor it as whatever you want to, but that's how oil works mechanically in 5E, and the price per flask is listed right there in the equipment chapter. Mind you, I'm fine with DMs tricking out the equipment list if they want to.

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JoeJ wrote:

You might want to have more than one bag, though, unless you're planning to spend most of your time picking up marbles.

So long as the DM doesn't require me to make the saves to avoid the penalties while picking up the caltrops etc, I'm more than willing to spend the time. The oil's consumable, but that's cool, I can't see a problem with adventuring with a backpack full of oil flasks while the wizard spams Fire Bolt. Should be fine.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

To hell with it it, I'm just gonna outfit myself with 1 bag of "ball bearings" and 4 bags of caltrops, and rules lawyer whoever's DM-ing that night into double saves for monsters to even approach me!

Edit: Hey, wait, There's AoE rules for that oil that's way to viscous to dry after a minute, too . . . :P

1 person marked this as a favorite.

See? Marbles!

James Jacobs wrote:
Weird metaphor complete.

Weird metaphor? I'm pretty sure that happened to me on a summer job I worked in high school. :P

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Try harder guys, you still haven't come close to the WotC board derail about how the equipment entry for oil says it dries after a minute, when oil is way to viscous to even evaporate I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY'RE CLAIMING THEY PROOFREAD THIS THING!!

(Yes, it really happened.)

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Pan wrote:
Hitdice wrote:

Not to quibble over the Concentration issue, but list of feat names released this week contained one called War Caster. I'm guessing it'll deal with the DC somehow. Well, and few more things, given the super feats we saw in the playtest.

Never mind concentration checks, how about death saves: unmodified DC 10 rolls on a d20 are terrifying!

Yeah some people are already calling feat tax on the war caster. Be interesting to see how it plays out once the PHB hits the shelf.

I've heard those calls, but given how few of the playtest feats had prerequisites, I don't think feat tax is really an accurate description. I mean, if the choice you have to make is between a stat increase increase and a feat, rather than between an immediately cool, useful feat and a nigh useless feat that's a prerequisite for something cool two or three feats later on in your level advancement, I don't think that's a feat tax so much as having to decide whether you're happier with +2 Con or War Caster. Of course, I don't know anything about War Caster beyond the name, so it may be a really obvious choice; at this point I'm sticking with, "We'll see."

Edit: ZOMG, back in the playtest ball bearing were 100 to the gp, and I hadn't even noticed the difference! To hell with everything, at my table it's just a reasonably sized sack of marbles, same mechanical effect.

Not to quibble over the Concentration issue, but list of feat names released this week contained one called War Caster. I'm guessing it'll deal with the DC somehow. Well, and few more things, given the super feats we saw in the playtest.

Never mind concentration checks, how about death saves: unmodified DC 10 rolls on a d20 are terrifying!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

When I was in college, one of my room-mates filched a can of ether from the science lab. We kept it in the closet all year, where it whispered our names as seductively as that slot machine in the episode of "The Twilight Zone" they made out of that Harlan Ellison story, but we never had the balls to actually sample it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, I didn't want to ruin it for you by even mentioning that a spoiler might be required, but at some point you were talking about how it was the it the only Irving movie you liked, maybe because you hadn't see the book, and I was all, "Wow, he's going to be really surprised by how much goes on after Wally gets back."

Don't bogart that ether can, Doodles!

James Jacobs wrote:
Your nerd rage is showing.

What can I tell you, it's the only kind of rage I have.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Man, I'm just gonna open my own restaurant, and then I'm gonna found a religion where the restaurant owner shows his piety by [redacted] all the waitresses' [redacted] with his [redacted]. I've been waiting for this opportunity all my life!

LazarX wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
LazarX wrote:

There are settings that have characters that are clearly good, clearly bad, and and those in between like your average modern comic book.

Then there are your Frank Miller books like Dark Knight, Sin City, and Watchman where the only colors on the spectrum are either shades of grey or pretty damm dark. or gameworlds like Shadowrun and Warhammer 40k where it's clear that no one is what we would call "good". More like a shade lighter than black.

Fair enough, but I'm still not seeing a rephrased question... :-/
The rephrased question is what type of setting you prefer? A range of colors from light to dark that includes grey, or a range predominately from grey to black?

Ooh, ooh, I have a question: is there anyway I can physically reach through the internet and slap people who claim Watchmen was a Frank Miller comic? :P

thejeff wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Andrew R wrote:
Krensky wrote:

No. Your sick game of blaming people for their misfortune.

For blaming her for having the audacity to pursue a career in an industry that involves moving from gig to gig because it doesn't meet your definition of stable. Never mind that she's not the one who lost her job.

i blame them for misfortunes they choose. She chose to work in an unstable industry.
Then what would you consider a stable industry?

Who cares. It was the husband that got laid off.

And obviously, a stable industry is one where you don't lose your job at an inconvenient time.

Much like being responsible with birth control is not getting pregnant. It has nothing to do with what method you use.

Responsibility is all about the results. It's defined in hindsight. If it worked, it was the responsible choice. If it didn't, it's your fault no matter what the odds.

Not to mention the premature twins. They totally chose that misfortune by feeding the kids with $15 a can formula rather than letting them waste away in the first few weeks.

I liked it when the picture of Sam Adams on the label switched from a pose of stately contemplation to the one where he's sloppin' suds all over the tavern table. the first picure looked romanticized, but I have no trouble whatsoever believing that guy in the second refused to use soap.

thejeff wrote:
Merlin_47 wrote:

Skills....I LOVE how skills are handled. Much like feats, skills mean something again. The biggest issues I've had with the d20 system were skills and stats, followed by the feat tax.

At first glance, I hate the way skills are handled. You don't get enough and I hate that they're binary. Either all the way or not at all. No provision for dabbling a little bit in a few different things.

There's no such thing as trained only skills in 5e, so the binary difference you're talking about is just your ability bonus (any ability check in the game) or your ability bonus plus your proficiency bonus (for ability checks on skills you're proficient in.) That is, in PF Knowledge (Arcana) is a trained only skill and that's that, but in 5e anyone can make an Intelligence (Arcana) check, they just only get to apply their proficiency bonus in addition to their Int modifier if they're proficient in the Arcana skill.

devilfluff wrote:
Hitdice wrote:

Have any of you tried anything from this brewery? I had one tallboy one time, and it was the single best beer I have ever tasted in my life. I'm actually a bit hesitant to link their site on a public forum like this, but the brewery is apparently closed to the public, so, no harm, no foul.

Speaking seriously, I guess they're a small brewery that doesn't sell to distributors, but that junk was delicious! It's worth going to find it. :)

I'm sure you mean Heady Topper. The #1 rated beer on Beer Advocate.

It is fantastic!

I did mean Heady Topper!

The owner of my local packey (that's what we call the dedicated alcohol stores here in Rhode Island, 'cause they don't sell indecent libations, just, like, packages) gave me a can one time. I think he'd gone up to Vermont and loaded up the way-back of his station wagon or something.

However he came by them, he had enough to spare. I know he did, 'cause he slipped one into my bag and said, "Just drink it from the can, cold but not too cold. There's instructions on the back."

Sez I, "I'm not the sort sort of person who drinks beer from a can; that's plebeian!"

He was all, "Dude, just do it."

So I went home, and drank this purportedly magic beer straight from the can at cellar-if-not-room-temperature and it was the single best beer I've ever tasted in my life. I kept the can to look at while I drink other beers, but they all taste too salty now. Salty from the tears I weep into my mug remembering how good that fricken beer was!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

'Cause there's monkeys in India? 'Cause wines with animals on the label outsell wines without animals on the label, and everyone's hoping the same thing will work with beer? 'Cause if you pay your graphic design firm with all the beer they can drink, they always just end up doodling monkeys, regardless of what you requested?

Maybe the question is, "Why aren't there monkeys on more beers?"

Samnell wrote:
Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:

And the screenplay was written by John Irving, which makes it all the more disappointing.


I enjoyed the movie...and not entirely because of my unending lust for Tobey Maguire. Michael Caine was also great, if not sexually appealing. I clapped my hands in delight at what I immediately dubbed ** spoiler omitted **.

As soon as we met those characters I got the vibe, but kept telling myself that they wouldn't go that way. Then they did!

Also really appreciated the positive portrayal of abortion.

Samnell: Dude, you want The Hotel New Hampshire; That's the Irving book (or movie for that matter; it's no wonder Rob Lowe's life was ruined by a sex tape!) you want to read.

Doodles: I just wonder how much ended up on the cutting room floor. If ever there was a book that deserved a six hour Best of Youth type adaptation, it was The Cider House Rules. I enjoyed the movie, I just really would have enjoyed all the parts of the book they didn't include, and I'm perfectly willing to sit on the couch watching TV for 6 to 8 hours all in a row like a fat slob.

What, I read a book once; the cover was blue. :P

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Have any of you tried anything from this brewery? I had one tallboy one time, and it was the single best beer I have ever tasted in my life. I'm actually a bit hesitant to link their site on a public forum like this, but the brewery is apparently closed to the public, so, no harm, no foul.

Speaking seriously, I guess they're a small brewery that doesn't sell to distributors, but that junk was delicious! It's worth going to find it. :)

They've replaced monster level with CR; I don't think we'll know how that interacts with random treasure till we see the DMG, or at least the DMG bits of Basic. On the other hand, I'm not getting the Starter Set till the 15th, so maybe it's all in there and I'm just missing out.

Matt Thomason wrote:

Well, it looks like Frog God Games/Necromancer are trying the route of using the existing OGL to produce material for 5e, in much the same way people have used it to make OSR clones and material.

Will be interesting (to say the least!) to see where this goes :)

Interesting indeed. Very interesting.

What does an RPG system "passing" even mean? 'Cause if we're talking about it passing away, as in a euphemism for dying, it was never alive to begin with and you can just say "goes out of production." Though personally I think D&D is so closely associated with RPGs that even if it did go out of production, people would still talk about D&D the way they talk about dialing a phone, even though phones don't have dials on them anymore.

Terquem wrote:
where do I find information about monsters so I can start a game right now?

There's an appendix with monster stats in the Starter Set; you can get it at WotC sanctioned (or whatever) FLGS right now, or any retailer in the world on the fifteenth.

RJGrady wrote:
The question in my mind is whether this might trigger a Pathfinder 2e design cycle; there is very little in D&D Next that can't be emulated with existing Open Gaming Content.

I think you're right about the emulation through the OGL, but I I also think that Paizo has a loyal (like, emotionally invested, level of loyalty) fanbase, and isn't just going to start producing Next/5e material at the drop of hat.

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