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If you're not watching this fan-made, Kickstarter funded show you're missing out. They've recreated the sets perfectly, the actors (at least in the later episodes) have really nailed the mannerisms and movements of the original cast and the stories are as good as those of the original series.

It's set on the Enterprise and continues the 5 year mission. They currently have 9 episodes on Vevo and YouTube and their final 2 episodes are supposed to air this month.

Yeah, I'm a fanboy for Star Trek (though I can't watch Star Trek: Discovery because I'm not subscribing to CBS All Access for just one show) and I have a lot of issues with what I know about it.

Anyway, Check out Star Trek Continues.

Sovereign Court

Which star trek

Grand Lodge

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I hate to say this, but the Orville is a better Star Trek show than Discovery.

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TOS. And James Doohan's son plays fricken' Scotty!

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Hama wrote:

Which star trek

If understand your question, it's based on the original series.

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I checked Where No Man Has Gone Before. There was a blonde in command gold, with no stripes, and she was standing right next to Gary. Nice planning for To Boldly Go.

They really did a lot of research on for the final two episodes. Kirk even mentioned that his friend Gary Mitchell didn't even remember his middle name. In "Where No Man Has Gone Before" he created a grave and tombstone for Kirk, with the name "James R. Kirk". Of course that early in the series they hadn't officially given Kirk a middle name and it was later changed to "T". But that was a nice Easter egg to throw in.

The name on my post should've been DungeonmasterCal. Why it used one of my aliases I have no idea.

For fans of the show, go to their homepage and click the "downloads" button. They've offered the entire series for free downloads for their fans. These guys have a lot of class, I have to say.

I've not seen a single minute of Discovery, except for a trailer. I've given up watching television and all the shows I even like for awhile now that STC is over with. But all the shows I was watching were serialized and it felt like it was becoming a huge chore to make sure I watched them before they fell off Hulu or The CW's website and it was affecting my anxiety disorder. And although I miss my shows, I have to say my stress level is better than it has been in awhile.

But anyway, go here Star Trek Continues Free Episode Downloads if you want your own copies to watch again and again. And again. Oh, you'll need uTorrent or a similar program to download them. They're in torrent format.

Vic has said that if a script comes along, they would come together again to do a story set during the second 5 year mission. He would love to do something with the maroon jackets.

I'd like to see that.

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