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This is the Third Thread on this Forum Ever

Adopted Trait

What about PFS would you want changed for SFS?

So When Can We Start Registering Character Names?

GM stars

First meeting of the Dataphile Faction.

Know Direction Interview - March 22nd

Will boons be needed to play Half-Orcs, Elves, Half-Elves, Gnomes, Halflings and Dwarves?

Blog: I Should Have Mailed It to the Marx Brothers!

The Totally Serious Guide to Prepping Starfinder (without the rulebook)

Request to add sub-forum

Whip feats fusion

Starfinder Society Core?

Starfinder Gencon Special sold out-

Gen Con scenarios announced!

Adventure Paths?

Event registration??

Double Slice + Finesse Training?

Paizo Blog: A Game of Boons

What deities will be legal in Starfinder Society?

SFS and ship ownership

Starfinder Quests added to Gen Con events

Thanks John, but...

Fitst Contact Races

Paizo Blog: Faction Overview: Second Seekers

Everything We Know So Far- Starfinder Organized Play Edition

A little help please, new potential SF "Society" GM and player

Slot 0ing Starfinder

SFS GM Thread

Paizo Blog: Faction Overview: Acquisitives

SFS Society and Ship Boons, a fun idea

GenCon Starfinder ticket trading

Paizo Blog: A Talk About Cooperation

Venture Coordinator Regions -- Where's DC?

Um....What? (Roleplaying Guild Guide Spoilers)

Inventory Tracking Sheet

Item purchasing question

Racial Boon Question

What Non-core, Non-Pathfinder Race Do You love and really wanna play?

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Society, Paizo's Newest Organized Play Program

Faction Questions

*Ahem* Semi-important GMing question for Scenario 1-01 (Spoilers)

Starfinder Society FAQ Updates

Blog: Never Give Up. Never Surrender!

Quests, Scenarios, and Events. What can we run locally?

Paizo Blog: Faction Overview: Exo-Guardians

# 1-00 "Claim to Salvation" GM Thread [SPOILERS]

Organized Play volunteer link in RPGG doesn't work

Into The Unknown reporting logistics question

Into the Unknown: Clarification - Selling opponent's gear

Cannot Add Dead Suns to Event

SFS Play by Post Question

Getting Started

Character Registration is open

Exo-Guardians' Theoretical Historian

Question: Legacy Races Allowed in SFS?

Starfinder Society Faction Cards?

Highest Pilot Skill Possible at Level 1

Sleight of Hand for Day Job?

Question about #1-00: Claim to Salvation

Will GM Stars from PFS carry over to SFS?

Improved unarmed and weapons like the battle fist

Question about boon slots and reputation.

Faction Pins?

Question for GMs on SFS Quest: Into the Unknown [spoilers]

Paradigm Shift from pathfinder - Ammunition tracking

SFS GM credit?

Mechainc: Drone rebuild

RP: Outside Starfinder Headquarters...

Quest: Into the Unknown

Starfinder Society Question

Heavy Armour Proficiency and Str Score

SFS Faction Boon Clarification

Faction boons

Books and SFS organized play

Am I the only person in the SFS world that can play a Contemplative?

Bonuses to Day Job Question

Bounty Hunter theme knowledge and Sfs

Into the Unknown question regarding faction rewards

A Stellar Thank You

Do GMs slot boons?

Regional Support Program

"Beaky Mark IV" starship boon

Welcome to Starfinder Boon Release

SFS and Data Module Variation

Items on Chronicle Sheets

Exocortex and Custom Rig Slots

Selling Loot

I made an online character record sheet


Haan race boon

GM's How do you track stars ship damage when running games

Question about loot on SFS

Proper Reporting Procedure Question

About Registering a new Starfinder Society Character

Day-Job and Professions

Starfinder Accessory Perks

Equipment / Items Available Thus Far

Venture Agent status

Using Drift seems like an evil action

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