First Seeker Election: Candidate Interviews

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Hey there, Starfinders! The team here at Wayfinder Weekly, your one-stop shop for all the latest Starfinder happenings, are thrilled to bring you the latest in our continuing coverage of the First Seeker Election! The race to replace Ehu Hadif is neck-and-neck according to the latest polls, and your vote matters!

Our freelance political reporter, Lyta Lantrell, caught up with each of the candidates at a recent mixer in the Lorespire Complex cantina. In the interest of editorial fairness, we asked all four of them the same questions. We hope this information helps you make your choice!

A female reporter with red skin and her blue hair in a beehive hairdo.

What makes the Starfinders the best organization in the Pact Worlds?

Aurora Everbright: We’re the best in the business at what we do, but most importantly, we ain’t scared of nothing! Starfinders are always ready to leap into the fray or explore a new world. Whenever anybody in the galaxy needs help, we Starfinders are right there to give folks what they need.

Sarmak: My people have found that the Starfinders are valuable allies to their friends, especially the downtrodden and disadvantaged. The organization is willing to assist, but always tries to listen to the wishes of those they’re aiding for how best to contribute.

Dr. Heldin Sevaile: Why, the boundless capacity to do good! This is the finest scientific organization I’ve ever been part of, and its resources are nearly limitless!

Nykiti Lampadephoros: A light, shining in the darkness on untouched shores. A vault of treasures, kept safe from harm and those who would do harm. Also, excellent tea in countless varieties! [Nykiti’s offer to read our reporter’s tea leaves was declined for ethical reasons.]

How would you change the organization as First Seeker?

Sarmak: Goodness, you know, I hadn’t really considered that! The effect my presence would have…hmm. Perhaps… [He thinks for a moment.] perhaps we could do more to ensure Starfinders can learn a trade during their time with us?

Dr. Sevaile: Under my leadership, the Society would take its place among the academies and laboratories of the galaxy as a revered institute for learning and experimentation. Additionally, the discoveries we make would be used to create low-cost medicinals, further elevating our prominence.

Nykiti: The Society would become a home for those magic users who feel adrift, supplanted, misunderstood. There are many things the Society has discovered—so many loose ends! We should not let them dangle. We’ve many promising adventures to return to!

Aurora: We could be the biggest name in the Pact Worlds! We’ll turn our best agents into brand ambassadors and recruit influencers from across the infosphere to join us! Oh, and of course, we’ll use the Starfinder Chronicles to tell our story right—no more misinformation about us under my watch!

What’s in your adventuring kit?

Dr Sevaile: Well, let’s see here…yes, about two weeks of insect protein-based rations—care to try? [Our reporter declined this offer for gastronomical reasons.] Suit yourself! Also a sample collection kit, never know when you’ll find something interesting to take back. Ah! And an emergency beacon. Won’t make that mistake twice!

Nykiti: My “kit,” such as it is. Largely, I use my divination tools on missions. [She empties her pockets, scattering what appear to be chicken bones as well as a digital harrow deck on the counter.] I do try to bring several aeon stones and spell ampoules to use on myself or provide to allies as needed. I’m always prepared for the future.

Aurora: You know, I was just talking with a sponsor about selling Everbright Adventuring Kits! I’ve always got a hygiene kit with me—gotta look good for the vidstream! And of course, backup batteries for my vidstreaming rig. If I’m racing, I take my lucky hood ornament with me as well. It’s gotten me out of more than one scrap!

Sarmak: Much of my kit is built from what I needed on my homeworld. Radiation protections have always served me well. Along with my old engineering kit, I tend to keep scrap metal, wires, screws, that sort of thing. You never know when it’ll come in handy!

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Nykiti: I had a marvelous time at this lovely resort and spa orbiting a black hole last year. The rejuvenating facial scrub! Never in my wildest foretellings could I have imagined the effects.

Aurora: I’ve been lucky enough to get courtside seats at a few professional brutaris games, and WOW! Seeing that much action up close was incredible! I’m gonna try to go to the next tournament if I can.

Sarmak: Ah, well, I suppose it’s a bit of a busman’s holiday, but I did recently travel to Arshalin to examine the Worldshards up close. The weather was dreadful, unfortunately, but I’m eager to return someday!

Dr. Sevaile: You know, I’m really more of a “staycation” fellow myself. I’ve been on plenty of missions around the galaxy, and if I go to the jungles of Castrovel or some such I’ll just end up collecting new specimens! No, if I need some time off, it’s the couch, some healthy snacks, and a Freedom and Fire marathon for me.

A mysterious female sarcesian spellcaster performs a divination over her scrying mirror. She smiles knowingly, after having glimpsed the future.  A friendly female halfling pilot and high-speed racer holds her helmet at her side while smiling brightly. A confident male half-orc scientist and explorer looks up from a tablet computer, after being interrupted in his work. A curious male izalguun adventurer with multiple scars rests one hand on the pommel of his sword, while examining an unknown technological device held up in his other hand.

The four candidates for First Seeker: Nykiti Lampadephoros, Aurora Everbright, Dr. Heldin Sevaile and Sarmak. Illustrations by Nicholas Phillips

Fascinating answers from our candidates! We hope this information has informed your votes. Don’t forget to take advantage of First Seeker Ehu Hadif’s meet-and-greet sessions with the candidates, and get your ballots in before the deadline!

Alex Speidel
Organized Play Coordinator

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Impressive. I admit Nykiti was my least likely vote, but some of her answers really spoke to me. Going to be an interesting election.

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A lovely job with these interviews, giving us a short but sweet preview of each candidate.

Second Seekers (Jadnura) 5/55/55/55/5

What a great slate of candidates!


How do we vote?

Wayfinders 4/5 5/55/55/55/5 **** Contributor

Likely there will be survey up on the site after August 3rd.

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Driftbourne wrote:

How do we vote?

The ballot is linked at the bottom of the First Seeker landing page; I'll open it up on August 3rd after the first sessions at Gen Con, and it will remain open until October 31.

Scarab Sages 4/5 5/55/5

This is the second Lyta (or Lita) we've had recently. Someone is a fan of Lita Ford/The Runaways at Paizo.

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Hm. Something Nykiti said prompts a question: presumably, after the Gap, Aroden is still dead. Is prophecy still broken?

Horizon Hunters **

Ok. Paizo... You did a good job of making decision hard :P. I am flip flopping between Nykiti Lampadephoros & Aurora Everbright. Both sound like fun and the most interesting.


Team Nykiti all the way.

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