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The Random Game Group 1 (Inactive)

Game Master Brian Minhinnick

This game is completely random. Mostly.

Here is the discussion thread. Can I get everyone to check in once you're ready to start. I'd recommend spending all your starting gold, make sure you're prepared for the widest variety of situations possible. You lack a divine caster and a way to deal with traps currently. Someone might want to spring for a wand of infernal healing or something like that. Also don't forget that swarms exist, as do incorporeal and invisible things. Consumables are your friend, in fact so much so that all potions are 50% normal price.

Here's the scenario your characters find themselves in. While functioning in their normal adventuring lives, they were each approached by a member of their own race (in the case of you templated people a human). A well dressed messenger, who gave them a small golden envelope, saying it was an urgent message from a family member or someone else your character would care about. As soon as you opened it everything went black...

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)


I will look at my equipment in the next hours.

Gameplay is live whenever people are ready for it.

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

checking in

swapped spells prepared:
removed Mage Armor and added Cure Light Wounds. (Witch spells)
added 3 vial of Vermin Repellent.

Checking in. I'm at work now, so won't be able to lock down equipment until I get home. I'll have it done tonight.

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

Added Equipment.

Changed the Eidolon to be a pocket rogue

Swapped Shield with Infernal Healing at known Spells

Got the equipment updated. Should be good-ish to go.

Male Human (Cheliaxian) Musket Master 3

Checking in, ready to go

Just checking in myself. Should have another gameplay post up maybe four hours from now. Excited for this one!

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

I am posting to give the group fair notice !!!

I will be leaving for vacation Wed Aug 15th and plan on returning either the 29th or 30th. (depends on how many stops we make while driving).

I may be able to keep updated while on the road but I will be completely unavailable after the 17th (I am not going to pay the wi-fi fees on the cruise ship).

Jelani can you please bot Vronim if you like.

I may have let you know before but wanted to announce it again so there is no confusion.

and just a note for everyone I will have a margaritta (or Mojito, or something else made with rum) for each of you on a Cozumel beach, and another at a Jamacian night spot, and probably several more pool side on the deck of the ship.

Thanks for the heads up.

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

I'll be from the 14th until the 19th at the Summerbreeze festival. But I try to post from time to time.

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

Anyone still here?

I am. I wonder if constant dungeon crawl is making this uninteresting to people? That is what you signed up for, but it can be dull in PBP sometimes. What's the deal?

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

Just wondered myself that no one postet since Sunday.

I'm still around. Since the last thing post ended with:

Dareos wrote:
We should come together before we open this door.

I was essentially waiting on Hornan and Vornim to catch up with the rest of us by the door.

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

I may have missed this somewhere but what xp path are we using? Fast track seems to come to mind

also by my count we all have earned 850 xp so far in the dungeon is this correct?

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

Yes we are at 4150XP and we use the fast track.

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1
Dareos wrote:
Yes we are at 4150XP and we use the fast track.


Guys, I just majorly f*cked up on my end and accidentally saved over my master map. I'm gonna need a couple days to reconstruct it probably. Sorry for the delay, we should be back on track by the end of the weekend. For now I'll just use textual descriptions.

Fixed the map finally.

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

yay GM

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

I think the map is a bit off. seems different than before

In what way? It's the same map... I just edited out all the GM notes by hand.

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

Where is the room we are looking into? also the skeleton critter we killed is in a room we haven't been to yet.

EDIT never mind I was looking at it from the wrong perspective

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

this game stillon? not much posting going on

For my part, I wasn't able to get online for the last few days.

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

I won't post till sunday evening because I'll be on a LARP.

Male Human (Werewolf) Summoner 3 (HP 28/28; AC 20)

I'm back.

Hornan, you still with us buddy?

Just letting everyone know that I'm gonna be on vacation from the 27th-6th. I'll have access to the internet, but I probably won't have much posting time.

I'm gonna go ahead and act for Hornan. Dunno what's going on with him.

Are we still interested in this game guys? No one has posted since my update on Wednesday. I won't take offense if it's gotten stale. This was after all an experiment.

Male Nagaji Witch 2 / Socerer 1

I may not have posted due to my wife coming home from the hospital but I am catching up tonight.

We're so close to the end guys, let's bust this out. I need to reduce the amount of games I'm running, but I want to let you guys finish this one out since we're close to being done.

Okay, well since no seems to be around I'm gonna go ahead and end this game. If you had finished clearing the last couple rooms, the crystal door would have filled the rest of the way with blood and the door opened to reveal a boss fight with a wight vermin-druidy guy. Then you would have been sent back to the paradise island and rewarded, before being set free. Thanks for helping me try out a random game, with random characters in a random dungeon. I had fun, I hope you did too.

If any of you are interested in continuing to game with me on the boards, I'm opening up a new game here.

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