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Jade Regent: With a Single Step (Inactive)

Game Master Vanulf Wulfson

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
-Ancient Tian proverb

Welcome to the Out of Character Discussion Thread for my Jade Regent game. Please take the time to introduce yourselves and get accquainted. If you have any last minute questions to ask me, go ahead and I'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Just an FYI,
I'm going to be out of town this weekend visiting my in-laws and won't be back until Sunday evening. I will get the In-game thread up and running on Monday morning.

M Half-Elf 1/Druid

Thanks for choosing me.

Also Hello all.

It will be nice to play in the Pathfinder world again; I have only previously played through the first book of Rise of the Rune Lords and the Serpent's Skull. I was in a group on Rpol doing Crypt of the Ever Flame but it died and since then I have been in a homebrew.

Male Human (Tian-Shu) Samurai 1

Well awesome, many thanks to GM Wulfson for selecting me!

I'm in the EST time zone and post pretty consistently between 9-5 because my job is boring and I sit at a PC all day with little-to-no pages blocked. I love the idea of this AP and am super excited to give it a shot.

F Gnome Rogue 1

Thanks for inviting me to play!

This is Ceru. She likes card games, cooking, and seeing what's in other people's pockets (ETA: she will not be constantly picking the party's pockets, though, let me be clear.) She's a very curious girl is all; her father wanted her to be a mage but she could never get the knack of it, but she knows a handful of basic tricks. She's a good friend of Ameiko's.

female Human Witch (Darkness) 1

Thanks for choosing me. :) I'll try and bring this profile up to speed until tonight, but it might take until tomorrow

F Gnome Rogue 1

BTW, I think, 3 of the 5 of us have backgrounds connected to Ameiko. I could change Ceru's background and connect her to Sandru or Koya if that would even things out (so we all don't rush to protect Ameiko leaving half the company abandoned). Let me know.

M Half-Elf 1/Druid

LoL that gave me a funny mental image: the mighty troll or ogre is bearing down on us and Ameiko is captured. All the PCs leave to save her and Eden the weak and squishy lvl 1 conjurer is left to face the monster.

I think Koya would probably be a better fit, than Sandru. Hjorleif has Sandru covered. But there's really no need to change.

human (Ulfen) Fighter 1

Thanks for picking me! My profile should be all up-to-date and good to go.

Also, despite the avatar icon, I am not a dwarf. :P No good Ulfen options!

Taldor RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Alright, first draft is up. I'll refine this over the weekend, but it should give you an idea what I'm gunning for.

So, who wants to link backgrounds?

M Half-Elf 1/Druid
TerraNova wrote:

Alright, first draft is up. I'll refine this over the weekend, but it should give you an idea what I'm gunning for.

So, who wants to link backgrounds?


Name: Eden Nightseed

Eden was the offspring of a rather unholy matrimony in which his father was an Anti-Paladin and his mother an Elven woman who happened to catch his eye. Needing a vessel or host for his evil deity (leaving which one up to the GM) to inhabit for evil purposes unknown he had his way with said Elven woman who once pregnant escaped back to her people in the Churlwood.

The Elven woman asked the elder druid to forgive her for leaving and begged that she be allowed to come back. He agreed and had the clerics cast divination spells focused on the boy. To their horror they discovered the boy had no soul and was simply in essence a stillborn. The woman begged the druids to do something and the elder cast a miracle spell hoping that it might give the boy life and purge him of the evil taint about his body.

The spell worked and the boy was born normal and healthy, but the mother died during the childbirth; which the druids took as a bad omen. The boy, was perfectly normal with the exception of bright golden eyes, the evil that the druids feared was completely gone.
The druids named the boy Eden and gave him his mother’s last name of Nightseed. They allowed him to live in their community and taught him the ways of the wild, but little else. He grew up largely ostracized because of the events revolving around his conception and birth, and the fact that he was half human. He simply grew up faster than the other children and never quite fit in personality wise.
His life in the Churlwood was more or less normal, but incredibly lonely. Raised by no one but a grizzled and incredibly old she wolf named Tisa, Eden grew up largely removed from even druid society and as such learned little about how to interact with others.

At the age of 14 he was sent to gather the local Nymphs and Satyrs for a winter celebration, and while out searching he was ambushed by evil cultists working for, unknown then and still unknown to him, his father. They beat him and began transporting him back to Magnimar where his father waited. The cultists didn’t make it very far. Tisa the old and rather worn out looking she-wolf sensed Eden was in trouble and interceded. Like a nightmare unleashed from the Hells Tisa ripped, clawed, and tore at the cultists killing all but one who managed to flee.

When Eden made it back to the grove and the Elder learned what had happened he forbade Eden from ever leaving the grove again. Eden was forced to find ways to keep his mind busy which he did mostly by playing with the animals and exercising his body.

One day the Ranger Shalelu dropped by the grove as she did from time to time. But this time she dropped by when the others were all off immersed in one of their major rituals, leaving Eden of course behind to watch over the grove. Eden had been asleep under a tree as was his routine during this particular religious event. Amused by the Half-Elf whom she had seen before but never really spoken with, she cleared her throat startling him awake. She introduced herself and asked where the Elder was. Eden replied and told her that the druids were off performing a ritual and when asked why he was not there explained that they didn’t really want him there or anywhere for that matter. One thing led to another and in the end both began talking about their pasts, in no great detail on Shalelu’s part but she did listen and enjoyed Eden’s company while she waited for the Elder. When he arrived she thanked Eden and tossed him a necklace with one tooth on it from an animal not native to the forest (lion) and told him to keep it, it was a gift she told him to remind him never to give up. Eden was confused but happy, he had never made a friend before and after that eagerly began awaiting her infrequent visits.

After two years and on his 18th birthday Eden couldn’t take the isolation and disdaining of the druids any longer. He packed up his bag and decided to go find Shalelu, the only person who ever really seemed to enjoy his company. However he was stopped by Tisa. Eden made an impassioned plea to the she-wolf about wanting to live not just survive. In the end Tisa relented but decided to stay with the boy she had all but raised and ventured off with him.

Eden is a 5’8’’ Half-Elf who wears no armor or clothing on his well muscled upper torso and a pair of well worn leather pants and leather boots. He has piercingly bright golden eyes and an unkempt head of brown hair. He is almost always seen carrying yet another well worn item, a backpack full of items with a quarterstaff and wooden shield attached to it by leather straps.

Eden is always followed by the old she-wolf Tisa who seemingly would rather lie down than do much of anything else. But if she senses a threat to her or Eden it becomes quite clear that there is still a very deep reservoir of hurt left unleashed in this particular wolf.

Eden is very much a puppy in his actions; he almost always has a smile on his face and loves to have fun, but lacks some very fundamental social skills and bits of common sense. For example he doesn’t quite understand why people have such a big problem with nudity; after all animals don’t wear clothes, but after a few run-ins with authorities he has come to understand that at the very least the pants stay on. He is also a talker, not having had much interaction with other people Eden enjoys talking to others and even the slightest hello can lead to hours of mind numbing conversation.

Eden also seems to have quite a crush on Shalelu, which he thinks he hides well, but is pretty obvious to everyone.

Eden is always the first to make a friend and once done a solid unwavering ally. He is also not much of a fighter, he would much rather everyone get along, but when push comes to shove he does in-fact have the powers of the wilds on his side.

Hjorleif Rafnslayer wrote:
Also, despite the avatar icon, I am not a dwarf. :P No good Ulfen options!

I had the same problem. Wish I could use the ones on Rpol, they had a ton I liked for Eden.

F Gnome Rogue 1

Actually Koya works and it'd help distinguish from when I played Ceru in the game that fell apart shortly after it started.

I probably will do Friend of the Family, although Foster Child is also tempting---in Ceru's case she'd be less of a "child" and more probably simply taken in by Koya as a newcomer to the town (being a gnome, Ceru's almost as old as Koya is, after all). Either way--Ceru likely worships Desna and would look up to Koya as a mentor.

F Gnome Rogue 1

Updated background and changed trait to Friend of the Family.

Terra Nova, background linking is always good. Ceru hangs out a lot at the Rusty Dragon (even offering to fill in as cook in emergencies) so would likely run into a lot of you there if nowhere else. And I'm sure there are other possibilities as well.

M Half-Elf 1/Druid
Ceru wrote:

Updated background and changed trait to Friend of the Family.

Terra Nova, background linking is always good. Ceru hangs out a lot at the Rusty Dragon (even offering to fill in as cook in emergencies) so would likely run into a lot of you there if nowhere else. And I'm sure there are other possibilities as well.

Ah that is what they were talking about. I feel like such a dumb @#!.

Eden would probably never visit the inn unless Shalelu was there. Also I see him getting on most people's nerves. He has a very distinct lack of social tact and it shows often. He is not intentionally annoying he is simply clueless about most things social.

Eden probably stays outside the city most of the time only coming in to hang about Shalelu (The only person he knows, and likely the only one who can stand his complete lack of knowledge of social taboos.)

He would't I don't think have been in town for very long perhaps a few days or a week at most, and would likely have stayed outside of town in the wilds being more at home there anyway. I imagine when he isn't with Shalelu who probably won't be watching over him all time he might be wandering the town just sight seeing or getting to know people who can actually stand to talk to him for hours as he drones on and on.

So if there is enough in-game time to tie him in with anyone then I am all for it.

Taldor RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Hmm, looking at Ceru, she probably would know Ryoko. The "wierd girl working in the kitchen". Maybe they have played a few games of cards, and Ryoko is perpetually a few silvers in debt with Ceru, promising she has the money, but always failing to really come through?

Ryoko would probably appreciate the gnome, even though she seems standoffish - and look past her size more easily than most of the Sandpoint residents.

I don't see much contact with Eden, truth be told. Ryoko is a city girl, and despite having been in some rough spots, considers Sandpoint "farmland with a few cottages", compared to Westcrown. She probably leaves town if there is positively no other way about it.

F Gnome Rogue 1

Pyris/Eden -- I can see Ceru showing some curiosity about the weird half-elf who sometimes joins Shelelu when she comes to check on the town. She might have tried to practice her Elven speaking to him. Can't say they'd know each other well but I can imagine a previous encounter.

Terra, I love the idea of Ryoko constantly owing Ceru a small amount of money -- something Ceru would never take too seriously, but use more as an excuse to engage in conversation or give Ryoko a chance to earn back the money she owes in yet another game... (which the point for Ceru would be just to play the game and teach Ryoko to be a better player).

The in-game thread is up and can be found Here

Sorry this took so long, but work kept getting in the way.

M Half-Elf 1/Druid

I notice we don't have a healer. While I am preparing my spells should I have Eden prepare his one heal spell?

--Edit-- Nm he has a bonus spell he can prepare two if we want him to take on a healer role.

F Gnome Rogue 1

I think if your druid is willing to take on some healing, that would be appreciated. Ryoko as a Witch also has Cure Light Wounds amongst her spells known (and has the option of taking the heal hex if Terra so chooses).

And Ceru in a pinch can UMD some healing items as we get further along.

M Half-Elf 1/Druid

alright here is my prepared spells.
Detect Poison

x2 Cure Light Wounds.

female Human Witch (Darkness) 1

My prepared spells are:

Light *
Message *
Stabilize *

Charm person *
Ray of enfeblement *

I could switch out the charm person for a CLW, though

M Half-Elf 1/Druid

Ok while making a Cavalier for fun I noticed I had been doing the point buy system wrong.

I assumed it was a one for one basis with the baseline being 10. I was very very wrong. Luckily my mistake was only over by 4 points and I have since made the following corrections. Nothing major has changed, except that I lost 1HP.

Here we go:





*Note that in both cases the half elf +2 was added to the INT which was a 13; thus making it the 15 you see.

Lost 1HP

My Fortitude save dropped to a +2 from a +3.

This did not affect anything else like my skills or anything, luckily, and was an easy fix.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused to anyone (other than myself.) Was a simple mistake though a careless one. kinda makes me miss rolling.

Taldor RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

GM, how do you feel about personalizing spells. Not in any mechanical fashion, but in look and feel? For example, shooting a ray out of your eyes instead of it springing from your fingers, and similar things?

As long as the effect is the same, it's fine with me.

Female Tiefling Bard 3

GM Wulfson, everything okay?

Never fear, I'm still here. My wife is out of town on a business trip until Thursday and I'm playing Mr. Mom for our six year old daughter. Even though I'm on vacation this week I thought I would have more time to post, but with all the Honey-Do projects I can't wait to get back to work so I can relax.


heh, nothing like a vacation to make you need a vacation.

human (Ulfen) Fighter 1

A suggestion having just finished running my first PbP...

I made all initiative rolls up front for the monsters and the PCs. Seems like that saved some time instead of waiting for everyone to post just to roll a d20.

F Gnome Rogue 1

I would be fine with the GM rolling initiative for all of us in the future.

Taldor RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

I'd be fine with it too (whey, saw this thread just out of accident). In fact, since combat usually is a major drag in PbP, i would be willing to streamline it as much as possible.

M Half-Elf 1/Druid

I am cool with that as well. Also are we posting in initiative order? or just posting?

I am trying to figure out if I should wait to post or just post now.

Just go ahead and post your actions

I'm going to be out of town with my family this weekend. I will try to update before we go.

Male Human (Tian-Shu) Samurai 1

Just fair warning: I will be out of town for Thursday through sunday, with little to no access. sorry for the inconvenience.

will post normally till then.

Female Tiefling Bard 3

I'll be away for the next couple days (through Monday); if Ceru's turn comes back around please bot her. Thanks!

Taldor RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Sorry for the delay, i could have sworn to have replied already.

Sorry for the perfunctory post, but I was without internet access at work today and wanted to get something up before heading to my RL game tonight.

Male Human (Tian-Shu) Samurai 1

did I at least hit the thing?

F Gnome Rogue 1

Going away for the weekend, not sure what connectivity I will have so please bot me if necessary.


So I am guessing Diablo III has consumed this group as well? = p

Female Tiefling Bard 3

I'm still around, but then I didn't buy Diablo III.

Taldor RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Waiting for something to move as well. No Diablo 3 for me, but as written in the other thread, lots and lots of other things to keep me occupied.

Female Tiefling Bard 3

I just found this post from our GM which notes his laptop's dead, which could be a big part of the issue.

Wulfson, I hope everything's okay.

Sorry all, as DQ has said my laptop "blue-screened" last week and I have been without access since last Thursday (Except for my phone, which is just too involved to type up a long post with). Just went out and bought a new one today (it was actually cheaper than trying to fix the old one) So should be up and running tomorrow.

M Half-Elf 1/Druid

Glad to hear it was computer problems and nothing too serious.

I do have a few questions for when you get the time to answer them however.

1.) Will you be keeping track of the relationship scores or will we need to do that on our own?

Which leads me to my second question; if we do need to keep track of it:

2.)I recently re-read the relationship mechanic stuff and was wondering if I calculated Eden's relationship with Shalelu correctly.

+2(Charisma)+4(for his childhood crush trait)= a relationship score of 6? Am I doing that wrong or not adding something? I think it is right just wanting to double check.

Female Tiefling Bard 3

Since this has now been dead a month or more, is this officially over?

If so, Wulfsun, can you please make this campaign noted as ended so it will not show up in our "current campaigns" on our campaigns tab?

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