What would happen if Absalom and Waterdeep switched position in the respective planets?

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(With everything they contain within the walls, portals and Starstone included, included also underground habitats, harbor and immediate zone included, excluding the inhabited zones out of Waterdeep and Absalom City walls, that remains in their place and must interact with the new city, moment in which this happened: 4710 in Golarion 1491 in Faerûn)

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(Detailed scenario description)

The "Archmages per sq km" equation gets really thrown out of whack upon Waterdeep's arrival on Kortos.

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More “magic-fire power” in Waterdeep?

Luca Eugenio Barlassina wrote:
More “magic-fire power” in Waterdeep?

Without a doubt. You roll a ball down a random street in the Realms and you can accidentally hit an Arch Mage...

Well, maybe not lately, but I gave up keeping up with Realms lore a long time ago (partially because there seemed to be so many damned ArchMages cluttering up the landscape).

From memory, albeit old and faulty, I recall Khelben, his consort Laeral, Halaster Blackcloak just to start, being key powerhouses in Waterdeep. Toss in some extra Harper influence, and the usual Greenwood local color, and ya, more "magic firepower" is probably going to be an understatement.

Well, Faerun erupts into a world war, as assorted groups try to seize the starstone for themselves (and their opponents all pile in to stop them...).

Not so sure that Waterdeep in place of Absalom will majorly unbalance things. Sure, there are a lot of wizards in town, but I'm hesitant to call them major powers on the Golarion scale. Is Khelben a Geb, Sorshen or a Whispering Tyrant scale player? Or is he closer to Razmir? Obviously, that's a GM's call. (Especially because which Khelben? The "blackstaff" officially died in 1374, and the OP specified 1491. Laeral was statted as Wiz 19.)

Wizards have obviously had huge impacts on Golarion - think Geb, Nex, Thassilon, Old Mage Jatembe, the Whispering Tyrant...

Main Pathfinder Lodge vanishes, but I'm sure the Harpers in Waterdepp would step up to take the reins.

Also, some of those 'big names' in Waterdeep are Greenwood waifu's - so, I'd expect them to be of similar power levels to Jacob's...


A cross dimensional rivalry about who has the best taverns and which taverns have the best booze begins!

Khelben's level 27, CR 31.
Halaster's level 30, CR 30.
Laeral's level 30 (Wiz 19, Sor 4, Rgr 7)

All of them are at or above the highest CR in Golarion. (and those are for demigods) So, yeah, "major players"

*Stats from the 3rd Ed Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Hardcover

The Starstone may not even work in the Realms, since Ao could just "lol nope" it.

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KahnyaGnorc wrote:
*Stats from the 3rd Ed Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Hardcover

D&D 3rd ed post-20 levels can't reasonably be compared to Pathfinder post-20 levels. Pathfinder explicitly dropped all of those rules (and I think the OGL actually has some clause related to not including class levels beyond 20, but I was unable to find it in a quick read). At best, it's pretty obvious that Pathfinder 1e post-20 CRs are intended as more or less linear increases in power over 20 (e.g. a level 20 party should feel that a CR 22 creature poses a "hard" challenge while a CR 23 creature is an "epic" encounter.

This was the point of introducing Mythic levels: CRs only increase in a relatively linear way (though numerical power is not linear) and that's not how stories of gods and beings from beyond typically scale.

It makes a lot more sense to ask: what has a given character been shown to do? What sorts of stories in Golarion feature similar power-levels? And then map them that way. For example, a being capable of creating an army of the dead the size of a nation would be comparable to the Whispering Tyrant while a being that can create an entire nation by lifting land out of the sea and sculpting it into a city-state would be comparable to Aroden.

But if you're just a wizard, capable of throwing around really big fireballs and making powerful magical weapons, then you're probably more Razmir-calibre.

Szass Tam would then be comparable with the Whispering Tyrant, by your comparisons. He is level 29 (Necromancer 10/Red Wizard 10/Archmage 2/Epic 7), CR 31 (CR boost due to lichdom)

Khelben's Wizard 20/Archmage 3/Epic 4, with CR boost from being a Chosen of Mystra

So, the two are similarly in power to each other using 3rd Ed's rules.

Halaster's Wizard 20/Archmage 5/Epic 5, with no template boosting his CR.

^Looked at OGL 1.0a and didn't see anything about a limit on levels unless it is encoded in some really infernally devious terms. Pathfinder 1st Edition Core Rulebook actually had some quick-and-dirty rules about advancing beyond 20th level, although as far as I know these were never developed further, with Mythic being the (not very good) attempt to replace them.

Waterdeep is about ~9000 feet east to west and and ~15000 north to south and has water on both south and west (with south being the docks). Absalom is ~27600 w/e and ~23000 n/s, and that's not even counting the areas beyond the walls, and only has water directly to the south. Assuming they're swapped in a way both still have their docks, Absalom would be underwater.

Making it work geographically, you've got to answer how cross planar divine classes work.

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