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Ah, ok, Markus, now I understand. No, the party has not been through the AP. It's a big enough world that they were busy elsewhere with their individual agendas. I have what I believe is a creative way to get the party members involved in the AP (we will see).

Had a crazy busy weekend. Will fill in the necessary details/questions when I can today.

The Farmer is a big ol fellow. An even six foot four, with a wingspan beyond that. He has dark, self-cut hair, a sloping brow over squinty, flinty eyes. His equipment is a mish-mash of stuff picked up from fallen foes over time, but all of it is very well-kept, especially his signature Scythe, The People's Harvest. He is naturally pale but ruddy-faced from wind, war, and wear. He is not much for words, but sees their use at the hands of better speakers than himself.

The powers-that-be of Greyhawk at first didn't noticed this powerful fighter who came from nowhere. His travels took him across countries, and everywhere he went there was a fight to be fought, evil to be stopped. He refuses reward, and helps with chores where ever he stays over. (This lack of need to be paid makes him especially attractive to some of said powers above. A human war machine who fights for the cause, not money, but isn't a ...complicated paladin.) The fact is, if there's an evil force threatening the common people, he will be there to fight it whether he's asked or not.

Looking over all these submissions is impressive. I like how limiting to CRB really kind of made a bunch of interesting plays on iconic character types. I'd be proud to play with any of you, good luck!

Okay, I hope I got everything here. Please let me know if anything's missing.



Paladin 12

- Str: 25 (16 Base +2 Human +3 Level +4 Belt)
- Dex: 12
- Con: 14
- Int: 7
- Wis: 12
- Cha: 20 (16 Base +4 Headband)

Traits and Feats:

- Magical Knack (Magic)
- Fate’s Favored (Faith)

- 1: Power Attack, Weapon Focus Falchion (Human)
- 3: Iron Will
- 5: Great Fortitude
- 7: Dodge
- 9: Improved Critical Falchion
- 11: Step Up


- Aura of Good: Lvl 12 aura
- Detect Evil: Move action Detect Evil at will
- Smite Evil: 4/day
- Divine Grace: +Cha to all saves
- Lay on Hands: 11/day (1/2 lvl +Cha); heal 6d6 as standard action to heal others, or swift to heal self; can deal same amount as damage with melee touch attack to undead as standard action (no saves).
- Aura of Courage: Immune to fear; allies within 10ft. +4 morale to saves vs fear
- Divine Health: Immune to all diseases
- Mercy: When using LoH, can heal additional conditions
- 3: Sickened
- 6: Dazed
- 9: Nauseated
- 12: Stunned
- Channel Positive Energy: Use 2 LoH to channel 6d6 positive energy
- Spells: Caster Level 9 (lvl -3)
- Divine Bond: Weapon can get up to +3 enhancement bonus or magic properties
- Aura of Resolve: Immune to charm; allies within 10ft. +4 morale to saves vs charm
- Aura of Justice: Free action use 2 Smite Evil to grant Smite Evil to all allies within 10ft. using the paladin’s own bonuses for 1 min.


- +3 Falchion (18k)
- Large Earthbreaker (40gp)
- Composite Longbow (+7) (0.8k)
- Composite Longbow (+8) (0.9k)
- +4 Mithral Breastplate (16k)
- +4 Belt of Giant Strength (16k)
- +4 Headband of Alluring Charisma (16k)
- +4 Cloak of Resistance (16k)
- +1 Ring of Protection (2k)
- +1 Amulet of Natural Armor (2k)
- Boots of Speed (12k)
- Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone (5k)
- Wand of CLW (0.75k)


- 1 (2+2/day): Divine Favor x2, Endure Elements, Lesser Restoration
- 2 (2+1/day): Eagle’s Splendor, Shield Other, Undetectable Alignment
- 3 (1+1/day) Daylight, Prayer

Daily Spells:
- Endure Elements (24 hours)
- Undetectable Alignment (24 hours)

Combat Stats:

- AC: 23
- Fort: +21
- Ref: +13
- Will: +20

- Attacks: +23/+23/+18/+13
- Damage: 2d4+13

Backstory, Appearance, Personality:

Balian spent over a decade fighting in a war he did not believe in. Washed up, bitter, and haunted by a violent past, he spends his days hitting the bottles and earning his coin by selling the only talent he has, his blade. He was content in his misery until some would be heroes entered the town, marching in with the humility of wolves amongst sheep, and they unknowingly invited their problems in like a shadow. A horde of undeads and demons converged upon the town and laid waste to every man, woman, and child. The heroes were butchered like lambs at an abattoir.

Balian woke up in the gutters buried under a pile of bodies, reeking of booze, blood, and excrement. Mistaken for one of the dead, he was the only survivor. The guilt and grief that took Balian cut deeply, and the tale of his journey of vengeance against the perpetrators deserves its own telling. Suffice it to say that the abyss itself held no obstacle that could separate him from his prey.

With his thirst for vengeance sated, Balian once again retreated to the bottles, trying to fill a bigger emptiness in him. Still wrought with pain, guilt, and grief, he was once again content to waste away his life. But an age of undeath approaches, and the gods are not done with one of their champion just yet...

Balian is a giant of a man, solid, and would be pleasing to the eyes if he chose to. He sports an unkempt oily hair and a thin unruly patch of beard. A bottle is always readily at hand, and he has the lidded eyes of someone in need of sleep. When cleaned up, he appears like a dark brooding knight.

Despite his surliness, Balian is charming even at his worst. People find it easy to like him despite his attempts at pushing them away. Perhaps people can just sense when someone is good deep down.

Ok, here's the final list of applicants:

Orlana: Female human loremaster 7/transmuter 5
Farmer: Male human fighter 12
Posh: Male gnome cleric of Pelor 12
Eowadriel: Female elf enchanter 12
Clovis: Male elf rogue 12
Grymm: Male dwarf barbarian 12
Kaine: Male half-orc bard 12
Bailan: Male human paladin 12

So 8 applicants....I will take 5, so I will disappoint three of you, so apologies in advance. I'm doing one final review and will get back to you soon.

Am I still missing answers?

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The Farmer wrote:
Am I still missing answers?

Sorry, I copied and pasted. All applications are complete.

Good luck everyone!

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aye, good luck to us all!

Okay, everyone thank you for putting the time to make 12th level characters and I apologize I cannot take you all. There were a lot of great concepts. Without further ado, here are the characters selected:

Orlana: Female human loremaster 7/transmuter 5
Posh: Male gnome cleric of Pelor 12
Clovis: Male elf rogue 12
Grymm: Male dwarf barbarian 12
Kaine; Male half-orc bard 12

Please report to the Discussion Thread: Link

Barbarian, rogue, wizard, cleric, and bard, that’s pretty close to the quintessential party make up. Enjoy the game.

Have fun!
And please keep Eowadriel in mind if you need a replacement.

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