How to paint a Raven Silver (Hell's Rebels) - Recruitment 1-2 spots available!


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Bucks keeps trying to politely correct Dame.

"ummm...revolution not...I'm over one revolution ...I also don't like revenge...I was advocating for planning...and restraint..."

Bucks resigns himself to lsitening,
"Yes, I agree. Let me top you off."

Looks like finishing things a day or two before decision time might really burn me. Nothing like playing the dark horse.

As the room became hushed with anticipation, Mirabella took a moment to check her gear before placing her journal back in her pack.

She recalled all the names on the list she had handed over to the Silver Ravens. Quite a collection of heroes. If all of them were able to focus their efforts, Thrune would be defeated in no time.

hp roll: 3d8 ⇒ (8, 6, 6) = 20

Profile updated and background and personality info added. Mirabella is good to go.

Bucks thinks to himself nervously.

"Vials check, weapons check, herbs check, wand check. I hope I can help. Everybody seems bigger, or stronger but if I am give a chance I will prove I'm worth more than anyone bargained for."

HP: 3d8 ⇒ (8, 5, 4) = 17

I have finish off a few small mechanical aspects of Bicks, as well as add to his backstory.

Okay, just have to patch in skills/equipment and plug his backstory before an IC post the night before deadline. Looking good.

I am still considering not investing so much money in a magical bow for Kitt and using that money for scrolls and wands instead.

I'm waiting until after selection is complete to make that decision.

The die is cast!

Hit points: 3d8 + 12 ⇒ (7, 1, 6) + 12 = 26

Let me know if there's any formatting changes I can make to make it more accessible or readable to any of you. Cheers!

Character fully complete just in time. Added a nice little teaser and an additional blurb about backstory. Hopefully it draws some interest.

Finished. The above post is mine.

Silver Crusade

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Sorry I wasn’t able to put a character together in time, things came up (part my bad, I got my 2e books and dived in, and part out of my control, my work closing).

It looks like a fun game, good luck to everyone that applied!

I will pull my name out of the running. I picked up another game, so I won't have as much mental bandwidth to apply to this.

Plus, I don't think I garnered much interest with this character. It still seems like a fun character to me, but I think I'll have to retire the concept after several failed applications.

Jesper, can you give an estimate of when you expect to announce your picks? Asking for my poor abused refresh button :-)

Ctrl and R are just blank buttons over here. ;)

There are a ton of really great applications so I understand it will take some time.

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I'm sorry to hear that Zoastria, I wouldn't say you didn't garner attention as some of my players named you in the list of people they liked. I hope you get to enjoy your new game. :)

Mirabella I hope to announce it soon. I have sent a PM to a few for clearifications before I made the final dicision. Hopefully I can give an snaswer tomorrow or the day after.

Oh well, it is probably good that I didn't know about the players' interest, then. I wouldn't want either game to suffer because I got stretched too thin.

Keep me in mind if you ever need a replacement in the future. I'm just a PM away. :)

Seeing as I wasn't even listed I'm guessing I wasted my time.

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@ Rolrut Grot
I apologuise, I thought I had everyone on the list yet it seems your name has avoided the list, but not my attention I have read all the characters that has submitted.

Having run recruitment threads before I know how easy to miss things when compiling lists, we're all human after all.

Another thing to bear in mind if you're not selected, recruitment threads are almost always oversubscribed so most folks are going to get disappointed. Still if you keep at it, one day...

I like the archtype enough to keep them in my back pocket. Looking like it's for the better anyway. What is with those responses?

Truth be told I would take all of you . . . but that would certainly be a crazy tax on our poor gm.

This is one of the most competitive application processes I have seen. A table more than 6 is really hard to manage.

This is up there for sure. I've seen a few games where there were 30 applications for 5/6 spaces but there are only 2 spots here. Hopefully we can get some closure one way or another before long :)

It would be pretty cramped in the Wasp Nest if everyone joined the team. But then again, a halfling (or gnome, to be fair) really doesn’t take up that much space anyway.

Seriously though, I absolutely understand why it’s hard to pick just two out of this lineup.

"Like Mirabella says, 'I take up virtually no space at all.'"

I don't envy the gm. Though clearly, smallness should be a major factor.

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Once again I'd like to thank everyone for their contribution here, you have made this recruitment a lot harder than I have thought possible. I also like to thank you for the patience you have shown and understanding that this has been hard.

I've thought long and hard about who to pick and in the end the simplest answer for me was to pick a third and have a party of 7 people.

So on that note I would like ask recruit
Mirabella Lindenbrook
Bicks Velin
Logan Tanneson
to report for introductions and assignment.

If you perfer to introduce yourself to the party feel free to do so otherwise send me a PM and I'll think of a likely scenario for you to join them.

As for those not chosen I wish you good luck forward getting into a campaign. You are all very good creators and I'd like to ask if I may call upon you in the case another rebel is lost in the fight.

Thank you, GM and thank you, everyone. I had fun bouncing some RP off you all. Good luck finding homes for your characters.

Have fun everyone!

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Give 'em hell, guys! (See what I did there? Ok, ok, leaving now, I promise!)

Yipee! *halfling happy dance*

Super psyked to get picked in such a tough field. Thanks to everyone for making the wait a fun RP experience.

My goodness a big table :) We're going to need a lot though if we're going to kick out Thrune!

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Have a great game!

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