GM Gyrwynt- "A Flower for Arianell" Looking for 5th level adventurers!


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Are you still accepting players and will I still be in the running If I submit it on the 30th? I get back from work around 3 or so. Ive been busy with the aforementioned work so I haven't had a good opportunity to put my ideas to pen (so to speak)

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@BookWorm Be sure to send me some crunch to go along with that backstory.

@Gramork Of course. I myself have work this evening so I might not be able to respond in a timely manner today, but you are more then welcome to send in a submission, as there is still more room.

Scarab Sages

It seems we have all shied away from the Molthuni Spy trait so far...Gyrwynt, can you comment a little more about how you think that one would work?

I think my own aversion to it is being worried about playing a character whose true motives are at odds with those of the rest of the party (and quite possibly detrimental to their well-being). But seeing as Gyrwynt said it's one of his favorites of the traits, I'm curious how he pictures it playing out.

Also, I've put together a spreadsheet with notes of the character concepts presented so far. Should be helpful for anyone trying to fill in gaps.

If it makes you feel better Keante, whatever i roll will have that trait, its so flavorful, its just full of win.

Silver Crusade

I've decided I'll take you up on that VMC offer. So I've gained VMC (wizard) and lost the eldritch guardian archetype. I've also written a background. So... to put all in one post...

Kellion, knight of nature's beauty

Flying towards the festival came a strange and wondrous sight. An enormous speckled owl with a wingspan as wide as a human is tall. And on it was… a halfling with long black hair and a fashionable beard that was dressed up as a knight. Complete with plate armour and a lance in hand. Red, yellow and green ribbons were flowing from his helm and lance. He guided his owl deftly through the air and held its lance high as if accepting cheers from the crowd. From close by could be seen that a sigil was proudly displayed on his chest: a stag with jewelled antlers, and with a multi-coloured songbird sitting in those antlers The knowledgeable would recognise this as Shelyn’s bird sitting in the antlers of Cernunnos. After a few tours, the halfling landed skilfully, to walk proudly among the crowd, while his great owl picked a nice roof to sunbathe on.

20 pts
Str 14, 7 pts, -2 race, +1 lvl increase
Dex 16, 5 pts, +2 race
Con 12, 2 pts
Int 12, 2 pts
Wis 12, 2 pts
Cha 14, 2 pts, +2 race

Race: halfling
Small, humanoid, slow
Caretaker (+2 sense motive, familiar +2 str)
Fey thoughts (perception and stealth are class skills)
Keen senses (+2 perception)

Class: fighter 5 (mutation warrior)
FCB: +1 skillpoint / level

Guardian Librarian (campaign)
Dangerously Curious (magic)

1 VMC choice: void school
1 combat stamina (free)
1 mounted combat
1 ride-by attack
2 spirited charge
3 VMC wizard: familiar, owl (mauler)
4 risky striker
5 weapon training 1: pole-arms
5 spirit ridden

Perception 5r, +11 (+3 in darkness)
Ride 5r, +11 (-3 ACP)
Stealth 5r, +15 (-3 ACP)
Use magic device 5r, +11

Familiar: owl (mauler archetype)
Str 10/16, dex 17/15, con 11, int 6, wis 15, cha 6
Skills: perception +14, sense motive +6, stealth +23/+14

Lance +1, 2010
Breastplate +1, 1200
Handy haversack, 2000
Spectacles of understanding, 3000
Boots of the cat, 1000
Wand of cure light wounds, 750
Feather token (lance) 150
Bandana with continual flame on it, 50
2 scrolls of air bubble, 50
2 scrolls of endure elements, 50
scroll of keep watch, 25
2 scrolls of silent image, 50
2 scrolls of goobberry, 50
3 scrolls of longstrider, 75
Several outlandish novels, 10
Bedroll, 0,1
Blanket, 0,5
Medium tent, 15
Folding chair, 2
Hammock, 0,1
Soap, 0,01
Waterskin, 1
Signal whistle, 0,8

Starting out life reasonably carefree, Kellion, or Kell, as he was named back then, sought employment as a bookwagon guard. It’s master, an old, and not very powerful, human void wizard named Rath, took a liking to the unlikely guard, and told himself that the halfling, though not a great warrior, at least wouldn’t eat too much, because of his size. He turned out to be wrong about both Kell’s food intake and his prowess, and they became fast friends. Kell liked to read stories, and had quickly read all books that were in common and halfling. Rath, though, had read all the books, and Kell kept asking about their contents. At long last, Rath trusted Kell enough to loan him his spectacles of understanding. Kell was amazed. Through the spectacles he could read all the stories! And so Kell read about elven, dwarven, and even more exotic heroes, and many other stories. He wasn’t much for history books, preferring poetry and heroic deeds.

It was such a book that he’d been fully engulfed in, a ways away from the wagon, when suddenly they were attacked by vile goblins. Kell was far too slow to react, and Rath was slain in an instant. The goblins took their food, just that, and set the books ablaze, screaming in apparent joy about it. Kell was on his pony and riding hard in moments, and speared more than one goblin on his lance, to which they responded with a hasty retreat. But the damage was done. The books were all but gone, and so was Rath. Great sadness overcame Kell, as his life turned to ashes before his eyes.

Aimlessly, Kell wandered through the forest, until he caught the eye of pixies. They couldn’t stomach his clearly apparent sadness, and sought to do something about it. Starting with silly pranks, they tried to cheer him up. It wasn’t the best counselling a grieving person could get, but eventually, after days, Kell could smile a little again. The caring pixies wanted to know about his dreams and Kell told wistfully about the heroics he read about. The pixies, after a moot gathering, decided to bring their Kellion, as they had started calling him, to their fey court. Kellion was offered to swear nine years of service, serving as an aerial knight to the Court of Blossom, ruled by king Grapevine and Queen Honeysuckle. Kellion accepted service, and trained to become an aerial knight. His fellow knights were pixies, leshies, gathlains, and a few gnomes. He was the only halfling. He was taught about spirits, magical items, and how to gain a riding bird. Kellion named his owl Rath, after his dead friend, and slew many a goblin in service to the Blossom.

Now, nine years have passed, and Kellion was discharged honourably, after being proclaimed ‘lifelong friend to the Blossom’, and was invited to stay with the court. But he’d been away from humans and halflings for so long, that he’d started to miss them. After a month long visit to his parents, Kellion decided that he wished to see how Tamran was doing. He’d always liked that city, and if he were correct, they should have a festival about now. He mounted Rath and set off.

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So, basically, the deal with Molthuni Spy is:

I was re-reading and double checking the prompt, and thought to myself: "What if somebody wants to play a Molthuni Spy?"

However, I was re-reading the prompt after writing the Galt trait, which in it's original draft, was heavily focused on sense motive- As thus, sense motive weighed heavily in my mind when I wanted to do a Molthuni Spy trait.

As an aside, there is a theme of "memories" you might have picked up on reading through the traits. "you remember this" and "you remember that".

Now, I didn't want anyone's affiliation to compel them to be antagonistic to each other, Nor did I want anyone's affiliation to compel them to be reluctant to follow the general plot.

The theme of "memories" provided me an easy out for the Molthuni Spy: By stating that you "don't remember your objective", I don't have to worry about the spy being "obligated by their backstory" to do anything that might de-rail the campaign, or be antagonistic to a fellow party member.

Additionally, not having memories of your actual objective provided myself with enough (personal) justification to write the incredibly narrow crunch of "effective immunity to being compromised as a spy, provided you don't go blabbing".

The crunch also had to be narrow and specific enough not to be abused, but still provide the intended objective- hence the narrow and specific wording.

I suppose it's one of my "favorite traits" for two reasons:

Firstly, it's incredibly silly. (personal preference pending)

Secondly, it's objectively pointless. (A trait bonus to a save, or a new class skill will always be useful: But how often will Nirmathas secret police break down your door and demand to know if you are a spy?)

In any case, I've rambled a bit. Feel free to read into this as much or as little as you would like to: But for what it's worth, I can assure you that if anybody took the Molthuni Spy trait, I wouldn't go "You suddenly remember your true motive: Kill everyone you see!", or anything disruptive in a similar vein.

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@Keante - that's a nifty spreadsheet, and I filled details for myself and the other two.

Seems interesting after a quick skim...I will dot and come back.

Working on an Guardian Librarian arcanist, two questions:
Will there be time to craft items and/or add spells to a spellbook?
When calculating hp, should we round up, down or alternate off?

I am planning on getting at least my crunch up tonight, by the by.

Alright, I've thought up a pitch. It's still rough, and there will be several details to fill out, but I want to see the GM's reaction. There are already several characters that are focused on research, so I wanted to focus on something that is less common, but seems like a good fit for this game. I plan to dig into some of the available information on the area to fill out the details if the pitch sounds great.

I want to play a Gillman Paladin of the Cascade. This character would have grown up on rivers of the area, often helping out with scouting and protecting from any hazardous creatures either in the water or on the land. I think Kurgess would be the god of choice, giving an excellent reason to be interested in these games and a stronger connection to Arianell, as someone known for her dance.

Most likely trait would be Guardian Librarian if I lean into the protecting the riverways life before.

Mechanically, I think the Paladin of the Cascade is neat, and looking at the map of Nirmathas, there are several major rivers, making Nirmathas a place that would likely house such a Paladin, and Gillmen seems to bring together a holistic package. They also won't die when dungeon delving, which is really a rather major selling point of the race / class combo.

Lastly, this character will likely only come in at 10 WIS because Gillmen come with a penalty to WIS, but being a Paladin and the racial resistance to enchantment (oh god please don't let it be Aboleths), is going to put me in a solid place nonetheless.

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@Captain collateral There will be time for crafting during some overland travel, such as on a boat or in a wagon. Additionally, as for hp, alternate between rounding up and down.

@yiannisph My reaction: Spicey, I love these kinds of builds. Paladins get great saves, so a Wis of 10 isn't that big of a deal.

This is Captain Collateral Damage's character. Stats, description, & background are in the profile.
I spent some of my starting wealth on extra spells in my spellbook, using the standard prices to scribe them in. If that's not ok, I can change it.

I'd like to introduce in my Gillman Paladin of the Cascade, Ohlen.
(I prefer not to create aliases unless I actually get accepted, if that's okay.)


NOTE: Ohlen has no proper last name intentionally. From what I can see from Paizo sources, Azlanti did not use last names, and the Gillmen see themselves as the successors of Azlant.

Ohlen grew up in Escadar, in one of the few Gillman populations across Golarion. Though Ohlen knew Gillmen were considered strange from her trips into Absalom, Escadar never felt like home. The whole city was based on vice and money from sailors on leave looking to blow their earnings. It wasn't until Ohlen heard a cleric of Abadar preaching on the streets that she was able to place her discomfort with the city, it was hollow. There was no real trade, civilization, no virtue.

Ohlen dedicated herself to learning the teachings of Abadar, and offering herself to his service. During her studies, Ohlen saw a distant land, one of promise and desire for freedom and in need of infrastructure. Nirmathas, with its weak government and resilient spirit was in desperate need of Abadar's aid. With demand for infrastructure and protection of trade along a weak central government, Ohlen had finally found her divine calling.

After preparing herself, Ohlen set out to Nirmathas. Her belief that coming to the country was part of her divine mission was vindicated when she arrived in Tamran mere days after the last Molthuni invaders had been kicked out from their most recent incursion. With so much work to do to rebuild, Ohlen spent several straight months in Tamran. It was during this time, the young Ohlen became acquainted with the locals, particularly Arianelle.

Helping the locals rebuild their homes, and staying through her first Archerfeast made Nirmathas feel like home, and filled Ohlen with a sense of belonging. After the rebuild was complete, though, that she once again felt that lack of divine purpose, the lack Abadar's spark within her. To sate the itch, Ohlen signed up with river traders to help protect their cargo. Nirmathas's weak central government has left the waterways with inadequate protection. Protecting this cargo was Ohlen's first foray into real combat, and it was through her accomplishments that Abadar saw fit to bestow her with his power.

Now a Paladin, Ohlen made it her mission to root out river pirates, travelling up and down the Marideth River, striking at the bandits, but always returning to Tamran and treating it as home. Through several years of training, Ohlen had grown strong enough to strike a meaningful blow to the pirates, and the rivers are now safer than they ever were before.


Ohlen is driven by her service to Abadar and the people of Tamran. Though she was initially a visitor in this town, it has become her home, and the never ending rebuilding has given her no reason to leave the town. She is often impatient with those loathe to help their town, a notion that helps endear her to the Erastilians in town that were initially weary of her devotion to the Golden God.

Ohlen is a fierce warrior who uses her unique abilities to gain an edge over unsuspecting foes, more concerned with protecting her charges than indulging the notion of fighting fair.

GM Note:

Other Notes:
Paladins of the Cascade can create pools of water and drop enemies in them. This has its own rules, that I'm happy to mostly track, but it does introduce rules that are not part of the game into the mix. Of course, that's the kind of thing that requires some GM buy-in.

Crunch as requested! Figured I'd just put it straight in mythweavers.

I've left the fluff as the vague outline in case there's additional tie ins to the campaign or other characters.

Background: Jasper is a half orc who grew up in a surrounding orc tribe. She was exiled from her tribe for her compassionate and kind nature. Eventually she made her way to Tamran where she befriended Arianell and learned to become more open. Deciding to become embrace her nature she joined the local clergy and become a healer.

Personality: Jasper is a shy and reserved to those she is unfamiliar with. To those she knows and trusts Jasper is kind of a goofball often laughing and telling silly jokes .

Class: I need to finish the mechanics but essentially I'm building a restoration shaman (Healer's Handbook) with possibly the witch doctor archetype. The trait should be fairly obvious.

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@yiannisph Consider your Paladin accepted- Though there will be no need to create an alias, as we will be using Discord and Mythweavers. Both his crunch and fluff look good!

@Captain Collateral Weyrin looks good: Nice choice on deific worship as well. Though, like I mentioned to yiannisph I will need a mythweaver link

@Bookworm 422 Thanks for the mythweavers link- It's clean, appropriately descriptive, and overall a good example of what I expect.

@Everyone Thank you for all your submissions. Unfortunately, after this point I won't be able to accept submissions with certainty, as I have reached 12 players-

Should I need to re-open submissions (Either now, or in the future), I post an update. Thank you all for your interest, and I hope to see you in the future.

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@Bookworm422 Please send me a pm so I can send you the discord invite.

@Viondar @MattZ @Radiant Mercy @Captain Collateral @Origami Dog @Yiannisph: I have sent you discord invites. I look forward to adventuring with you!

Mythweavers character sheet here.

Silver Crusade

Thank you!
I'll finish up tonight or tomorrow morning.
I look forward to playing with you, as well. Your many and complete replies bode well ;)

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Hey! Those discord invites Gyrwynt sent out will have expired by now, so I sent new ones. @Viondar, @MattZ, @Radiant Mercy check your inbox for the links.

I hope you guys can make it - I look forward to adventuring with you!

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Thanks! I'll have my Mythweavers sheet up momentarily

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Now looking for an 8th level adventurer!

So, back when I first posted this recruitment thread, I nabbed two tables: Unfortunately, one fell through- But the other has been going strong.

However, one of the players has retired from the adventure to focus on school, and we are now in need of a new player. As such, I am re-opening this dusty old thread in hopes we can find a brave adventurer to defend Tamran and brave the dangerous nation of Galt.

But what does the Capitol of Nirmathas and Galt have to do with each other?:
So, a quick plot descriptor of what has happened in the campaign: Arianell's parents, Arthur and Adiella Klingeman have been revealed to have escaped Galt to raise their family far away from the endless deaths. Adiella is a warm mother who devoutly worships Desna, yet the players recently found a hidden shrine dedicated to Norgorber: Owned by Arthur Klingeman, the party is now trying to discover what is happening behind the scenes- And if it's related to the mysterious alternative personality that keeps seizing control of Arianell's unconscious body, claiming to be a revolutionary from Galt.

So what are the current players trying to accomplish?:
Well- The diviner learned that Proteans are going to invade Tamran and try to kidnap Arianell for their chaotic, confusing purposes. They have built a defensible spot to hide the slumbering Arianell- And given that the Proteans will come from beyond in the next few days, they could use a strong and cunning warrior to help them out!

Current Party balance:
Gale Fey: A Changeling (Snow May) Arcanist who is happy to have finally learned how to Scry with her latest level. Party "Diviner". Childhood Friends trait.
Ohlen: A Gillwoman Paladin of Abadar. Has the Oath against Chaos so she can smite all those pesky Proteans making mischief. Childhood Friends trait.
Kellion: A Halfling Cavalier. Tactical nuke that rides an Owl for skyward charges. Guardian Librarian trait.
Lars: A Kitsune Fighter. A Viking from the north, he recently learned he was killed by a final blade wielding Frost Giant. It is unexplained how he is currently alive and in the flesh. Currently has five magical Kitsune tails. Childhood Rival trait.
Veirah: A Raptorkin Skinwalker Inquisitor of Magdh. trigger happy on rolling Knowledge checks, Uses Bows in combat, and is incredibly useful when the party discovers strange lore and cursed books. Aspiring Bookworm trait.

Who are we looking for?:
Well- Anyone with a good submission really! A Cleric or a Wizard might be nice, but any functional build would be welcome (Doubly so if your good at killing Chaotic outsiders). Submission rules are at the start of the thread- And one of the main requirements I am looking for is that you take one of the campaign traits. We currently have Two Childhood Friends, One Childhood Rival, An Aspiring Bookworm and a Guardian Librarian. This doesn't necessarily mean I am going to reject applicants who have selected these campaign traits: It just means we currently have no adventurers with the Molthuni Spy, Tortured Soul, or the Smoldering revenge campaign traits.

If this is something that interests you, feel free to post a submission down below! I don't necessarily have a strict time limit, but I am hoping to have a new player integrated within a week- Possibly sooner or later depending on how hard you guys make it to pick just one player. As a reminder, we do use Discord and Mythweavers.

Finally... If you played on the "Alpha" table that went under, and you want a second chance, feel free to make a second submission, properly leveled up: This new submission could be your old character, or someone entirely new. Best of luck everyone: Tamran certainly will need it in the upcoming days.

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I'm interested. Not sure exactly what I'll make, but the premise is interesting.

Crafting-wise, do you allow the part-time rules (RAW) in the CRB?

Magic Item Creation:
Magic Item Creation. <<< link

The creator also needs a fairly quiet, comfortable, and well-lit place in which to work. Any place suitable for preparing spells is suitable for making items. Creating an item requires 8 hours of work per 1,000 gp in the item’s base price (or fraction thereof), with a minimum of at least 8 hours. Potions and scrolls are an exception to this rule; they can take as little as 2 hours to create (if their base price is 250 gp or less). Scrolls and potions whose base price is more than 250 gp, but less than 1,000 gp, take 8 hours to create, just like any other magic item. The character must spend the gold at the beginning of the construction process. Regardless of the time needed for construction, a caster can create no more than one magic item per day. This process can be accelerated to 4 hours of work per 1,000 gp in the item’s base price (or fraction thereof) by increasing the DC to create the item by 5.

The caster can work for up to 8 hours each day. He cannot rush the process by working longer each day, but the days need not be consecutive, and the caster can use the rest of his time as he sees fit. If the caster is out adventuring, he can devote 4 hours each day to item creation, although he nets only 2 hours’ worth of work. This time is not spent in one continuous period, but rather during lunch, morning preparation, and during watches at night. If time is dedicated to creation, it must be spent in uninterrupted 4-hour blocks. This work is generally done in a controlled environment, where distractions are at a minimum, such as a laboratory or shrine. Work that is performed in a distracting or dangerous environment nets only half the amount of progress (just as with the adventuring caster).

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I'd be fine with using those rules on days where the entire day is spent adventuring.

Two things to note: Firstly, the party Arcanist also crafts in her spare time (Though there is only so much equipment a single character can create)

Secondly, I have been tracking time in 8-hour blocks, and am pretty generous in letting the party pursue leads and plot hooks on their own terms- And in the party composition they see fit. Gale has spent plenty of time crafting, and if you're character wanted to invest time crafting they would have the opportunity to do so.

Thanks for the quick feedback... do you already have a trapfinder/magical trap disabler?

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Several players have pretty good perception- But nobody has any class features dedicated to traps, and I don't believe anyone has an especially high Disable Device modifier.

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Hello! I'm the Inquisitor.
I'm the closest we've got to a trap-finder AFAIK, but that's just because I have a high perception as well as disable device trained. No related class features, or ability to deal with magic traps.

Another item crafter would be neat too - as Gyrwynt mentioned our arcanist can craft, but so far it can be a bit difficult for her to keep up with the wish lists of a mid-level party of 6.

For anyone interested, here's the party's character sheets:

Champion of the Cascade Paladin
Viking Fighter
Mutation Warrior Fighter (VMC Wizard)

Considering tossing a Name keeper Shaman onto the pile. How urban is this game? Was thinking the Slums Spirit might be neat.

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At the moment everyone is in Tamran, which has a nice mix of being Urban, and being more connected to nature than the average nation capital.

Down the line, I can say there will be long stretches of time where you are far from major Urban settlements.

However, I can say that the archetype does have a rather amusing connection of sorts to a certain plot point: Feel free to interpret that however you will.

(As an aside: Anyone who would like to play a Pathfinder, know that the party has already interacted with the local Pathfinder lodge. As such, it would be quite easy to integrate such a character into the group.)

I present and edgy wizard, dad-pun intended!

Unfocused in youth, found he was well suited to magic... but his experiences would not go wasted. Pathfinder, exploring, reporting, protecting...

Wizbang (Evoker):

Wizbang placeholder

Male human (Varisian)
Brawler (snakebite striker) 1
Unchained Rogue 1
Evoker 6
Sorcerer VMC

CG Medium humanoid (human) "proteans give chaos a bad name"
Init +5; Senses Perception +12
AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 12 (+3 Dex, +2 natural)
hp 49 (8 HD; 6d6+1d8+1d10+14)
Fort +8, Ref +11, Will +8
Speed 30 ft.

Melee unarmed strike +7 (1d6)

Ranged +1 outsider/chaotic-bane darkwood light crossbow +8 (1d8+1/19-20 plus 2d6 vs. Outsider/Chaotic)

Special Attacks intense spells (+3 damage), sneak attack (unchained) +1d6, sneak attack +2d6 for (+3d6 total)

Arcane School Spell-Like Abilities (CL 6th; concentration +10)
. . 7/day—force missile (1d4+3)
Bloodline Spell-Like Abilities (CL 8th; concentration +9)
. . 4/day—disorienting touch (4 rounds)
Evoker Spells Prepared (CL 8th; concentration +12)
. . 3rd—explosive runes, fireball (DC 17), lightning bolt (DC 17), communal resist energy[UC]
. . 2nd—cat's grace, flaming sphere (DC 16), glitterdust (DC 16), communal protection from evil[UC], scorching ray
. . 1st—burning hands (DC 15), hydraulic push[APG], mage armor, magic missile, shocking grasp
. . 0 (at will)—light, mage hand, message, read magic
. . Opposition Schools Illusion, Necromancy
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 12

Base Atk +4; CMB +7 (+9 grapple); CMD 17 (19 vs. grapple)

Feats Accomplished Sneak Attacker, Agile Maneuvers, Arcane Builder[UM], Combat Expertise, Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Deadly Aim, Power Attack, Scribe Scroll, Skill Focus (Bluff), Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Unarmed Combatant
Traits magical knack, reactionary, - custom trait -

Skills Acrobatics +10, Appraise +9, Bluff +13, Diplomacy +5, Disable Device +15, Escape Artist +7, Fly +7, Knowledge (arcana) +15, Knowledge (engineering) +8, Knowledge (planes) +8, Linguistics +10, Perception +12, Profession (farmer) +5, Sense Motive +8, Sleight of Hand +7, Spellcraft +18, Stealth +8, Survival +1 (+3 to avoid becoming lost), Swim +5, Use Magic Device +8

Languages Abyssal, Azlanti, Celestial, Common, Dwarven, Elven, Shoanti, Sylvan, Varisian

SQ arcane bond (ring of resistance +2), bitter, bloodline (impossible), brawler's cunning, finesse weapon attack attribute, martial training, spontaneous generation, trapfinding +1

Combat Gear feather token (anchor), feather token (tree), potion of shield of faith +2 (4); Other Gear +1 outsider/chaotic-bane darkwood light crossbow, crossbow bolts (30), amulet of natural armor +2, daredevil boots[ARG], fruitful sash, goggles of minute seeing, handy haversack, ring of resistance +2, traveler's any-tool[UE], wayfinder[ISWG], masterwork thieves' tools, wizard starting spellbook, 6,307 gp
Special Abilities
Agile Maneuvers Use DEX instead of STR for CMB
Arcane Bond (Ring of resistance +2) (1/day) (Sp) Use object to cast any spell in your spellbook. Without it, Concentration required to cast spells (DC20 + spell level).
Arcane Builder (Weapons) You have an exceptional understanding of the theory behind creating magical items. Select one type of magic item (potions, wondrous items, and so on). You create items of this type 25% faster than normal, and gain a +4 bonus on Spellcraft checks (or
Bitter Heal 1 less point when receiving healing from an ally’s class feature, spell, or sla.
Brawler's Cunning (Ex) Count as Int 13 for the purpose of combat feat pre-requisites.
Combat Expertise +/-2 Bonus to AC in exchange for an equal penalty to attack.
Deadly Aim -2/+4 Trade a penalty to ranged attacks for a bonus to ranged damage.
Disorienting Touch (4 rounds, 4/day) (Sp) Melee touch sickens creature, multiple touches extend duration.
Evocation Evokers revel in the raw power of magic, and can use it to create and destroy with shocking ease.
Finesse Weapon Attack Attribute Finesse weapons use Dexterity on attack rolls.
Force Missile (1d4+3, 7/day) (Sp) As a standard action, magic missile strikes a foe.
Illusion You must spend 2 slots to cast spells from the Illusion school.
Intense Spells (+3 damage) (Su) Evocation spells deal listed extra damage.
Martial Training (Ex) Brawler levels count as fighter/monk levels for feat/item pre-reqs and effects.
Necromancy You must spend 2 slots to cast spells from the Necromancy school.
Power Attack -2/+4 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Sneak Attack (Unchained) +1d6 Attacks deal extra dam if flank foe or if foe is flat-footed.
Sneak Attack +2d6 Attacks deal extra dam if flank foe or if foe is flat-footed.
Spontaneous Generation Non-potion/spell-trigger/spell-completion item: ignore 1 spell prereq.
Trapfinding +1 Gain a bonus to find or disable traps, including magical ones.
Unarmed Combatant Always considered armed, no attack of opportunity on grapple attempts.

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My current idea is a cleric of Abadar, who, having caught wind of the impending threat of protean invasion, travelled to Tamran to do his part in rooting out the ultimate sin of true and fundamental chaos. That sound reasonable?

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@Djack I'll have to give your submission a deeper look when I have a longer stretch of free time, but my initial impression is positive. I would like to know a little more backstory and character traits, as well as what your future crunch entails.

@Simeon I am sure are Paladin would love to have a fellow members of the Abadarian Clergy join the cause of spreading righteous justice...

However, the upcoming Protean invasion is a bit of a secret at the moment- Only the party and the Chernasardo Rangers know about the upcoming threat. As such, I'd recommend that perhaps your cleric has received divine premonition that their service is needed in Tamran.

I'd be hard pressed to accept a character who's only reason to visit Tamran is to hunt Proteans.

(Though I have no problem if a submission "just happens" to have weapons or class features that are good against outsiders (chaotic). I also have no problem with submissions that have a backstory involving Proteans.)

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A premonition seems fine. If any faith would have some sort of divine chaos watch, I could see it being Abadar. I'll have more of a backstory up with my stats, but my general idea is that he'll have the tortured soul campaign trait, which manifests as a sort of instinctual need for order and stability.

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An instinctual need for order and stability is a perfectly fine interpretation of the Tortured Soul campaign trait.

Drunken Dwarf Alchemist Monk

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Alright, my character is just about done.

Mythweavers sheet is here.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them.

Gyrwynt wrote:

At the moment everyone is in Tamran, which has a nice mix of being Urban, and being more connected to nature than the average nation capital.

Down the line, I can say there will be long stretches of time where you are far from major Urban settlements.

However, I can say that the archetype does have a rather amusing connection of sorts to a certain plot point: Feel free to interpret that however you will.

(As an aside: Anyone who would like to play a Pathfinder, know that the party has already interacted with the local Pathfinder lodge. As such, it would be quite easy to integrate such a character into the group.)

I was thinking about being a part of the Society proper, so that's good.

Concept is that the character is a Tortured Soul; she has no memory beyond the last five years. The only thing from her previous life she remembers is that the old Wayfinder she carries belonged to someone very important to her, but she can't remember who.

I have a few ideas on who it could be; a family member is the easy option, but I'd also though it interesting if it was actually HERSELF, having died and been resurrected via Reincarnation, but with memory loss, but anything you want to come up with to tie the character into the plot more firmly would be very cool as well.

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@Simion Mythweavers link looks good: I'm not specialized in Abadar-related lore, but I'm assuming the Eagle watch is a custom order? Not that I mind either way: If it's published then I can have some reading, and if not I can give some thought on how an elite group of Abadarian clergy might interact with the various groups at play in the campaign. Regardless, such an order would definitely know some intriguing info on a particular plot hook I very recently gave our Paladin of Abadar.

@Storm Dragon Funny you should mention both memory loss and inheriting a Wayfinder from someone who has passed beyond the veil: The Tortured Soul Background works well with what you are suggesting. If I select your character, I do know someone plot-related who needs someone to "carry their light and legacy" into the future- I.E, granting you a mysterious Wayfinder and a bad case of amnesia. (All campaign traits have an underlying theme of memories lost, helping me slot characters into the overarching plot.)

All I've decided that a formal deadline will probably be about 1 week from now, on the 9th: A few of my players are taking a trip into a mindscape in the near-immediate future, and I've decided I want to get that started(And, ideally finished)
before I introduce a new player, as to avoid complicating a already lore-heavy section of this campaign.

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Yes, the Eagle Watch is a custom group. I hadn't originally intended for my character to tie in, both thematically and story-wise, with the paladin, but it's definitely a good coincidence.

Wizbang Past and Future:

Possibly Neutral Good
Miscreant wayward youth, gets involved with fringe/border criminal activity... Scouted by the Pathfinders, finds magic in his blood and in texts and turns his life around.

Hungry to help people and solve problems, a little wanderlust "Kissed by Desna" reverting Life, Freedom and Beauty.

Loves to tinker, make stuff, solve puzzles.

A bit bitter (drawback) from some childhood experiences, but he doesn't let that keep him from doing the right thing.

Tortured Soul - strong sense of identity and reality (save vs. memory tampering, illusion is an opposition school)... Also, the very fabric of his being (fort save).

Future Progression: Mostly Wizard Crafter.

Dips were for rounding out the character and giving him a little "bite" and synergizing - besides, it's nice to have a wizard who is an unarmed combatant (hands free for spell casting).

Trapfinding works well for a Tomb Raider, delver, explorer.

I can see going up to levels 2 or 3 in Brawler and/or Rogue (probably Rogue for Evasion).

Do you have any objection to someone taking the Slumber Hex?

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Not at at, feel free to slumber hex people away.

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I was in the party that fell through, playing an Investigator. I just now discovered that you were re-recruiting.

Here's the link, she's still level 5. She has Trapfinding and lots of Disable Device.

Selma Baker

Working on leveling up now. Should I increase to level 8 starting gold?

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Of course you can re-submit! I was hoping to see some familiar submissions- Makes things a bit easier for introductions and what not.

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I edited my post a minute before you replied, sorry. Probably while you were typing

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Haha, no worries: It happens. But yes- Increase your gold to 8th level starting wealth.

Silver Crusade


What kind of crafting is needed? Potions, Arms & Armor, or Wondrous Item would all work with the character theme.

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Craft Wonderous Items covers a more expensive selection of magic items than Arms/Armor (in general), so that (Wonderous Items) is probably the better place to start

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