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About Storm Dragon

Necessary Evil Inventor

Attributes: Strength d4, Agility d8 (1p, 1p H), Smarts d10 (3p), Vigor d6 (1p), Spirit d4

Skills: Knowledge: Engineering d10 (4p), Repair d10 (4p), Notice d10 (4p), Taunt d8 (3p), Shooting d6 (2p H)

Powers (26p):

Invent (6p)

Magnum Multi Tool (Switchable Device -2):
--Death Ray: Ranged Attack 3, Lethal (5p, 4d6 damage)
--Implosion Beam: Ranged Attack 2, Area of Effect, Lethal (5p, 3d6 damage)

Ze Goggles (4p, Device -1)
Eagle Eyes (1p), Infravision (1p), Low-Light Vision (1p), Spatial Sense (2p, X-Ray Vision, lead)

PDA (Device -2)
--Broadcast (2p), Manipulation (2p)

Personal Force Field (Device -1)
--Parry 2, Deflection 2 (4p)

Super Edge (4p): Marksman and Trademark Weapon (Magnum)


McGyver: No trait penalty for lacking equipment. Can whip up one shot devices.


Monologue (Major)
Ruthless (Minor)
Vengeful (Minor)