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Beyond The Mall Of Sleep.

The Mall of Cthulhu

The Maddow Over Innsmouth

The Feast in the Cave

The Bly: A really bad captain takes his boat through the Bermuda triangle and is horribly changed.

The Most Dangerous Dame Judy Dench will f&#@ing kill you.

Dark Archive

Rot Race (6 teams of people are infected with a nightmarish ebola-leprosy hybrid superbug and forced to race time and each other across the United States in a search for the one vial of cure in existence)

Pawn Tars

Or, who can get the most money for this 18th century British sailor

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Don Kirk: Starfleet's protection racket in space.

Pawn Fars

"Best I can do is sex once every seven years."

Guardians of the Garlic Sea

something something French Navy


Tin City ("An old can dies. A young girl lives - and her little dog, too. A fair trade.")

Scarab Sages

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Poppinheimer ("A Spoonful of Uranium Helps the Little Boy Go Down!")
Appenheimer (the story of the minds and personalities behind the "iPocalypse" [Intended Release Date: 2103])
Cloppenheimer (Rule 34 shows no mercy; Pony-related R34 even less)
Woppenheimer (The Super Mario Brothers finally decide their endless war with the Koopas must come to an end, by any means necessary)
Open Heiner ("Now I am become Goatse, Destroyer of Eyes....")

Grand Lodge


Dark Archive

Skiron-Man (a genius, wealthy, man-about-the-planes misanthropist wisely and proudly sacrifices his heart for great power, and then sets out to scour the realm like a terrible plague-wind - because *giggle* that is what *BUAHUAHUAHUAHA!* HEROES *snkxzrt!* do, is it not?!?)

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The Hills Have Eeyore.

The Narbie Movie.

Super Slaad? wrote:
The Narbie Movie.

Makes me want to upchuck as well.

Stays - Dog learns to be a good boy.

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The Zarbie movie-Only a Dr Who fan gets this joke

In all seriousness, The Zarbi would make a GREAT movie.

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Life of Brin (the tragicomic epic of a hard-sci-fi writer)


A documentary about a mall in southwest Missouri (now permanently closed) where one could hear infrequent but tremendous rolls of thunder, believed to be the creaking of a transdimensional door slowly opening into a world where Joan Bond 006-and-a-half is a secret spy mermaid operating for the scuba-landwalking special forces of the Sunken British Empire.

Doctor Go.

A movie about an unassuming medical genius filipino go master working for a covert international medical rescue team called "Live 1" specializing in secret irradiated industrial disaster areas.

You only Dive Twice.

A romanticized account of the life of an Olympic swimmer whose career was cut short - too short.

The Man with the Golden Pun.

An obscure but hilarious b-movie comedy.

The Man with the Golden Sun.

The bloated and self-serving cinematic biography of an ancient mayan king who wrote in the most turgid style. The gods weep !

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Chunder Mall: Ernst Blofeld seeks to wreak havoc on American commerce by spreading tainted meat to shopping centers around the American heartland.

Doctor Po: A Korean culinary billionaire has put addictive chemicals in his food to cause people to crave it fortnightly in an attempt to corner the dried food market.

Yo! Only Live Twice!: Don't bogart the controller during this game of Super Mario, man. Let the rest of us have a turn!

The Man with the Golden Bun: A sinister southern-fried cooking impresario plans to rob Fort Knox by pulling a switcheroo, replacing gold bullion with ingots of chicken bouillon.

The Man with the Golden Gunk: Newly minted double-O secret agent Tony Gunk is on the case (many of you will not get this joke).

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STRAW (after receiving the brain of an evil genius, the Scarecrow imprisons and tortures his former companions to see just how much they really want the things they want)

Under the Shin. A docudrama about boots.

Wait. That would probably be an improvement.

Five fights at Freddie's. The killer robot bear fights Freddy Kruger in a child's nightmare.

Naive Newts At Neddy's, the hotly awaited sequel to Newt Mayor on Elm Street.

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Thank You For Soaking (Aaron Eckhart plays a charmingly amoral lobbyist for Big Squirt-Gun)

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The Gods Must Be Cray (a peaceful hunter-gatherer slowly discovers that his entire world is secretly controlled by something called a "supercomputer")

Sovereign Court

*Points at a poster for the movie “Yang Frankenstein”.*

The hip-hop musical remake: "Yung Frankenstein"

Jung Frankenstein. The latest inheritor of the notes and monster uses anti psychotic drugs and psychology to make the monster a functioning member of society.

Dark Archive

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You No Frankenstein (in keeping with the "allegory for the trials of parenthood" interpretation of the legend, the latest scion creates a monster who mostly just sulks around the castle and terrorizes its creator by means of judgmental, retaliatory outbursts about his own worth to the lineage)

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