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But where do you go when the doctor puts you under with ether?

It was hard to watch it to the end. The final 2 part episode was the most preposterous.

Greylurker wrote:
I don't know that there is any other character who has actually gotten to marry his entire harem, and then some.

Space Dandy. It's an intentional parody of other anime so you may be overlooking it.

I've been watching it, and while I like it, I want to redirect to The Electrum. It looks like silver, gold, and something radioactive was enchanted. If it can resurrect, it may be an artifact.

Some kids will go to seek their fortune. That's where most adventurers come from. Also, caravan guards, sailors, ect. Goblins and other hostile humanoids, are more restricted. If Sandpoint was part of a kingdom, Knights and armies would have been sent out to deal with the goblins.

Like in Mulan, every family is supposed to send one soldier. In an army a character might make the transition from warrior to first level character. In Medieval/Renaissance times, Immagration laws might be hard to enforce or just low priority.

84: Crawly Clowns: Is it a big spider with illusion powers or a clown with spider climb.

If you use the Starfinder ship system, you build the frame(Outer walls, roof, foundation, cellar, and load bearing walls) and build in the rooms. Kind of like filling bays in a spaceship. Repairing costs half in time and money. This is why building with magic is so popular.

Population growth is greater in the countryside because they have more children, because they need the cheep labor, and they may lose some to monsters and disease.

82. A spell book written by a mouse or rat is very creepy. You need eyes of minute seeing to read the thing.

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I take it sonic is not out of the question. If it takes an actual accusation and converts it into actual damage, either live or recorded, that would be cool.

If you go through limbo you end up in endless, formless, chaos. A plane shift, elf gate, or use of the planer codex is the 'best' way to reach the Qlippoths.

My head cannon is that the dark tapestry is a transitive plane to the mythos which is a different multiverse so different in physical laws that you have to be nuts to even navigate there.

What I'm trying to say is, the first world is likely connected to other material planes by the fairy rings and standing stones.

Pulg wrote:
The Horse Whimperer.

A movie, just about Flutter Shy? I'm there!

71: There was a lighthouse that 3 keepers disappeared, the fishing gear is mangled and strewn about, and one set of rain gear is left on a hook. All the clocks stopped at noon. This may be the basis of the Doctor Who episode, Horror of Fang Rock. Although it's not called Fang Rock, an alien invasion is perhaps the most plausible explanation for the occurrence. Tom Baker even mentions the overturned chair at the end.

I'm going to create a topic of just deity powers, here's a sample.
Temporal overwriting.
Portfolio and domain: Time
Only a deity can transplant a person, place, or thing to another point in time without splitting the timeline or creating paradox. The previous version only exists in the minds and legend lore of the travelers. Once the changes have been made, the deity may lift the protection causing the previous version of the travelers to fade away.

Bein cursed to being a mite drider or pet rock is particularly horrible. Only legend lore or true seeing might let you recognize the poor unfortunate who was turned into a rock.

Frank N Stein

Pathfinder lesson plans such as finding all the differences between the core rulebook and the real world.

The next poster will test unanswerable questions for winning the last poster topic.

Anyone who brings a physics book to the gaming table.

You can rewrite the laws of physics for your game world BECAUSE YOU ARE THE GM!

175: Peas porridge hot.
176: Peas porridge cold
177: Peas porridge in the pot, nine days old(Infested with salmonella)!

79: Large, dented, helmet. Fits snugly on M sized humanoids. If dents are pounded out, will fit an L sized humanoid.

174: Floating flapjacks. Activated by the large, metal, tankard of syrup.

227. Bump up the potion or substance spell level a couple of levels.
228. Reduce spell level, minimum zero.

12: Interociter. By turning the multi colored disks you can contact the other interociters on the planet Metaloona. The big headed people at the other end will tell you how to operate various technological devices.

Hook: They are trying to keep you on the line as they send ships. They need to weaponize whatever magic or tech you have for their war effort. If necessary, the device also functions as a pair of blasters.

Time stop either slows down time throughout the entire multiverse or speeds up the caster. Because of magic the caster cannot affect anything else, which is why my leveled mutation can cast instant spells that seem to move like molasses. Light has a speed, it's just very, very, fast. It's the standard, and all magic beams or such travel at that speed unless otherwise defined.

Atmosphere is usually irrelevant as it doesn't cause fireballs to detonate or block anyone using time stop. It's mater, but not solid matter. As glass is not seen, it won't block magic missile, normally.

Can't find anything wrong. Looks playable as is.

There's talk about the villainess stealing cutie marks, and the dark shadow pit are more horror oriented, so you might give the new series more of a chance.

Freehold DM wrote:

545: Isn't that the large, garish, mushroom with tremor sense that screams that when it senses movement? Only invisibility to plants will bypass it and it's known to spread to areas where it's not wanted.

173: 5 bricks of cheese. Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Beaverdam, Hoover dam, and Givadam. With a jar of gray Poopon spicy mustard.

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526: Flail tree-This tree has it's seed pods in a spiked ball on a ropey stem. The stems are attached to the branches in clusters of usually 3. It had it's origin in the lower planes. Larger limbs can be used to create rods of flailing. It may owe it's quick growing back to the abundant sunlight on the material plane. Druids can use the flails from this tree, and most do not care that it radiates pale evil.

April fools post.:)

The light coming off someone who is invisible might go to nil space. It leaves only the glamor that might be detected. Maybe the glamor is hiding the light, but see invisible lets the observer see through the glamor.

78. D% graffiti, written all over the walls here. The first one is "Archeology is for losers" written in ancient Goblin. The rest are chosen however the GM likes.

The Tabards, Posters, and handbills topic is just one option.

98:"Archeology is for losers" written in ancient Goblin.

07:Natural caster:
Description: You can apply meta magic feats and rods to spell like supernatural abilities.
Prerequisites: Supernatural abilities such as mutations
Benefit: See description.
Normal: You cannot use extend spell to increase the range of your inherent Darkvision
Further Notes:The mutant class gets this feat free.

Swords into Plowshares-Put me in the saving throw camp, as you are targeting a held weapon. The weapon's wielder reflex save. Note if made into a spell, certain feats can make it last longer.

26-Any communicator with a screen will activate and show the image. It's got it's own camera(at least 1) and power supply. For added fun hide the camera in a stuffed toy.

96:Ranch(it exists)

23: Fleshy lump: This thing affixed to the ceiling has 3D8 dice, 20 hit points, a repeating crossbow attached to one tentacle(6 bolts), and a long sword attached to the other. It has a hideous face on the middle of it's body. It's chaotic evil and will attack anything that moves. It's an aberration and is somehow sustained by just the air.

Another problem is cold being associated with air. Cold is negative heat. The overlap of air and water should be mists. Water and negative energy should be ice. The transitive planes, Astral, ether, and shadow span the entire elemental dimension from the separate elemental planes and sub planes to the blended planes. While an open-minded mystic could travel to any periodic elemental plane, most scholarly wizards are limited to the 4 official elemental planes. Oriental wizards are limited to 5 including wood and metal. Careless crafting of a tuning fork can land you in a plane you don't even believe in.

You could conceivably travel through the plane of sound, going to anywhere your voice reaches. It's like an alternat version of shadow walk except you jump between 2 identical sounding music boxes or through 2 communicators.

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My homebrew Purple Dragon would do a lot to help that. Their sonic breath weapon does standard breath weapon damage, may cause deafness, and may shatter things. They of course are immune to sonic damage. Only problem is what are they vulnerable to, besides flattery. They are very vain, especially about their looks. They use the bard spell list. They are chaotic evil.

What is the range? With that power level I recommend close range.
The outer space void has vacuum and cold.

75.1 Lense of Darkvision. Normally you need 2 to use. If you walk around in the dark with one eye open, your face might get stuck like that.
76. Other Lense of Darkvision.

If you want to go the LSH (Legon of Super Heros) route, their flight rings are probably straight magic, and made at minimal levels. Several alien races have what could be called superpowers and could be eligible for legion membership. Don't expect to use that character at any conventions. The cape of flying can be used, but it might be usable only at high levels because of Starfinder restrictions.

130.Rotten egg. If you break it it will release a non magical stinking cloud.

171: Ox tails, collard greens, and grits on a platter. Accompanied by a tall glass of lemonade.

301: Symbol of baleful polymorph
School: Transmutation
Level: 7th Most. 6th Transmitters or Scribe domain
Casting time: 10 minutes
Components: V,S,M (Mercury, phosphorous, powdered diamond, and powdered amber worth a total of 5,000)
Range: All creatures within 60 feet up to 200 hit points total.
Target Symbol and creatures in area of burst.
Duration Burst, instant. Effect, 1 hour.
Saving Throw/ Spell resistance Fort. against polymorph, Will against mental effect, Spell resistance, yes.

The first one to view the symbol saves first. Their hit points only count if they fail. If they fail, they must
will save or they behave as the creature they become. This continues with the closest creature who has not
saved yet till the hit points or area is exhausted.

The creature they are to be turned into is depicted in the center of the symbol as a filled in outline such as a shadow. It must be an inoffensive creature such as a mouse, bunny, non-stinging bug, ect. It can have only up to one hit Die plus one point per class level. It must be tiny even if the symbol inscriber is huge or larger. If they die in that form, their corpse remains in that form. It can be subject to reincarnation, resurrection, or any spell or power that effects corpses, but if raised from the dead, the polymorph effect immediately ends. This spell otherwise conforms to the text and interpretations of the baleful polymorph spell.

Like the other symbols, if made permanent, the symbol resets after being triggered. 20,000GP.

Senko wrote:

300: Telempathic Link

School divination [mind-affecting]; Level arcanist 9, psychic 8, sorcerer 9, wizard 9

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components: V, Focus (two linked balls)

Range: Close, see text
Target: you + other creature
Duration: 1 day/level (D)
Saving Throw: Will Negates
SR: Yes.

This spell allows the caster to share the thoughts, feelings and physical sensations of the targeted creature. Such communication is only one way from the target to the caster and once started can only be dismissed but not stopped or blocked except by moving out of range. This range is planar wide once the spell has been started but moving either the target or the caster to another dimension will cause the spell to be dismissed. The caster shares any and all thoughts and sensations from the target allowing a greater understanding of another's viewpoint and experiences. Sufficiently powerful sensations such as pain from an accident can render the caster as unable to act as the target and thus they should take care to ensure they will be in a safe and secure environment for the duration of the spell. Especially if the target is particularly different to the caster e.g. a human casting the spell on a demon. There are dire warnings that some creatures such as abominations are so different that sharing their mind could drive the caster insane or worse.

66: Post Office

One organization for the game world. They have treaties with local governments/kingdoms. Employees wear blue tabards with a white Roc design on it. Interfering with their jobs carries a hefty fine.

Resources: Stamps are 1 silver each, 2 gold for a book or sheet of 25. P.O. Boxes rent for 20 gold a year.

67: 7th Material Plane Bank of Golarion

Guarded by hidden or invisible monsters such as Ooglers, Flumps, and mummies{made from would be bank robbers). The vault has a symbol of polymorph that changes reckless viewers into mice for an hour, and the bank has a family of house cats. Some box owners place folded up pieces of paper with explosive runes in their boxes.

Resources: Can offer loans, rent safe deposit boxes, savings, and checking accounts.


Here it is.

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