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Advice needed,

I have a group where two of my players have characters that like to booze it up while on adventure (and whenever else they can get themselves to a bar)
I also have a cleric with the Restoration Domain and a paladin who's Mercy removes the condition, sickened.

here's the rub, I'm trying to run a game where character actions have consequences, therefore, if a player wants they're character to drink a bottle of wine, while in a dungeon, I'm going to let them, and, eventually, they're going to get drunk (and maybe even alcoholism few levels down the road)and get slapped with the sickened condition. Alternatively here, I have a cleric and a pally who get annoyed with said drunken characters and use their class abilities to rid them of being "sickened".

Where's the consequences? characters can drink willy nilly and basically nothing happens.
Can I do anything? Should I intervene?
is there something I'm not thinking of that can get around this?

apply a penalty to attack, AC, spellcasting, reflex saves etc. depending on how much they've drank.
Eventually you can roleplay that they get the shakes and other withdrawal symptoms if they don't drink enough (usually during super-inconvenient times.

Something is happening though, they'er expending resources. That restoration would most certainly be better spent on ability drain rather than curing drunkenness.

Here are some official rules:

sickened for an hour after 1+2xCon mod drinks seems fine.

Grand Lodge

Also I don't think you can give a paladin alcoholism since pathfinder has it listed as a disease.

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You can't get around the cleric healing them if the cleric wants to expend their abilities on this. Could be a game dynamic problem. But you can't just make consequences happen if the party can prevent them.

Now, a nemesis happens to know of their fondness for drink and uses that to their advantage. Set a trap, poison, etc. but sometimes it's impossible to enforce consequences in a game where players have access to magic.

Let the story happen naturally. No matter how powerful they are, it's unlikely a queen is going to ask them for help. Or maybe they will, depending on the monarch. Point is don't try to force consequences, but do consider how their drunkenness might impact the story.

ummmm they are heros for a reason. just means they are using their epic rolls to keep their booze down.

The players RPibg through their bad choices is a great way to handle it.

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If all the players are having fun while their characters are rubbing each other the wrong way... then what's the problem?

First of all if the players are having fun this should be no problem.

Second there are consequences the Paladin/Cleric is expending resources to solve a perceived problem so there you have consequence of actions.

Finally these dudes are hardass heroes right?
I'm a 5'7 skinny dude I weigh about 118lbs last I checked and I'm a bit giddy after a bottle of wine, I feel like said hardass heroes could probably deal with drinking a bit in dungeons or at a bar.

Honestly I find there is a startling lack of alcohol in most pathfinder games.

booze "the bravery juice, the invulnerability potion,and the hero's bane." booze comes in many names and many potencies. some heroes need a crutch to deal with some of the stuff their gods throw at them. could you imagine having to do some of the situations or problems you put your pcs through?

I fully confess I have had characters with max ranks in "Profession: Sommelier" or "Craft: Cocktails" in the past. The former was a character exiled from his homeland which was a wine-producing region due to politics, whose most prized possessions was a small collection of fine wines he would share with dear friends, to mark occasions, and on one occasion to set up a grift.

I guess the question is whether this is a player problem or a character problem. If some people at the table are uncomfortable with the consumption of alcohol for whatever reason, this is something to discuss out of character and not try to fix it with in-game solutions. If it's just a character problem, then I'd probably leave it alone unless you really want to take this to a dark and uncomfortable place.

thanks for all your replies

Ya'll convinced me, I will continue to let it play out in game.
They are, after all, expending resources to keep the alchy's from feeling the effects of the alcohol (which I hadn't considered before now)
Restorative touch has a limited number of uses per day, and the pally will have to lay on hands to use the mercy.

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If the player endeavors to drive the point home that the PC is really, really drunk, then I guess reward them with the sickened condition? Otherwise let them just RP it.

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My DM gave me temporary blindness from moonshine once. Which was funny.

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Tell them all their alignment is slipping towards chaotic good and Cayden Cailean is starting to whisper words of encouragement to them in their dreams.

what if they are evil? he said nothing about their alignments. but heck that does sound good!

Personally, I don't think it should matter if they want to drink while adventuring. Overcoming mundane problems, like alcoholism, is child's play for actual adventurers with access to magic. But, if you want, you can treat the problem as an Addiction. Penalties are more difficult to remove than damage/drains, after all. You can also simply decide that the god powering the cleric's magic has grown weary of having its power used to relieve the drunkenness of a habitual offender, and when the cleric attempts to cast the spell next, it doesn't work on that character.

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