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sorry for the thread resurrection but short and sweet, along a similar vein...

brilliant energy arrows vs a wind wall/fickle winds spell?

small debate during game last night, I ruled in favour of Fickle Winds.

sorry for the preamble.. I'm nearing the end of Rise of the Runelords, which is to say, my players are traveling through and exploring Xin Shalast. Xin Shalast sits above the 15000 ft mark for altitude.

From the Archives of Nethys: "After each 6-hour period a character spends at an altitude of over 15,000 feet, he must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 15, +1 per previous check) or take 1 point of damage to all ability scores. Creatures acclimated to high altitude receive a +4 competence bonus on their saving throws to resist high altitude effects and altitude sickness"

So, my acclimated players have spent a couple days up here now. Whenever they need to stop and rest (heal up, replenish spells etc) the local wizard casts Magnificent Mansion, where the air is The atmosphere is clean, fresh, and warm in this extra dimensional space (not the atmosphere outside)

so my question is because I'm a little unclear on this, Does the Fort save DC for altitude sickness reset to 15, because they've just spent a minimum of 8 hours inside the mansion??
and also are they still acclimated?

willuwontu wrote:
Hero Lab is incorrect in this case. Since your first level hex is replaced, you don't gain the hex class feature till 2.


Making a new character level 3 (using Hero Lab and I know sometimes HL isn't 100% as somethings can be bugged or not implemented yet etc), DM says yes to a half orc scarred witch doctor. one minor confusion on my part.

my level one hex is replaced by the scarshield ability.

my question, at level one, am I still considered to have the Hex class feature?
context. at level one, the feat Extra Hex shows up as a valid option in Hero Lab meaning I have the pre requisite for me to take it, thereby able to acquire a Hex at level 1.
Is HL correct or do I technically still have to grab my first hex at level two?

Hi. I'm kind of leaving this to last hours before game time, sorry, but.. my group is heading into Pride wing tonight and... I1 Reflected Enmity and the Mirrors of Opposition...

any one have suggestions on how I describe this to the group so that it's not obvious that their opposites are coming out of the mirrors? I'd like to have at least one round of them fighting themselves :P (is that wrong of me?)


Mallecks wrote:

Do you expect ranged attacks through the area of reverse gravity?

A cursory Google search shows that average arrow flight speeds are between 225 and 300 fps depending on the bow.

..edited for length...

Too much trouble. I just wouldn't do it.

I do expect arrows to be flying, but your quite right, the short distances would make it too much trouble.

and thanks for clearing things up in my head about this.

I've got an encounter with a glabrezu coming up tomorrow and I kind of need things to be clear, for myself and my players, for when I hit them with Reverse Gravity. I have a few questions
I've got a 6 player group, 2 melee, 1 martial ranged, 1 wiz, 1 cleric, 1 bard. The Bard and Wizard can fly out of this.
are concentration checks needed for casting while in the area of effect?
can the ranged fighter still make ranged attacks as normal? How does the change in gravity affect arrows once they leave the AoE, if any? (am I overthinking this?)
because there is a roof, are the melee stuck where they 'landed' or can they theoretically re-orient themselves and walk out of the area and thus fall back to the ground?
any help is appreciated, thanks

My group is starting this tomorrow. I'm excited. I finally get to use the glaberzu mini I bought months ago :D

with that in mind, I also want to tempt one of my players with the wish that he has except, I don't know how I should go about playing that.
From the Bestiary "With its ability to cloak its true form in pleasant illusions, the glabrezu uses its magic to grant wishes to mortal humanoids as a method of rewarding those who succumb to its guile and deceit"

Thanks guys, I am much more clearer on how to handle these things

not sure where this fit so, if this is in the wrong forum, apologies, can a mod move it if that's the case?

I'm running a Rise of the Runelords game,and without spoiling anything for anyone, my players are about to come up on magical trap, probably next session.
my question is, how do trapfinders perceive magical traps? What are the tells? I'm unsure how to describe something if I don't know exactly what they're looking for if they don't have Detect Magic active.
If I ask for a perception check, rogue makes said check... "you notice a magical trap" that seems pretty vague to me.

How DOES someone disable device a magical trap without something like Dispel Magic?
"I want to use DD on the trap" ok, seems weird to me but ok, but if trap is set off my proximity, where do they go to try and disable and how is this accomplished? is there a on/off switch of some kind?
and wouldn't it stand to reason that if it goes off my proximity, they shouldn't have a chance to disable? and not really be a trap to be disabled but just a feature of a room?

I hope someone understood that
any help is appreciated.

1. Rogue - Eldritch Scoundrel, an arcane trickster that doesn't force me to multiclass (although, bringing in some of the Arcane Trickster abilities wouldn't hurt)

2. Ranger - Skirmisher, never been one to think that hunters/trackers/trappers/guides/general outdoorsy folks should have spells.

3. Monk - Drunken Master, need I say more?

4. Bard - Archeologist, seems like a natural Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider/Uncharted treasure hunter type fit

5. Fighter - Viking... a fighter that can rage

Honourable Mentions: Dawnflower Dervish (I really think something like this should be a Cleric of Sarenrae archetype instead of bard), Martial Artist, Tattooed Sorcerer, Scarred Witch Doctor (Witch archetype but still..for the flavour alone), Exploiter Wizard

my players finished the Storval Stairs last session before calling for the night.
I have no doubt they'll find the mountain pass into the Valley sooner or later, so my question is: At what distance would the Watchpost/Cinderma could conceivably spot an incoming party (that would unlikely be trying to stealth-- my players never stealth lol)
Alternatively, at what distance would characters first spot the watch tower?


quick question

is there a grid map of Sandpoint somewhere?

my players be finishing book 3 tonight, I am hopeful we'll have enough time in the game session to do the Sandpoint raid tonight (I'm excited). I wouldn't mind having a reference for how long, in rounds, it may take my players to get from Northgate to Tanner's Bridge for example.

if someone can point me in the right direction, i'd be ever so grateful, thanks.

I've got a group inside the Kreeg clanhold, we left the session just after the arcanist tossed a couple fireballs at the incoming ogres from D6, basically frying everything. anything left standing was quickly put down by ranged fire.
they've got D7-9 left to do

in my game, the pc's became immediately suspicious of Kaven Windstrike when he was rescued because of the Sihedron tattoo they noticed, but didn't put a watch over him, so during the night he slipped out and made it to the fort, warned Lucrecia, and they booked it out of there and went to the clanhold/Barls encounter (as per the mod)

Sounds of battle and fireballs exploding should give ample warning to the remaining rooms. With the available spells, as written, should I have Kaven on lookout, everyone prebuffed and waiting in ambush with haste, invisibility, and a fireball exploding upon their arrival??

my question is, How challenging should Barl Breakbones (D9) encounter be? (it being the final encounter of the mod when normally my group runs over most encounters)

I have 6 players. 25 point buy (my mistake, but too late now)
1 sword and board dual wielding fighter
1 archery focused fighter
1 oracle typically spends his turns healing or waiting to heal.
1 bard, casting haste and inspiring courage with the occasional taunt thrown in
1 Arcanist with a love for fireball and potent magic
1 Arcane Tricker/illusionist

I already max out the baddies hit points and add extra mobs to try and challenge them but usually to no great success.

advice needed! what should I do?

Nualia (converted her to a warpriest and using a falchion, as that made for sense to me) TPK'd my group last session.
while Nualia should have tried to flee (I, the gm, forgot about her morale conditions) she still ended up winning the fight, just barely.
my question is, when new PCs go to thistletop to find out why the original pc's never returned, should I have Nualia still there to face the new group?

my thinking is that, she'd leave. she did come close to losing, some of her back up is gone (Orik and Bruthazmus is still alive, but the gobbo's and Tsuto and Lyrie are dead) and she's bound to realize that since these ones didn't make it back to Sandpoint, others are likely to come figure out why

if I leave her there at Thistletop, O and B would naturally be more on guard and prepared for the new arrivals
What do you think?

how long did that fight take? (real time)

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but customer service seems like the kind of place to ask this question.

I currently have an order pending (pre sale, won't ship until September) and now there's something else I want, Is there a way to combine orders? (basically save on shipping)


thanks for all your replies

Ya'll convinced me, I will continue to let it play out in game.
They are, after all, expending resources to keep the alchy's from feeling the effects of the alcohol (which I hadn't considered before now)
Restorative touch has a limited number of uses per day, and the pally will have to lay on hands to use the mercy.

Advice needed,

I have a group where two of my players have characters that like to booze it up while on adventure (and whenever else they can get themselves to a bar)
I also have a cleric with the Restoration Domain and a paladin who's Mercy removes the condition, sickened.

here's the rub, I'm trying to run a game where character actions have consequences, therefore, if a player wants they're character to drink a bottle of wine, while in a dungeon, I'm going to let them, and, eventually, they're going to get drunk (and maybe even alcoholism few levels down the road)and get slapped with the sickened condition. Alternatively here, I have a cleric and a pally who get annoyed with said drunken characters and use their class abilities to rid them of being "sickened".

Where's the consequences? characters can drink willy nilly and basically nothing happens.
Can I do anything? Should I intervene?
is there something I'm not thinking of that can get around this?

I was curious if there were any existing maps of Cassomir's Locker and maybe route leading to Corgunbier?

need to be at least a little prepared in case my players bite on the hook I plan on dangling in front of them.

received the email... works for me, thanks.

My order has been pending for over a month now.
I see now that two of the mini's that I had ordered are now listed as unavailable, is there a way that I can edit this order so it can finally ship? or can you just cancel it and I'll start over? (I don't remember my CC being charged yet, although I'll have to go back and check to make sure)


want to thank you all for the feedback
took a harder look at the skald but ended up going with the Arcane Duelist, fixed my stats and feats and added FlagBearer/Banner of the Ancient Kings combo for some fun and now I think I have a decent little Bard to play.

I know it's not really optimal to play a Dwarven Bard, but I'm going to give it a go, and I need some help if you'd be so kind.
I am joining a group that is around level 9-10 in the next couple weeks and not super sure on group composition, but I'm building to 10, I can easily cut back a level if need be. I'm going to try for a melee bard, singing/telling drinking songs/stories for inspiration.. not going to be very dexterous, because... he's a dwarf :P
Anyway, here's what I've got so far: 25 pt buy with racial mods
STR 16
DEX 12
CON 16
INT 13
WIS 10
CHR 13 (+2 level 4/8 stat boosts)

L1 - Lingering Performance (will probably retrain out of this once I have sufficient rounds, any suggestions)
L3 - Weapon Focus (battleaxe)
L5 - Arcane Strike
L7 - Intimidating Performance
L9 - ???
L11 - Discordant Voice

not sure on traits
Diety - Cayden Cailean

alternatively I'm thinking of adding 2 levels of Fighter
not sure exactly what the group
What do you think? am I missing anything?
is this going to be completely useless as I've built him? any must have gear?

any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

I'm currently running my group through a module, Dragon's Demand and after they were done, I was thinking of running an Adventure Path, from the start, with the same characters.
Granted this means, a little more work on my part bumping up all the encounters (but with HeroLab, I don't think it'd be that hard, few more HD here, class level or two there, etc etc)
currently my group is at level 4, but after today's session, they'll have a bit of downtime in-game in which I'll be letting them do what they want, if they want to stick around for the auction... we'll continue with DD, but if they decide they get bored and want to move on, well, I'm going to have to have something else ready for next week...

advisable or not?
or sneak them into book 2 of something...
I seek your collected wisdom
thanks, Crumb


I think I'll do both.
reinforce Thistletop, plunk a few goblins on top of the watchtowers actually on watch this time with bows ready (it possibly may make them think twice about going in from this direction)
and have an attack come up from below and have the mayor tell them that taking care of this threat takes priority.

OK, so, I DM for a group that just started Burnt Offerings a few sessions ago... and already they're a little off course, but I don't want to be one of those DM's that say, no, you can't go there yet, you're not high enough level... so here's what happened...

Party gets to Glassworks, fights with Tsuto and his goblins, but Tsuto escapes via smuggler tunnels.. to my surprise, my players don't give chase along the dark tunnels as he is already out of sight when they follow him down there. they hear the muffled cries of Ameiko, find Tsuto's journal, and take the time to block off the tunnels.
after reading Tsuto's journal, they decide to go to Thistletop, bypassing via stealth all the encounters in the bushy tunnels, get to the fort, clear out the goblins on the first level and then head back to Sandpoint to rest (I was lenient on them to get back, as it was the end of the night, I had just decided that all the goblins/dogs decided to hide and let them pass)

that's where we are now. I'm pretty sure they're going to want to go back to Thistletop to finish up, but should I create some sort of distraction that will hopefully divert their attention down into the Catacombs of Wrath?
or have all the goblins that they skipped, move into the fort under a new leader, and have them prepped that the PC's will come back?

do they need to do CoW? what are the consequences of NOT doing it? other than missed XP.

thanks in advance

first session was this passed Sunday
finished thru the gobbo raid.

Human sword and shield bashing Fighter 1
Human Cleric of Sarenrae 1 (originally was going to be a healing caster druid)
Half Orc Ranger 1 (originally was going to be a war priest)
Elf Rogue 1
Gnome Summoner 1

to be honest, I was looking forward to seeing if the druid and warpriest could cover all the healing... but then the war priest changed to ranger and so the druid decided to go cleric to make sure the healing was covered.

thanks Kalindlara, I am a noob GM (regular GM wanted to actually play)
it's good to know that I wasn't missing anything when I couldn't find skill checks or DC's when looking this up
advice taken with gratitude, no rolls will be made, I'll just have him spend some time in the wilderness (maybe praying if he's got a diety)
and then Handle Animal checks to learn tricks.

sorry for the thread necromancy here but, I've got a sort of similar question (and there's a lot of threads to search through)

I have a ranger in my game that just reached level 4... which means, time for a animal companion.
I've looked through the pfsrd, and couldn't find any actual rules or what dice rolls to make him do, to get his new buddy.
under druid it says, 24 uninterrupted hours of prayer etc etc
but this is a Ranger, and in my mind, all that praying doesn't quite fit. I'm inclined to have him track via Survival and then Handle Animal for a few hours
if there are any sections pertaining to this out there that I missed I'd love it if someone could point me in the right direction or advise me on what sort of DC's he'd have to hit to pull this off.
thanks in advance.

We're on Chapter Two, making our way up the river

Xander Gaither - Half Elf Ranger 3/Rogue 1 (took up one level of Rogue for DD and an extra D6 when flanking something)

Talvo Ob - Dwarven Warpriest of Torag 4 (new character to the party as the players original char. (a Slayer) in the last battle of Chapter 1 lol)

Wilca Magceb - Half Elf Cleric of Milani 4

Nomac Greenbottle - Halfling Universal Wizard 4 (again, new character as the other players convinced him to ditch his useless Dervish Dancer Bard [meanwhile, I just think he wasn't playing him to his potential])

Eldirial - stats are rolled, no point buy, while I haven't seen them yet, they're bound to be relatively good.

ok, thanks, will let them see what they can do before I play something with them.

hello again...

Starting this AP this Sunday, book 1 level 1

now if you guys could advise me on a GMPC support character for my players.

so far as I know, party is
Fighter, Ranger, Cleric, and Dervish Dancer Bard

considering the shortage of arcane magics represented, should I make up a wiz/sorc to bring along with em?
or would you suggest something else? maybe something rogue-ish for Disable Device and scouting etc.
or let em hang out to dry until they ask me to bring in a NPC?

thanks for the replies

I shall speak with my group, see what they want to do

hey, new poster and DM for that matter
here's my question, as the subject line suggests, Can I jump into Giantslayer at book 2?

I'm a newbie DM, and I ran my first adventure, Book 1 of Rise of the Runelords, but for reasons I shan't type out at this time, I've decided to abandon it in favour of an Adventure Path that none of my group has not done before (well, I guess there's the reason I won't be running the rest of RotRL)... should I get them reroll/make new characters for Giantslayer and start on Book 1... or keep the same characters and they'll just find themselves taking over for a "previous group" sort of excuse?
do I need the set up of book 1?

and part of the reason I'm choosing Giantslayer is because all of the encounters are in HeroLab, so for the newb that I am, it'll just make it that much easier for me.

what say you?
thanks in advance