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As the title reads i want to run a all gobo game. I dont have much experience running games on the boards but i have played plenty of f2f games. So if your good with a dm who might make a mistake or two while playing let me know. Then if this has at least 5 players willing ill make a full recruitment post

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Might be interested, depends more on what you'd run. Willing to play a goblin though.

I would be interested, although it depends a bit on the setting and etc.

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Interested and already rolling one up!

Well it's good to see there are at least a few people who are into this type of game. Now I have most of the campaign books I am looking through it trying to see which one I could make the main characters be Goblins or which would be the easiest to just switch to a goblin bent.... open for opinions it could also just be something I make up as the game goes along see where the where the characters take us in this world and throwing a module here and there?

If you wanted to do an actual adventure path, an alternate opening Rise of the Runelords with a group of outcast goblins could be interesting. Skulls & Shackles could also work pretty easily.

Pirate goblins you say....

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GM Bone Man wrote:
Pirate goblins you say....

You have me!

The question is, will the goblins burn down their own ship before the first book is finished?

The We Be Goblins line is out there too, if you wanted to string those together (and they're free).

Sure, could be fun. Goblin pirates ahoy!

"Avast me gobbos, yo-ho!' a bottle o' rum!"

I'm definitely interested!

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goblin pirates... aw yeah
yo ho, me hearties, yo ho
I'll stab yer eye with me toe

I'm all for anything involving goblins!

Goblins! I'm down.

Right then ill be putting together my requirements in a new post and ill be starting it with we be goblins 1 then moing 9n to the main game loosely following skulls and shackles or we might just be using the area ^_^

sorry. I'm already in an all-kobold skull and shackles game.

I'm already on the S&S game as a goblin, but otherwise I love goblins. Maybe Iron Gods with Goblins? Iron Gobds?

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I'll be checking out the new thread. I love the idea.

Ok wow been reading over the s&s game and its looking great so ill have to change my ideas a bit but hay tgats the fun of rp right still going for a gobo game though its just going to take me a bit longer to fet everything right in my recruitment post having trouble nalling down the power level at the moment. I feel 20 points is too much power for gobos...ill have to do a quick play test with 15 points...well off to bug my wifes

I'm interested in playing the gobbo.

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One of my favorite D&D characters was my goblin evoker, Kraleck. With his 19 Int, he thought he was the most intelligent goblin to ever live, and had the ego to show for it, yet it was Kraleck who seem to find all the traps and dangers. He adventured with some humans and elves, had to rebuilt his spellbook from scratch twice, and became one of the leaders of a frontier town, eventually retiring with his mongrelfolk wife. I would love to bring him to Pathfinder!

I'm interested.
Yo ho and a bottle of alchemists fire!

well i made the game

Goblin pirates

Pumpkin too!!

i am interested

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The link isn't working for me, I have a gobo gunslinger from a different campaign that died shortly after it started who'd love to join your crew.

Hate to say, that recruitment has already passed :(
Good Sir GM Bone Man has already picked his crew. (I didn't make the cut btw)
It was a pretty short recruitment.

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