Interest Check: Dark Souls


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I am currently running a dark souls themed game but given the recent release of DaS3 I'm considering opening a second table.

However, recruitment was a little rocky the first time around. Is there still people who want to play a Souls RPG?

Hey there, I remember you, I tried out for you Darksouls game but did not get selected...bummer on that.

I applied with a ninja I think.

Maybe there is some kind of mistake, I looked through my old recruitment but didn't see any ninja's or characters by yourself.

In any case the first table will also have a slot open as soon as they finish their first portion of the campaign, if you'd rather join them.

I applied as a replacement for your Labyrinth game... I found the PM you sent as well.

I applied with Kayla a gnome ninja (or maybe a rogue) back in November.

This thread

Hmmmm, no MightyGlacier runs Labyrinth Souls. I'm actually a player in that game, under the name of Kekkle. I was giving feedback on submissions though.

ohhhhhh sorry, I thought you were running that game... sorry, my bad there

Speaking of Mighty Glacier...

Interested this time around. I need to think of a character concept first. Probably some kind of melee guy in armor.

Yes i am very interested, i will write something up. What would the deadline be?

I usually set my deadlines for two weeks after the recruitment is open.

Alright i will get working on it soon.

Should i follow the creation rules that is in the link that edward posted?

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No, that is not a game that I am running.

Here is the Player's Handbook for the first table. Recruitment for a second table will have its own book, nut this'll give you an idea of how things work.

Oh wow, very good work. You've sold me onto this. Send me the details for table two if that's the rules I need to make my character based on.

I appreciate the endorsement. I haven't started on the new book yet but it'll be ready by the time recruitment is open for the second table.

That sounds neat. I'm interested.

Oh. This. Is. SICK!!! SO IN.

Okay, so I've actually got Dark Souls-Themed content I'm writing up for publication with a 3pp... So I was wondering even if I don't get 'in' on the campaign, can I still lurk around and watch to see how the game themes translate to pathfinder? I promise not to steal anything you've developed or anything, I just want to see how players react to that kind of setting/style of game.


Sure, I'll apply with my submission from last time.

Name: Thak Val Zsing
Race: Male Human (Frejan Ethnicity)
Class: Barbarian (Primal Warrior)
Demi-Gestalt: Medium (Champion Spirit)
Ability Scores: Knight
Trait: The Hunter
Starting Gift: Pendant
Covenant: None
Backstory: Marked at birth to be the vessel for the hero animal-spirit Zsing, Thak struggled when young with the yoke of his destiny, particularly when Zsing forced him to join a cross-tribe honor-bout. While away fighting, his closest friend Elokai was killed. He still carries a pendant they found together while scavenging middens in a long-dead town. Eventually, he struck a bargain with Zsing- the completion of his destiny or his death in trying, and in return, to be left alone for the rest of his life. Following this accord, Thak has left his tribe and struck out on the path of the hunter-hero.
Personality: When unbloodied- solumn, loyal, resolute, quiet, lonely. When bloodied- vengeful, hedonistic, raging, animalistic. Never so animalistic as to pose a threat to his tribe.
Description: Bald, grey stubbled head and chin, black leopard-spot tattoos over face and arms and legs, wears a leopard-pelt loincloth and cape, brown leather bandolier across chest with pouches, brown eyes, thickset, less than average height, long and jagged fingernails and toenails.

Bumping to get as much visibility as possible before opening recruitment.

Did somebody say JOLLY CO-OPERATION!?

Count me as very interested and lurking until recruitment is open.

As for submissions, I have to check Table 1's book you linked, but most probably I'd go with a mild to hihgly armored guy with a splash of other abilities. Maybe even a Warrior of the Sun guy.

Jeeeez, do these boards always have such kick ass games running???

I've applied to 2 already, BUT- I will at the very least be watching this one ^_^

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Interest seems healthy enough so methinks it is time to say...

Recruitment is open!

Go ahead and post away (lurker's too, I love a good conversation).

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