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Anthony 'Brick' Rubrick:

Strength: 15
Agility: 15
Endurance: 13
Personality: 10
Intelligence: 10
Luck: 13
Luck Modifies...: Saving Throws.

Hit points: 4
Money: 34 cents.

Anthony Rubrick moved from the civilized East to the Wild East three years ago, fleeing from sweet Molly's angry husband. Packing only the letters he exchanged with the beautiful irish woman, Brick didn't find much work until the newest quarry opened.
Seven months ago he fell in love with a redhead prostitute by the name of Marla and Brick will risk his live for a chance to take her and himself out of town and to a better life together.

Thomas McCain: Hide:

Strength: 7
Agility: 12
Endurance: 11
Personality: 16
Intelligence: 7
Luck: 12
Luck Modifies...: Saving Throws versus traps

Hit points: 4
Money: 28 cents.

What Thomas McCain lacks in brain or brawn he got it with his charm. A cooper by trade, there isn't anybody left who knows of his short career as a bounty hunter, when he teamed up with his friend Jim Hudson.
One day both went to fetch a commonthief but only Thomas returned, soon to flee town.
A pious man, Thomas set out to redeem himself, a wanted poster and an angry spirit his only mementos of what happened under the unforgiving sun.
A wanted poster and a pursuing ghost...

Blueboy Jackson:

Chosen character: Dude 4
Strength: 10
Agility: 13
Endurance: 9
Personality: 10
Intelligence: 13
Luck: 10
Luck Modifies...: Damage Rolls

Hit points: 4 + END
Money: 28 cents.

Blueboy now works as a saddler. A simple life for most, but he prefers it rather than returning to the Cavalry.
Now the cannon's roar has been changed for the repetitive sounds of his tools, andI he likes it that way. Blueboy aims to be a big fish and that's the main reason he is studying medicine during his free time.
Well, that and to woo the Major's daughter, who would never marry Blueboy the Saddler but perhaps would chose Doctor Jackson as her husband.