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New Armor:

Improved Mail (AC 14, 50 lbs).
Half Plate (AC 14, 40 lbs.)
Breastplate and Leather (AC 16, 25 lbs.)

Back in the day, chainmail was AC 5 and platemail was AC 3. Therefore, Breastplate and Leather at AC 6 is a little worse than chainmail. And Half Plate and Improved Mail are a little worse than platemail.

First, Half-plate already exists in Pathfinder. Let's not mince words and change it.

Second, Banded Mail in Pathfinder is the same AC as Half-plate. It also is lighter and almost the same price as Birthright Improved Mail, so let's use that. As a benefit the flavor description of Improved Mail reads similar to Banded.

And Breastplate and Leather, just go with Pathfinder breastplate. It's a little heavier and offers the same protection as Chainmail, but the flavor description matches.


I taken a quick look through, Elton, and I'm really not sure about some of your decisions.

Why give barbarians half source regency? They're not spell-casters, they don't automatically have bloodlines and they don't have the blessing of Erik, so there should be no conceivable reason that they are even able to sense source holdings, let alone derive regency from them.

Why should Ruornil sponsor paladins? He's true neutral and is focussed on arcane magic and defending against the Shadow World. Yes, Haelyn and Ruornil were both Anuireans as mortals, but that's no reason to suggest that the Silver Prince would found his own order of paladins.

Given that you chose some 'interesting' real-world interpretations of the Cerilian languages, why resort to Tolkien to define the Sidhelien tongue? It's clearly a mix of Welsh and Irish. I see Old Andu as the Latin analogue, but if you want to keep the English theme, you should cast it as Anglo-Saxon, rather than Norman French.

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It's a little bit of a personal interpretation. According to "Secrets of Medoere" the regent is looking for a champion to wield the family sword. Monte Cook wrote that book (yeah he did), and it says Paladin in there.

Secondly, the Barbarians gaining power from a Source sounded natural. Although, the new regent of feats suggested by one and I added does away with that. It was too late to change the rules that regency gain is connected to class.

Thirdly, about the languages, that's personal taste, come to think of it.

Could you put all this into one document for download? I agree with you about Birthright being the greatest setting they ever produced. It just came at the wrong time as TSR was in a lot of trouble at the time, and despite the supplements they produced with it it didn't get a lot of support in Dragon magazine or anywhere else, it seems.

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Yeah, I'll be putting it all together with stuff from Birthright.net


This is the list of minor bloodline abilities. You need to know what derivation bloodline you have. Some abilities are different by derivation, and some are limited to certain bloodlines. This is the list of bloodline derivations: Andurias (An), Azrai, (Az) Brenna (Br), Basaia (Ba), Masela (Ma), Reynir (Re), and Vorynn (Vo). If an ability can be selected by a derivation, it will be included in the list after the name of the ability. They all count as spell-like abilities that can be used according to the text, but they are unique to spells.

Alertness (Ba, Br, Re, Az) -- Gain the Alertness feat for free (wow).

Animal Affinity (All) -- If of Andurias your affinity is to lions; If of Reynir, your affinity is to wolves; if of Masela the dolphin; if of Brenna, the cat; if of Vorynn, the lion; and if of Basaia, the Eagle; and if of Azrai, the Serpent. you can use this 1/day if minor, if Major 2/day, and if Great 3/day

Blood History (Br, Ma, Vo) -- you have the memories of your Ancestors. You can use this at will.

Bloodmark (All) -- you get a birthmark obviously distinguishing you as having a bloodline.

Courage (An) -- You are courageous in battle and gain a bonus against the effects of fear. minor: +2 bonus to only yourself, Major: the +2 bonus is extended to your allies within ten feet. This is a constant, passive ability.

Detect Lie (An, Ba, Br, Ma, Re, Vo) -- This is essentially the spell Discern Lies. you can use the spell as a spell-like ability 1/day.

Detect Illusion (Az, Ba, Br, Ma, Re, Vo) -- Operates like Detect Magic, but only works with Illusions. Can be used at will.

Direction Sense (Ma, Re) -- This is essentially the psionic power know direction and location. You can use this as a psi-like ability 1/day.

Enhanced Sense (All) -- Andurias scions gain the spell-like ability detect evil 3/day. Azrai scions gain Low Light Vision. Basaia's scions gain Eagle Sight and can spot detail in distances 10 times better than any human. Brenna's scions gain Darkvision and better hearing. Masela's scions have sight that is not hindered by fog, snow, rain, wind, or some other weather obscurement, and his hearing are not hampered by howling wind or driving rain. Reynir's scions gain the Tracking ability common to Rangers. Also, they are surprised in the wilderness only on a roll of 1. Vorynn's scions gain Augury as a spell-like ability 1/day. As a major ability, Augury is replaced by the psi-like ability Danger Sense, a constant passive ability that trips when ever he is in danger.

Healing (An, Ba, Re) -- Gain Cure Light Wounds as a spell like ability usable 3/day.

Heightened Ability (An, Az, Ba, Br, Re, Vo) -- Gain +2 to a certain ability score. Andurias -- Charisma or Strength; Basaia -- Intelligence; Brenna -- Dexterity; Reynir -- Constitution; Vorynn -- Wisdom; Azrai -- Charisma or Intelligence.

Iron Will (An, Az, Re) -- Gain the Iron Will feat for free.

Poison Sense (Az, Re) -- Gain Detect Poison as a spell like ability to be used 3/day.

Resistance (All) -- Gain Spell Resistance against certain types of spells equal to 12. Andurias: SR 12/Enchantment school; Azrai: 12/Necromancy and negative levels; Basaia: 12/Fire school and light based attacks. Brenna: 12/Transmutation school; Masela: 12/Water school and has Water Breathing as a constant ability; Reynir: Gains protection from the Elements as a spell-like Ability 1/day. Vorynn: 12/Evocation school.

Unreadable Thoughts (All) -- Gain the psi-like ability Conceal Thoughts to use at will.

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Part one of the Conversion Document is here:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_UC9BVJdWeh62uzf3VpMm00lV0ppT4fL8xr_s55 vEBg/edit?usp=sharing
If there are any spaces, please delete them after you entered it into your address bar.

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How much criticism do you want? Or should we just accept?


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Most of it is from Birthright.net, and it's still in flux.

So shoot away.

I do love the information and will be taking a closer look at it when I can get it all downloaded. Been trying to do all of this for a good, long while. Glad to see it on here, and I am on Birthright.net, and am on it often to read up on things, so hopefully I'll spot this thread (for some reason I've missed it).

Shadow Lodge

I absolutely loved the Birthright setting and applaud a conversion. Keep at it! I got my copy of Blood Enemies signed by Tony Szczudlo (the setting artist) at GaryCon this past year. He's a great dude.

How far along in the PF conversion are you?

Dotting. Elton, were you involved in the 2nd Ed PBEMs back in the early 90s? I happened to see Silveras on the Hero Lab forums a few months ago.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

Silveras is on these forums as "Urath DM"

I played in the PBEM games in the 90s a lot as Lialos, and have an item or two published on birthright.net. Great setting. Followed mechanically by Alternity, it was easy to watch the progression of thought as the Player's Option stuff was coming out and culminated in Alternity. A great time for TSR and gaming.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:

How far along in the PF conversion are you?

Oh, I forgot about it. I must be halfway through. :)

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I'm a little -- uh -- persuaded to try a Birthright game again. What do you guys think?

I was formerly known as Memnoch back during the PBEM days and the Birthright computer game.

When ultimate campaign came out, I was seriously interested in taking another look at the domain rules and see if the flavor and feel of Cerilia/Birthright could be written with those rulesets in mind.

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I think I knew you. I think so. :)

Silver Crusade

Class Revisions:

Witches are a full Regent class. They gain regency through sources if they want. I still think it's a mistake, though, but looking through them a second time, I can see why some players would need them to be regents.

Alchemists are a full regent class. They also can be source regents and/or guild regents.

Magicians are still a commoner class. :)

Gunslingers --> So far, no one has gotten any gunpowder. If they existed, they'd start first amongst the Brechts.

Magus --> Magi gain regency through Law and Source holdings. More source than law for some.

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Quintain wrote:

I was formerly known as Memnoch back during the PBEM days and the Birthright computer game.

When ultimate campaign came out, I was seriously interested in taking another look at the domain rules and see if the flavor and feel of Cerilia/Birthright could be written with those rulesets in mind.

I'm positive I know you from those days.

TPK Games wrote:
I absolutely loved the Birthright setting and applaud a conversion. Keep at it! I got my copy of Blood Enemies signed by Tony Szczudlo (the setting artist) at GaryCon this past year. He's a great dude.

I met Rich Baker at UK GenCon in 2008, I think. He was there to promote 4th Ed, so instead of course my friend and I talked to him about Birthright. He even signed a couple of my books. :)

Any chance that someone is still working on this? Or have I stumbled into the wrong crypt?

Sorry, I've put this "unfinished" work away for a little bit as I work on my homebrew. All of my work on Birthright was very good experience. :)


Do you have a google drive share with your stuff? I've downloaded some of the 3.5 stuff that was built on Birthright.net.

But I was never really on board with how they did the conversion.

I'd actually put it up on the BR.net's wiki, since it's easier for everyone to go in and edit.

If I have to, I'll go over it again and put up a pdf on google docs.

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Thread Necromancy.

Anyone want to see a revision of this conversion?

i know nothing of this setting but i remember that one time 20 years ago my dad brought me a video game name Birthright (I'm not an english speaker, that's the first time I heard the term so it stuck)

I remember nothing of the game other than the main guy was called Carillon Alam.

I played it like 2 times for less than 30 minutes.

But the name Carillon Alam stuck with me forever. Something about the prosody of it. The weight of the name was unlike anything I've ever seen.

Is this the same Birthright?

Yes, and no. Birthright: the Gorgon's Alliance was made about 20 years ago. I'm talking about the campaign setting, Birthright. I'm wondering if people would like to see a revision of my work here.

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I vote for a new posting about birthright especially a revision

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A revision would be interesting.

Carilon Alam is the canonical Duke of Alamie in 551 MR (the default start date). In the PC game, Alamie is listed as the hardest realm to play, as I recall, so I would quite imagine that you didn't really take to the game. :)

These aren't are the droids revisions you're looking for....


Sorry, I just saw this. I would definitely go for a revision.

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