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Any chance that someone is still working on this? Or have I stumbled into the wrong crypt?

Looks like an Ogre being harassed by Goblins to me.

I think these are my favorites, each has flaws, but can be smoothed out for my own game with a small amount of work.

My Top 5 -
Talisman of Whispering Souls
Deadstring Shears
Cloak of Rian's Mercy
Leash of the Shadowhound
Seer's Tea

My Honorable Mentions -
Bodyguard's Vest
Shroud of Old Souls
Thieves Cowl

I don't believe that they were saying a Pathfinder themed item was a 'Suck Up Item' per se. Personally I would class a 'Altar of Judge Worshipping' or 'The Toe of Mona' as Suck up items.

Looking at the item quickly, I think it has potential for greatness, but it seems a little odd in some way I can not explain. Basically you get 25 free spells, with take 1 full round to cast.

Personally I would like to see this as a Artifact power level item. I would add some more spell effects to it and make it into a book that lets you make any of the recipes a couple times per day or week.

Beyond that it does not really shine for me. I doubt that it would ever see a use in my game.

Many good wishes to the next round. I hope to see some good Countries. :)

I do believe my item fell in the Polymorph item type, as well as the home campaign item category most likely. Just hope it didn't fall into the Way to many words pile.

I like the item, I could see it being a holy relic to a religion devoted to taking the suffering of the world unto themselves in homage to the suffering their god endures. I believe that the FR setting had such a god.

One question on this though. If I absorb a malady from Pc #2 and then cast a spell to remove said malady from myself, what happens?

Why limit it to 1 Malady? If you make it that the wearer suffers the effects of all maladies absorbed, it can make for an interesting RP situation for that day. I think I would allow the character to absorb 1 Malady per Constitution point or Modifier point.

Just imagine a simple cleric travelling from town to town performing simple miracle for the common people, taking the maladies unto him/herself then moving on to the next town.

Now take that to a less honorable idea. A con artist gets ahold of one of these, he/she claims that a tonic created can instantly cure any malady that has befallen a small town. To prove the point he/she invites a random person afflicted to the front of the crowd, since the townsfolk know the individual, they know they are not in league to bamboozle the village. The Con Artist has the person drink their tonic and absorbs the malady, hiding any effects that manifest in some way. The villager is cured and everyone believes the tonic worked a miracle. The village scrounges up the con artists fee and purchases a a supply of the tonic and bids the con-artist well as he leaves town to bring his miracle to others in need, preferably before they realize the tonic is simply a foul tasting, but otherwise harmless, substance.

Could be an interesting encounter.

Love the idea of tea based magic items. I'm a big fan of the Avatar the last Airbender series, one character 'Uncle Iroh' has a love of fine teas. I could see him having access to something like this as well as some other fine teas.

I can already see a new line of tea magic forming.

Perhaps a Meditative Tea that allows for less rest between spell memorization, though if over used it could have some nasty side effects as well as being extremely addictive.

An Energizing Tea that allows one to resist the effects of fatigue for a limited time could also be useful.

I actually like the item, but I think it would be more fun as a weapon, maybe a sickle. Perhaps created by a druid that was frustrated with all the undead in his/her forest.

Just imagine the scene, a sickle weilding druid runs screaming through the forest. Several zombies turn to face the maddened naturalist, as the druid closes in he strikes one of the zombies, completely severing all its ties to the living world. It collapses in a pile of rotting flesh, giving off a sigh of relief almost as it falls.

Might modify this and use it in my game. ;)

I could see this being used by the same villain that has the Leash of the Shadowhound. The combination, while not to overpowering would be useful, as you could keep track of the fleeing Wraiths. Could be very interesting to see, as said Villain could see if the Wraiths were coming back and time other things accordingly.

I like the concept for this item. Makes a great Villains item if used right. Myself I would modify it a little for use by a villain I think.

I would see it being a bit more frightening if it summoned more hounds, say 1d4. Maybe drop the wraith creation in that case though. Or another option would be to allow the user to control to created Wraiths for 1d6 rounds, then they become free willed and may or may not attack the user as per their own desires.

I could see a Necromancer type Villain with 3 of these items active to protect him while he finishes a spell to cause major havoc. Said Necromancer then decides to run the hounds through town and fill up his ranks with some Wraiths, since they can be easily created and any necromancer worth his salt should be able to control them easily.

An alternative use for the item though, would be for a party to have one, not for combat at all. If Wraiths are so scared of these dogs, simply active the item when confronted with wraiths and presto, no combat.

Its fairly well done IMO. Though sadly do not think anyone in my group would ever even have a use for it. Not one of my players has ever put a single point into Perform (Dance).

As one person mentioned, it does add the utility of a staff to a belt item, which is nice, as not ever character really needs to walk around with a staff all the time. For that I give it points, but beyond that I personally think some of the items I saw floating around the boards that were not entered looked better.

I seriously remember an item in an Adventure that I read that did this almost exactly. May have been a really old Dungeon adventure or something, but I am sure I have seen it before. Odd to say the least.

Other than that, its an ok item I guess. Not really high on my list for votes though.

Erik Mona wrote:

I'll cut the suspense. Some of the comments on losing entries were brutal, and you don't want to read them.

Some, on the other hand, were really long threads (up to 14 or so posts in some cases) arguing arcane elements of rules balance or what have you. I suspect these comments would be very helpful, but no one is going to go through the 830+ losing entries to sort the helpful comments from the unhelpful ones.

The judges have been discussing putting together some sort of essay about our methodology with some anecdotes about what worked and what didn't, common themes, etc. That's probably the closest we'll get to revealing the commentary on items that didn't make the cut.

I would gladly go through all the posts to EDIT the comments for those of us that did not make the cut. Though myslef, I think a bit of brutal reality would be nice. Then I would know what was wrong with my Amulet.

I don't recall the exact details of my item anymore, lost the backup apparently, but it was basically this:

Amulet of the Wolf
Lesser version - Give wearer the Scent ability and an associated Track by Scent bonus.
Greater version - adds the ability to transform into a wolf for a time (Which I think I forgot to specify).

Think I might have done a major error when I did my word count and only did one before I added the greater version. That makes me sad...

Well, I submitted a while back. Was a fun entry, though its hard to say how well liked it would be.

If I am selected though, I have some ideas flowing for the next few stages of the game. :) Though they could just as well be used to abuse, er I mean excite, my players.

I think I will enjoy my chosen theme though, no matter the outcome.

Good luck to all entered and Hope to see you all on the next stage of this quest. ;)