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Any chance you would be returning to the Mercenaries book for the Ultimate series?

I am currently working on a project and knowing that Smugglers lose Evasion to the Distraction class ability, I have a question pertaining Rogue Talents. In the Advanced Talent section is Improved Evasion, which I am not quite seeing Evasion being a pre-req. I am curious if it is necessary to have Evasion to have Improved Evasion, although on a separate note I am wondering if Evasion can be bought via the Rogue Talents in the beginning levels after the level Evasion exists.

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You know I'm definitely looking forward to the Ultimate Armies book. Been waiting on that one for a loooooooong time, since it is required for the work I am trying to do and jury-rigging the current armies with different races and different layouts has so proven difficult for me. If you did an Ultimate Marketplace book (a book about trade goods as I have only found one book on trade goods), that would be great. Someone above mentioned Ultimate Strongholds and I agree entirely on that one.

On second place, Kingdom-Building would also be great.

Third place would be... well, those are really the only two I have interest in, really. So, whatever else that floats your boat.

Thanks. Well, I finally got the number for the guy who didn't show up and apparently he forgot entirely about it, but he still wants me in the group. So, they might have room for one or two others but I am uncertain if it's a good group yet. Already my only answers to what is playable is either a 3rd Level Pathfinder character or a 3rd Level Modern d20 Character. No specifics on books used for either, just... to make a character and that pretty much anything was open.

Still looking, though, for another option.

I'm currently in the process of looking for a Pathfinder game. Was to meet someone this week to join their group but not once did he show up. Instead, I'm hoping to seek out another group (four days to a week spending all of my free time at a Game Store intentionally to meet up with him as he has asked is quite annoying).

So, yes, I have many years experience of Dungeons and Dragons as I had started gaming at the age of 6 (currently 34) and I am quite often told that I am an excellent roleplayer (mind you Role player, not Roll player). However, as I 'suffer' (not much suffering from my perspective) from Aspergers, I have difficulties sometimes with fitting in. I've been through a few different groups previously, of which one was quite boring and focused entirely on Roll play and being as OP as possible.

Anyway, I am looking for a group that isn't too far away and looking for another player. Let me know if you are interested in having me or meeting up to discuss the possibility.

Just purchased it and I plan on reading it soon. I very much hope that things are going great, Jason. I also have high hopes for that Ultimate Mercenary (?) book that you plan on doing sometime. Seriously can't wait to use that in a game.

It was only a temporary disappointment, Jason. I'm still reading over things and the addition of Divisions into the military units does make things more interesting. I am re-creating my concept for mass combat on your books, so there is no room for me to complain about it. :P However, I will be beyond pleased when Ultimate Armies comes out. Trying to hold out for that book. :)

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That does excite me. One of the reasons I had bought Ultimate War is because to my last read there would be Mercenaries. I was momentarily upset by the lack of it when I first started to read it, but I am beginning to read it more closely now and I am getting interested in it again.

Seriously cannot wait for Ultimate Armies, though. Trying to work on something and I am going to have to just guess-work myself Mercenaries until such time as the book comes out.

*nods* I'm doing my best. I do understand what you mean, Chemlak, but I'm also agreeing with Jason Nelson in the fact that the BP do seem to be opposite to the Birthright GBs... just that I am trying to do my best to come up with an idea as to how to bridge the two.

I do love the information and will be taking a closer look at it when I can get it all downloaded. Been trying to do all of this for a good, long while. Glad to see it on here, and I am on, and am on it often to read up on things, so hopefully I'll spot this thread (for some reason I've missed it).

Of course, I am also now reading over the 'Starting from Scratch' section and believe that using the 01-25 Kingdom Size statistics for BP would be nice. However, considering that I am updating a Birthright (2nd Edition D&D game setting) PBeM to using /some/ of the Pathfinder information, and I am using these two books, I believe I might end up getting rid of Build Points entirely and, as the 01-25 Kingdom Size states of 1,000 GP = 1 BP, I might remove the BP and restore the traditional Gold Bar (GB) amount, however with such smaller kingdoms the GB cost would be 1,000 GP instead of 2,000 GP per 1 GB. Makes buildings much easier to purchase and make, though I am still having to look over the cost of buildings in the Ultimate Campaign again, though the chart on Page 20-21 (for some reason it reads as 25) shows the BP/Month information and I might just end up using that instead.

Again, love the book, but just trying to figure out how to retool it to assist me in my main love of Birthright.

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Again, I'd like to compliment on the book. I'm loving it, even through my third or fourth read-through. I am currently working on a PBeM game that will involve some of the information listed here, though the fact that buildings seem to cost... tremendous amounts of money (72k for an Aerie)... just seems rather staggering.

*cannot comment past his laughter*

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:
And, of course, one of these days I will finally get Ultimate War out the door.
I'm looking forward to it! I also hope that the promised book/PDF about how to stage tournaments comes along sometime soon as well.

I agree entirely. That would be awesome.

I'd love to, but cannot get the time off nor afford the price of a plane ticket or attendance ticket. Would be wonderful, though.

Glad to hear you've got a lot going on.

So, whats up next on the Drawing Board? :)

Congrats. I'm glad the book went out well and is, no doubt, booming. I'm certain a few of my friends will be purchasing the book (since they are Pirate fanatics).

Nevermind, I found the answer listed in there, basically saying that it uses all the Druid spells (which includes Cure Wounds spells), plus the spells on the Shaman list.

I am curious about something. I was looking through the Shaman class and I keep seeing that they had the Inflict Wounds spells, but not Curative spells despite being a Healing class as well as a Combat class. It's my main question on at the moment.

Any idea on when they might be updating the Playtest again? I'm wanting to run a Shaman in my GM's game, but he informed me that until they update it again, I won't be able to.

LOL. Sweet.

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*raises his pinky finger to his mouth* That sounds rather.... eeeeevil.

Anything else new coming out shortly?

Of course, when I get a chance, I'll try looking into the other books that Legendary Games puts out.

I've already had a good number of friends I have been bugging to check this thing out when it comes out (Ultimate War) and I've been doing my best to spread word of the two other Ultimate books (Rulership and Battle). Trying to get some local gamers to institute the books in their games because they have some awesome detail (though, for some reason, I cannot seem to print out Ultimate Rulership despite having bought it).

Sounds awesome!

So, what all else is coming up soon?

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Yes, thank you for answering Jason. You are extremely nice about how you do it all and don't take offense when people ask about its status from what I've read. This is a kind of writer (I think that's your position) that I enjoy purchasing books from. I will wait and will be glad to purchase it when it comes out.

So, there seems to be no response to the fact that Deserts are listed in the details of the tile Generation section, but not actually on the Generation rolling list.

I have been recently hearing a little bit about the Ultimate War book. I've picked up Ultimate Rulership and Ultimate Battle and I'm definitely very interested in getting my hands on Ultimate War. Any ideas about when it'll be done?

Recently interested,


Does anyone happen to know of the actual release date of the book? I have ordered one from a local gaming store and they kept telling me today, but when I went to pick it up I'm being told that its not really until Friday and so I have to wait till then unless I can prove the release date is today (their information is iffy).

Hah. Personally, I think it would be great to see alternate rules on Reincarnation. I actually remember an old GM of mine (pre-Pathfinder of course) taking the Reincarnation rules and trashing them before he made his own set. Of course, being extremely lucky, I ended up rolling (uncertain how I rolled that 1% chance) of being a Troll with my Reincarnated ex-Human Monk. That was fun. Troll Monk.

Alright, I have to ask: Why is it people are focusing on making Young Adventurers? I just don't see the appeal of that. Nobody in my group would ever consider that (except for one person who joined for a day and he found out the hard way that even children can die in Pathfinder). Anyways, I see my question about Deserts have been completely eclipsed by talk of Children PCs and just found that rather... confounding.

I really love this book. Honest to the Gods, I do. Unfortunately I noticed one big mistake in the book that has me confused. I was in the Hex Terrain section that details the terrain and then you roll for it and noticed 'Desert' is missing in the rolls. I know I have certain areas that I would like some Deserts in and I don't know just what I should remove number-wise in order to add it in. Any Errata on this book yet?

Interzone wrote:

The UM spell Protective Penumbra would help him.. Maybe use the wondrous item crafting rules to figure out how to cost an item that can repeatedly cast that spell or something?

Here is the spell for reference:

Protective Penumbra

School evocation [darkness]; Level cleric 2, sorcerer/wizard 2, witch 2

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S,

Range touch

Target creature touched

Duration 10 minutes/level

Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes

This spell keeps the target slightly in shadow. A target with light blindness, light sensitivity, or vulnerability to sunlight (such as vampires and wraiths) may ignore penalties from those qualities. The spell gives the target a +2 bonus on saving throws against nonmagical hazards related to bright light, such as glare or sunburn.

If I am reading the info on the following page ( correctly, it'll cost 18,000 GP for this magical item (3rd level caster * 2nd level spell is 6. 6*2,000 GP = 12k GP. 12k * 1.5 = 18k GP)

If its the Cantrip, it's like... 3,000 GP.

To my understanding, this would be great to target a Horse and Rider (or Goblin Dog and Goblin, etc...) Unless you are looking to ask your enemies to stand on each other's heads and then blast them.

Is this product going to be available for Distribution? The local gaming store that I go to would love to get a hold of these Goblins (the ones that don't say exclusive to and sell them if not make a collection for themselves.

That is definitely most awesome. Thank you for letting me know. I'll see about buying a copy. Thanks again.

*chuckles* I do know that the Weretigers listed in the Beastiary are... incredible. +12 to Str if I read correctly when in Hybrid form??? I made one in a for-laughs-only group I played in shortly and we saw how incredible it was. Overpowered too as it was a Weretiger Monk (despite being a Goblin base race). Goblin Were-Tiger Monk (a la Goblin Pimp as I called it and he did have Profession: Pimp).

Anyways... I still haven't seen anything on this. I mean, I assume a Were-Rhino has either Improved Bullrush and/or Improved Trample?

Are there Were-Dinosaurs? Were-Displacer Beasts? Were-Hell Hounds? It would be awesome to come up with the ideas and possibilities.

I am currently working on my own Pathfinder campaign for my local gaming group. There is a setting I have been working on since the beginning of 3.0 and I have been looking to finally put it into works. Unfortunately, every time I go looking for information on the subject, I usually don't find much. Having looked at the 3.5 Forgotten Realms Campaign book I noticed a map with trade resources on it and I am looking forward to using most of these. I was wondering if there were specific trade products or resources listings or other information on the subject that pertains to Pathfinder. I would prefer to use Pathfinder information over 3.5, even if they are compatible, but I was hoping that out of everything that I have seen so far I would find the subject.

I am making a large campaign setting world and with under 100 trade resources available I am having a hard time not having so many duplicates. Already in the main region that the players will start out there are 38 locations (thorpes/villages/towns/cities/metropolis) and I am already doing at least two resources per location. I would seriously love to see a complete listing of possible resources since my own made-up list looked ridiculous (after all, how many locations will make corpses for necromancers an actual trade commodity).

Heh. I know this is largely outdated, but I stumbled across this recently and figured 'Why not'. I am looking for a means to start getting the Innsmouth series. I've looked on Ebay and there is no 'Crawford Inheritance' module as people were suggesting on other sites. I've found 'Escape from Innsmouth', but unfortunately that is hugely overcharged at close to $99. There is something I found that I'm happy I have, but unfortunately it says not to use it until I have gotten the Crawford Inheritance module first.

So, just kinda wondering, has there been any update in the classes at least? Seriously, I want something new and considering that my group has had the BOEF open since day one of our Pathfinder group, I'd love to bring in an Imagist or a Tantric. Unfortunately, Tantric is very confusing to read (as was mentioned, can't tell which stats I really need for the spells or if it really has all three stats giving bonus spells... because... damn!). I had played a character in a previous group (which my DM was a part of) that included me playing an Infernal (3rd party race) Prostitute (I think I was a Rogue or a Bard with Perform/Sexual Acts and Profession/Prostitute max'd out with some Swashbuckler book's feats that made it insanely huge as to the modifier).

Personally, for me, its more of the fun of doing something that hasn't been done before in my group. Some of the guys are still kind've perverted, but I want to have a character that the rest of the group can go 'Damn... I seriously wanted to do that to the Queen'.

Alright, I'm a major fan of Lycanthropy. I've seen a little bit of Lycanthropy in the past and I've seen how fun it can be both fighting as a Lycanthrope and against it. I've been killed by a Lycanthrope during a fist fight (Monk vs Sailor, when sailor lost he shifted and then I got mauled), and I have beaten someone to death as a Werewolf (One of my earliest 3.0 experiences).

Well, my question is this: How can you tell what Lycanthrope has what. I mean, looking at Weretiger I see it has a +12 to Str. Not much of anything else, but that's that. You go Werewolf and it has additional natural armor (I believe) and then the Werebear has its things and Wererat has its disease and other traits... all these animals have these things. What does a Werepanther have? Or a Werebunny? Or a Werewolverine or some other cool animal? I don't quite understand the instructions on how to make other Lycanthropes despite wanting to. Would a Werecheetah have a massive speed? Would a Werebeaver make huge dams?

Just trying to figure out what all does what. I love making Lycanthropes and there is something I'm putting together in my campaign that I am looking for these answers for.

To my understanding, at least back during 3.5, there is mention that your Cohort cannot take the Leadership feat. I know in the two groups I've played the Lts cannot ever take Leadership, as that leads to millions of people under control of one person... and each person would remain loyal to the first person who took Leadership. A whole nation's worth of people all loyal without fault to one person... that's near impossible even for a fantasy game.

I am curious how mass combat works for Pathfinder. I have played in the Birthright setting for 2nd Edition and used the Mass Combat system for them (the cards), as well as having heard reference to something called War Machine. However, as I have just finished taking advice previously on City Guards and Military, I am trying to figure out how to institute Mass Unit combat without having to roll for each individual character (considering that one side will have around 30k Goblins).

I actually intend for Fighters to have taken part in that war, considering the campaign will take place a few months after the war's end. I'm planning for certain that the Human Empire will be invaded by the Hobgoblin Empire and that martial law will be declared by the local Hobgoblin forces that their Empire leaves behind to ensure that Humans do not get any idea of rising up against them again.

*nods to Samnell* Still, its a good idea to implement, considering there will be Nobles involved. This Empire is going to be carved up and placed in the hands of stooges (some Human, some not) who worked with the Hobgoblins or even thought that martial law can't be that bad.

And thank you John Mangrum, that gave me the exact answer I was needing. I'll begin putting it into effect as soon as I'm done typing this. If anybody else has any further thoughts on the subject (perhaps rolling how many Gladiators, as this Human Empire is fond of Gladiators, are additionally involved in the military or any other ideas). Thanks.

I'm about to start up a Pathfinder campaign and in the process of doing so I am having to re-enact a war that is pre-campaign. Rather than just go and say 'Well, this happened and this happened and there were losses on both sides', I'm actually trying to recreate the battles so that whenever I have a player who says 'I fought in this war', I'll be able to go through the notebook to that battle and say 'Ah, so you probably served under <commander's name> and this battle was <success/failure/tie>.'

Anyways, the question I'm asking is that I have rolled up a number of locations from Thorpes to Metropolis' and I am wondering the following:
1) How many city guards would be in any of these locations? Is there a certain die roll amount or a percent?
2) How much of a military presence would these cities be if they were run by a High-Military Power? How much would there be if it was just a normal Romanesque society (non-forts, just normal cities that only held a normal amount of military forces, not a large army)?

That's pretty much about all I'm wondering. Thanks.