Cleric of Kyuss

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Full Name



Human Lich


Necromancer 30th level





Special Abilities

Decay Ambition


Lawful Evil




Waterloo, IA


Wage Slave, Evil Genius

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Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 12
Charisma 18

About TPK Games

TPK Games is a third party publishing company for the Pathfinder RPG. We also travel the Midwest gaming convention circuit selling our gaming products and converting people to the Pathfinder game.

We publish:

The Infamous Adversaries line of villain sourcebooks, giving the GM a highly detailed villain for use in their campaigns and including a set of Hero Lab files for complete customization in their games.

The Grave Undertakings short adventures. These roughly 32 page adventures are short scenarios meant to be run over the course of 1-2 game sessions. A Grave Undertaking is just that, an adventure that is meant to be challenging and memorable. We build them with the intention to be dropped into your campaign any time your players are getting cocky or you just need to run some published material to give the GM a little time off. We make it easy to use, and all of our material scales up and down to some degree for extra customization within your games.

TPK full-length adventures. These are our major undertakings, and tend to be in the 64-100 page count. Our full length adventures are NOT for the faint of heart and play like old school adventures, but with a cunning design and philosophy that you can only get out of the Pathfinder RPG and from TPK Games!