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Dang. I tried an unarmed build on Survival Mode, and Automatron just kicked my butt. :(

I went and got the Overboss' Power Armor from Nuka World, only to find that you can't equip unarmed weapons in Power Armor! Nice. Screwed me out of my build. I had 3 pips in Unarmed, and a Crippling Meat Hook maxed out, plus Swan's Power Fist, and couldn't use them.

I wound up downloading a Cheat mod just so I could complete the final battle. Not really proud of it, but I simply wasn't able to do it otherwise. I was level 36 when I finished.

Maybe I could have handled it if I waited, but I doubt it. That final battle was nuts on Standard Mode. Survival was just murder.

Hmmmm. Rumor is that there will be a 50% discount for Black Friday...

If that turns out to be true, then I know what I'll be doing over the
Thanksgiving weekend!


Sebastian wrote:
Cool - thanks. Guess I'll save my pennies. Looks like Diamond City is not a desirable base of operations for Survival Mode. I have a PS4, so no modding, but I do have all the DLC - is there anything there that generates fresh water?

Vanilla option: Take over Hangman's Alley. You can build a pump there, and it's just down the street from Diamond City. It is more centrally located and makes a good base from which to head out to most locations in the Commonwealth.

I usually add a Water Pump from the dlc (requires 4 power and creates 10 water) plus 1 or 2 hand pumps to refill bottles and grab a quick drink.

Good luck to ya'!

Sebastian wrote:
Does anyone know if you can build anything in Home Plate that produces fresh water? I've made the trip from Starlight Drive-In to Diamond City, but am forced to drink the awful radioactive brahmin water to quench my thirst. I want to confirm before I pawn my wedding rings and all the ammo for weapons I'm not currently using to purchase the property.

If you're playing vanilla (unmodded) FO4, no - you're stuck with no fresh water. Poor design imho.

The Real Elianora has a mod that does have water, though not in Home Base. Her mods for Marlborough House and The Railroad also add purified water sources, which are very welcome in Survival Mode!

(She's also cute as the dickens, and a very talented designer.)

Scythia wrote:
Despite going in at half the suggested level, I've cleared all five park zones. Made it up to lv. 27 in the process. I was surprised how effective careful automatic weapons fire can be. I have completely drained my ammo reserves twice though. :P

Congrats! It made it a satisfying challenge, I'm sure. Did you have any issues, aside from running out of ammunition?

My game was glitchy.


I've gotten stuck due to some "World of Refreshment" bugs. Enemies inside suddenly become immune to damage, though they damage me and my companion just fine. It keeps happening! I need to give up and hope there's an official or unofficial patch to fix this.

(Warning: Safari was also buggy. My companion and the other NPCs kept teleporting around, like the game kept reloading them ever few seconds, sometimes resulting in their death.)

I was tempted, but gonna' wait until the price drops for the XBone.

It hear it has all the same old bugs. Improved graphics may be nice, but not worth buying it all over again and having to deal with bugs that should have been fixed after 5 years.

Hi Scythia

I started one - got to level 10 and managed (with a great deal of luck) to wipe out the first group of Gunners outside the complex, but couldn't get through the Gauntlet until level 20.

I then went off to complete some of the Nuka World gang quests and wound up level 44 by the time I came back. (I did some Main Quest, a few companion quests, and my NW quests were all the way over near Dunwich and Nahant so I completed the Automatron story before completing my NW ones and heading back.) So it's hard to say. I'm now attempting the NW quests to settle the park, and am getting really beat down by enemies I am facing. Very tough, but not impossible.

And I'm playing on Survival Mode, but modded so I get more frequent Save points.

They do seem to have designed Nuka World to be played by a character in the mid-30's to 40's in level, so I imagine it would be extremely difficult for someone below level 20 to attempt much of without a lot of frustration. In Standard Mode, more do-able, but still a challenge.

For Anyone Interested: a robot companion with the Regeneration Field equipped makes this much easier on Survival Mode. If you survive the battles that is. I need stimpacks for healing crippled limbs quite often, and occassionally during a fight. But not needing to pay much attention shortly after and getting back to full health within a minute has been a very powerful addition.

Started a new character just for Nuka World - a Joker-esque dude with bombs and such - and on Survival Mode. I went over there asap - around level 10 - and managed to wipe out that first bunch, but it was tough!

I went back once I got to level 20 and made it thru the Gauntlet. I died to the Overboss a few times, but got lucky on my last fight. Now I can start progressing the Raider quests and conquer the Commonwealth with a villain!

Cait is, of course, my Harley Quinn. :)

Sebastian wrote:
Scythia wrote:
Sebastian wrote:
Bummer - no mods for the PS4. Looks like I'm done with that console. Time to get an XBox One.

Was it announced that they are giving up completely?

If so that means I can skip the Skyrim re-release too.

From what I saw, they are giving up completely, including any mods for the Skyrim re-release.

That's my understanding as well.

Not sure why SONY would choose to screw their PS4 gamers, or why they'd want to screw Bethesda, since PS4 outsold XBox One by like 5:1?

And that's gotta' hurt the Skyrim Remastered release if a huge portion of their market won't have access to a major selling point of the re-release.

I'm quite enjoying the Nuka World dlc. I love the Disciples armor!

I'm probably going to start a whole new character and head over there asap
so I can develop them as they would have (i.e., evil warlord) if this had been an option in the base game.

I just dread needing to go thru the Automatron stuff that kicks in. That battle in the Mechanist's Lair is brutal - even more so on Survival Mode.

INT and CHA go a long way in Survival Mode.

My current character, Hannibal, is level 48 - the highest I've gone with any so far - and I still haven't been to the Glowing Sea or Far Harbor.

Note: Robotics Expert isn't as useful as it used to be now that you can't Hack from distance. Sentry Bots will still destroy you before you can hack them. (I've entered the Hack menu, but as soon as I complete I get the death animation because they hit me once during that slowed time/Vats-esque thing that happens when you hack them.)

Scythia wrote:

Trying an Idiot Savant character, with 3 Intelligence and the Party Girl perks to drop it by 2 when I feel like it. It's very random.

On the other hand, the sound effects for it make me want to track down BethSoft staff and say "Really? You thought that was a good idea?". Just wow.

Yeah - I don't use that perk because I found it both annoying and in pretty poor taste. Plus, do people really find they need the accelerated XP? I've had no problem gaining levels without having a high INT character.

On a playthru front: Hannibal has now finished Automatron, so I feel I can relax a little. I did the alternate path to confront her, making sure my Hacking skill was at Master so I could take the elevator down and do that approach, avoiding the whole robo-carnage madness that was deadly in vanilla Normal Mode.

Scythia wrote:
NenkotaMoon wrote:
PS4 mods?

Are they out?

I'm eagerly awaiting them.

Sorry to hear that the PS4 mods won't be happening yet.

Strange considering that PS4 represents the majority of their sales. But the the technical issues of only having the CK on PC and trying to translate that over to the proprietary PS4 format on sound and graphics is proving to be too difficult atm.

At least you have the dlc packages to play with!

I've been too busy trying to survive to play around with the new gadgets and stuff. The fireworks look fun, though!

With the nerf to the Robotics Expert perk (which, granted, was a bit OP with being able to hack from range), I am getting murdered on Survival Mode now that Automatron is active. :(

Both my full Survival Mode (modded) characters are level 23. I just captured The Castle with one, no problem. Mines do a lot more damage to the Mirelurk Queen, and it took only 6 + 1 bottlecap mine to insta-gib her.

My pistol-build character got The Gainer, but is having a rough time because he has neither the INT nor the CHA to grab the good Survival Mode perks in those trees, and pistols do require getting up closer than rifles do for any kind of good ranged attack. I may need to abandon him as not really viable for this Mode.

My CHA/INT-based guy, Hannibal (after The A-Team, not the cannibal), is faring much better - able to Scrap more, and establish supply lines, plus the Robotics perk.

I barely touch my non-Survival toons any more, which surprises me.

I hear you, MeanDM. Having a Save or Sleep mod has been a huge help in Survival Mode.

I have to do things a lot slower because I still find that I don't deal as much damage as I should per the description of the new Survival Mode, but I'm adapting. I do one or two short-term goals, then take a break. I can't tackle as many missions at once like I do in Normal Mode. (No Fast Travel is half of the reason for that.)

I'm finding fewer viable builds for Survival Mode. It's whittled me down from 8 characters to about 4. INT is king, along with Stealth.

And with the E3 news about the revamped Skyrim, I found myself actually missing my old Fallout: New Vegas games. Different builds actually meant more in NV than they do in this game because there were more rp elements to the campaign.

Far Harbor comes closer to that than the rest of Fallout 4 imo.

The game wasn't designed for Survival Mode as it now exists. Most POIs don't have a source of water, dirty or purified (Cambridge Police Station; the Railroad Hideout; etc.), which would have only made sense to ensure these as viable camps, even if only to resupply before heading on.

Oh well. PS4 mods should be out soon! And hopefully the experience will be smoother with the XBone fiasco working out the kinks.

Be safe out there!

Rysky wrote:
DQ left ;_;

Well, I know Turin's off playing Stellaris. DQ's pretty much completed everything FO4 had to offer. Ditto RainyDayNinja. Scythia's got a lot of threads she's involved in.

Still, I'd have thought someone would have posted since last week.

Do - ... Do I win a prize for being the last poster on a thread?

Am I a thread killer?

Where did everybody go?


Mods have really made a difference with the play-ability of Survival Mode. Just being able to drop a save whenever I want is a HUGE difference.

Adding Ballistic Weave to the General's Outfit is allowing my Minuteman-focused character to progress further.

Being able to swap legendary mods from one piece of armor or weapon to another is fantastic!

I'm still hoping someone will add drinking fountains or a water pump to Diamond City. "We have purified water." Yeah, but only for sale from that kid. What about drinking fountains? Home Plate definitely needs a water source able to be added/crafted.

I haven't tackled the Automatron dlc with either pure (modded) Survival characters yet. They're both lvl 17 now, and I dread running into any Rust Devil spawns &/or their robots. One just got lucky with a Troubleshooting shotgun drop the other day. I haven't pulled it off to throw on another weapon so far, but I love knowing that I can!

My other character got a very well modded Kneecapper 10mm, and that saved his but numerous times when surprised by Deathclaws, Vicious Mongrels, and Legendary Mirelurks!

Have fun! And stay safe out there!

My sympathy for living creatures doesn't stop me from eating them, so I know I'm like most people in that regard. (Was pretty vegan for a short time, but it didn't last because I wasn't eating a really well balanced diet. I do better with some meat.)

re: Mods - Much Ado About Nothing

So far the selection is pretty meager. A lot of the really cool new texture mods and clothing/armor mods will not be coming to console. There are a few I've downloaded, like the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch to fix known bugs and glitches, and a "Save or Sleep" mod for Survival Mode that was ported from the PC to XBox. A few others I haven't tried yet as the description doesn't really inform you what the mod is supposed to do. But it's new, so who knows?

Hopefully more will be coming, and the "PC vs Console" flame wars can dwindle down or end. I was called the absolutely most offensive things possible by one PC-elitist for saying that both sides are simply trying to improve their gaming experience, and that I understood both sides. That was quite a shock, actually, to be met with such venom when I was expressing something acknowledging the PC-gamer side of things!

I don't get people sometimes.

Overmedication is a very real problem in the U.S. That's thanks to Big Pharma and their lobbying influence. New "diseases" are created simply so that they can legally sell their product, since "only a drug [or surgery] may treat a disease."

And - yeah - there are people who could benefit from certain meds but don't get access to them.

Both of the above primarily stem from $$$ focus rather than a health focus.

On a different note: whatever happened to the soul (psyche) in psychology?

INTJ. I suffer from S.A.D. as well, though not as bad as when I was a teen. (Thank God!)And I live in So Cal, which helps. Also have social anxiety (which is another s.a.d.).

I grew up in a family of eight; had to share a room with 3 brothers, and I longed for a space to be by myself. I'm very much an introvert, almost a recluse now. Except for 2 cats, but there's nothing wrong with that, right? RIGHT??! lol

My extreme need for "down time" fostered my imagination, and I write. I was also the GM 90% of the time, and my rich inner world served me well there, too.

God bless you all!

DeathQuaker wrote:
One of my favorite bits of scenery in Far Harbor is the tank cooking the mirelurk a la a lobster steamer.

I felt bad for two reasons: 1) it still looks alive; and 2) it reminds me of Pilot from Farscape. Pilot was a likable character, even if it was a puppet.


Totally forgot that mods are supposed to be available now for console starting today! A little off due to the Memorial Day weekend throwing my schedule off.

The Azalea was not fully rendered in my first encounter with it, and I was getting shot by hidden foes because the doorways appeared blocked but weren't for them.

Exiting and reloading fixed it for the moment.

MMmm - Giant Crab Cakes... (drool) Doh!!

I believe I found the remains of Thomas on the shore close to the MS Azalea. There's a skeleton and a wheelchair on the shore below the cliffside.

I'm really enjoying Fah Hahbah more than the vanilla game! Yes, it's more railroady, but more intricate in the various factions and how their quests interconnect.

I'm doing my "Do-Gooder" run right now, trying to help establish peace between the most factions. I'll do an evil run with another character.

I feel bad about building anything at Longfellow's Cabin. I don't feel right about coming in and completely remaking his lands, and inviting settlers. He's a lone wolf! So I bought him a wolf and want to having it be just the 2 of them.

And why can't we take the MS Azalea as a settlement? It's yuge! (if buggy on the xbone)

DeathQuaker wrote:

Liking Far Harbor more and more as I go into it. The characters are interesting -- and it's definitely worth taking Nick along with you, BTW. The environment is nicely creepy.

Haven't done much with the new companion, and he just seems to be a walking Salty Ol' Yankee stereotype--though a fun one at that.

They seem to have taken into account some criticisms and it seems like dealing with the different factions can be more nuanced... I'm hoping for some diplomatic options opening up as I play through. Although of course it's plain the option to just blow everything up is there as well.

Monsters are suitably tough, and I like the new creatures. My only
"complaint" is the presence of super mutants... they are wholly unnecessary and there should be no reason for them to be there--the Trappers and the various monsters are more than enough. I know Bethesda is just in love with super mutants and wants to put them everywhere but FFS.

The murder mystery plot is entertaining.

I agree. This one feels much tighter in the storytelling, and feels richer because of it.

(I couldn't wait, so I went off with one of my old, non-Survival Mode characters over the weekend.)

Got surprised by a Giant Hermit Crab! Totally suckered me in. Explosive shotgun made short work of it, however. :)

Jack of Dust wrote:
RainyDayNinja wrote:
Jack of Dust wrote:
I've reached level 12 so far and have managed to keep 5 units of antibiotics in reserve at all times. They seem to be a relatively common item from what I can tell though I may have just been lucky. In any case, they're quite cheap and every vendor I've met has had them in stock. I'm sure it's relatively easy to keep a steady supply even without Chemist.
Hmm. I've literally never had more than 1 in reserve.
That's odd. It's definitely nothing to do with my Luck stat because I left it at one. I regularly find them in first aid containers. Maybe it is just the luck of the draw.

I think it is just luck (vs Luck), as I found 3 of them when I first got to Sanctuary, but have found only 1 or 2 since and my character is at lvl 15 now.

They're expensive to purchase.

Dr's are a great option when you can locate one because they cure you with no side effects, especially when you're irradiated.

Sebastian wrote:
Anyone have any insight as to how the change in difficulty works across save files on the PS4? I loaded up my 66th level character to play Far Harbor only to find out that he was carrying 3k in encumbrance. At first, I thought I'd overloaded him to move everything from one base to another (he has the perk that let's you fast travel when encumbered), but it turns out the difficulty mode was still stuck in Survival from my last play session with a different character. I turned off Survival for that character, but now I wonder if the other character will be permanently exiled from Survival mode.

If it works like XBox, then you should have 2 saves for that character: one normal and one [Survival]. It is created at that point where you opened their save while also in Survival on another. Switching the [Survival] one back to Very Hard or lower, yes, does mean that file can't go back into Survival. But the other save in normal can be switched, so you should be fine.

Oh, and additional word of warning: Automatron still spawns Rust Devils even if you haven't spoken to Ada or been anywhere near that area. That's how I got turned to ash instantly by an Assaultron. :(

In Survival Mode: Beware ASSAULTRONS! OMG! Another enemy with ranged one-shot instakill weaponry. :(

For those who, like me, didn't ever think of this: If you don't have Local Leader to create provisioners, simply load up a Settler with as much junk as they can carry that you want at a new location and Move them to it. Once they get there, they'll stay there, and when you get there you can trade with them and take it all back and dump it in your Workshop.

Slow, yes, but it works and doesn't require a middling investment in CHA!

I have 2 Survival Mode characters @ 15th now. One is INT based because I know that Robotics Expert will be really helpful at this point; one is a gunslinger who is suffering in this mode.

To get Righteous Authority, you need to get thru the brutal Fire Support mission against the ghouls. After that, it's pretty easy because Danse will handle all the synths in Call to Arms if you're worried. It can be made a pistol if that's your build, and will generate crits quickly.

Scrapper is really helpful in Survival Mode as you can't carry as much, so getting every screw is fantastic.

Science, Chemist, and Gun Nut all are important in this mode.

Haven't rescued Nick with either in this mode yet, so no Far Harbor Survival Mode. Looking to tackle that this weekend. More likely, I'll do most of Automatron before I do Far Harbor, so it may be some time before I see the new land and its goodies. (We can build traps now?! Bear traps and caltrops!)

Rust Devils and their robots are going to be a b#~%$ in this mode. Oi vey...

Downloading Far Harbor right now, but won't have a chance to get into it really until Saturday. :(

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RainyDayNinja wrote:
I'm not a purist though, so I installed mods to allow saving, and fast travel along supply lines. My free time is too precious to mess around with time sinks like that.

[shakes fist - in my best John Cleese/Basil Fawlty] You bastard!

And I feel it certainly has a lot of replay value!


Cleared Corvega, no deaths. Yea!!

I got a huge surprise, though, when I returned that way to head toward Cambridge for (shudder) Fire Support. Despite Survival Mode supposedly having a "greatly reduced respawn rate," Corvega was completely repopulated by Raiders in less than 24-in game hours. :( I just crept on by.

Cambridge was brutal. Nothing but Feral Ghoul Stalkers and Roamers. There is a bed, however, on top of the Red Rocket, along with supplies and a sniper rifle. Luckily, I had dropped a save just before heading in, and avoided contracting any diseases from sleeping. Only 1 death when I got swarmed by 4 Ghoul Stalkers, who are taking down Dance in 2-3 hits. (Shouldn't he be "tankier" than that in Power Armor?)

(I really dislike the whole "sleeping in a bed can infect you" dynamic. It seems very random, and I've contracted diseases sleeping in my own bed, that I built, in Sanctuary. Maybe the sleeping bags and dirty mattresses you find in the wild - fine. But not in a clean bed that I built in a settlement! That's supposed to be my "safe haven"! They force the use of beds on you, and then punish you for using it! Grrrrr!)

I cannot wait for mods to remove the Save on Sleep mechanic. I had a CTD occur once I entered Diamond City when the 2 guys were talking about the Railroad. I had narrowly survived a battle taking Hangman's Alley from 6 Raiders and hadn't dropped a save yet. Had to redo 45 mins of the game. :(

And all those "git gud" people can suck it. This has nothing to do with my skill as a player. And the "there are beds all over the place" folks: if you're finding beds just to drop a save, how is that really any different than simply being allowed to manually save without needing a bed? Aside from the risk of infection, of course. If you're sleeping before/after every major encounter, you're doing the same thing as those who manually save at those points in their playthru.

Ah well... I'm really hoping someone out there will mod up Survival Mode on console more to my liking.

Yeah, the DLCs give you some good options, both in terms of base building and customization of companions.

In Survival, I'm looking ahead to crafting robot companions who: can carry more stuff; and are equipped with a Regeneration Field.

I'm curios as to what goodies Far Harbor will bring!

psionichamster wrote:
Re: molotovs - from what I've read, the Asbestos Lined armor mod (for chest pieces?) makes them much less of a threat. Haven't tried it myself yet, but it's worth a look I guess.

Asbestos Lining isn't helping. Dense is, which is very confusing to players. (Understandably.) Players have been one-shotted in Power Armor from a molotov, though I haven't tested this myself.

Given how tough it's been so far, I AM NOT looking forward to the Mechanist showdown in Survival Mode. (I'm also trying to avoid triggering the entire quest-line until I'm closer to 20th. Those Rust Devils are tough in Normal Mode. I know the quest will come up at 15th, but hopefully - if I avoid that area and don't speak to Ada - I can delay the random Rust Devil spawns until I have armor and weapons to help out.)

Yeah - Corvega. It's the Raiders with molotovs that get me, even when they can't see me. Instakill. Totally sucks.

They can get you on the bridge over Lexington, too. On top of the NPC AI's having the most amazing throwing arcs, in Survival Mode the molotov blast radius will kill you, regardless of any fire "splash" damage. There have been a lot of complaints about it on the BGS forums, but looks like another candidate for modding.

And, DeathQuaker, you're right. It looks like the Creation Kit is NOT coming to consoles, only the ability to download mods created on PC for console use. :(

DeathQuaker wrote:
wall o' text

Granted, a LOT of mods are crap. But there are some modders who've become staples of the modding community, and people look for and anticipate their contributions.

They do it because they LOVE doing it, and take pride in their work. They tell you which other mods or dlc are required. In short, they do a professional level of service out of love for the game and their love of modding.

I'll probably only use a dozen or so, maybe twenty, mods when they come out. On console, I can't improve the detail of meshes, etc., too much because of the limitations of the hardware.

But what I've experienced in the past (Oblivion, when I was on PC) is that there are modders who do better work than what comes from the publisher themselves. It always makes we ask: Why didn't the publisher do this with their product first? The improved textures, skins, animations - all were better post game release by the modding community. Shouldn't the publisher be bringing out the best stuff, generally?

If Bethesda was just getting started, that's one thing. But now that they're established, I feel they should raise the bar on themselves knowing that the modding community has done better in the past. They should be trying to better the best mods that came out on their last game when they release a new one.

I know - "should". The real world doesn't work that way, but I can still hope.

Supposedly, there will be additional DLC, which was why BGS raised the season pass price from $30 to $50.

It will be very interesting to see what they offer once the Creation Kit comes out for everyone. Why pay for DLC when modders will do it for free, and often better?

XBox is offering a 50% discount for Gold members, so I got E:D for $18.75. Now I need to learn how to pilot my ship! Based on my first training session, it's going to be a bit of a steep learning curve for me.

Pretty sure the sale ends May 16, which means the Horizons expansion is probably coming out May 17 for console. And also the Engineers 2.1 patch for everyone.

Save on Sleep sucks. It's not immersive.

I agree that the game is much more rewarding when you accomplish something like clearing Concord for that first mission. And it totally sucks when you die unexpectedly due to: glitches; unbalanced random encounters (uh, a Mr. Gutsy vs me @ lvl 8, with no option to not converse with it?); or getting one-shotted by Wolfgang at Drumlin Diner when, for rp reasons, I sided with Trudy - the animation had JUST completed from ending the conversation and it went right into the death animation cam. WTF? I didn't have a chance to do anything!

Then, after finally surviving the Order Up encounter, I headed right back to Sanctuary and in-game I had only spent about two hours, if that. Time for bed again?? So I puttered around Sanctuary until it was dark, and then went to bed, all the while I - the player - was ready to quit for the day and really wanted to just save and quit out.

Mods. Mods to the rescue!

I tried a new approach in Concord. From the roof of the museum, enter the PA, grab the minigun, and head to the right over the roof of the museum. Drop down and run down the street to the right all the way to the end, trigger the Deathclaw, throw a molotov at it, then run back the way you came.

The Deathclaw will set on the raiders, who will take down at least some of its health. (In my run, they took out about 1/3 of its health.)

Wait down near the hardware store. Move forward only enough to shoot the Deathclaw a bit and have it run at you. Burst fire as you back up. Enter the hardware store and be sure you're far enough in that it can't get you with its claws. (I had 1 run where it got me because I wasn't far enough inside. Sucked. I lost 45 mins. of play to that. )

Between you and Preston, you should be able to finish it off.

It is a hard fight in Survival Mode to be sure. Wicked hard.

DeathQuaker wrote:
In vanilla Fallout, because you don't consume as much water to begin with, you can get more than an ample supply from surplus made by your settlement so being able to make more isn't a big deal.

It's nice to be able to produce either purified water or dirty water as your crafting requires without relying on set drops of dirty water cartons. Purified water becomes really easy to acquire very early on.

JoelF847 wrote:
It would be great to see Misenchanted Sword and the entire Ethshar series done as TV, but not sure if a mostly lighthearted set of stories like that would do well. Not that it doesn't deal with serious issues, but for the most part they're about as non-epic stories as you can create. An anthology series like Twilight Zone set in this world could be a lot of fun though. Some of the bigger stories could be more than a single episode, but others would easily fit into an hour of TV.

Heck, if they're going to go that route, The Dying Earth would make a good setting.

Sebastian wrote:


Yeah - that happened to me. More an inconvenience than anything else. There are far deadlier diseases out there.

I have to wait until I can tweak Survival Mode. I got killed by a mere Raider armed with a pool cue. He took out half my health with a single hit! And my 10mm pistol was only taking about 1/4 of his health per shot. A#!$%$! got to me and killed me while I (the player) sat in stunned frustration over how ineffective my weapon was in the new mode.

Arrgghhhh! grumble, grumble...

I think of it like dust particles that don't so much "outline" an invisible foe, but are disturbed by their presence, just like you could track their steps across a dusty floor, or see their movements in water.

Yes, they're invisible. But they leave traces, which Glitterdust makes apparent.

Sebastian wrote:
Also, a big thumbs up to the fact that you can now fill up empty bottles with water to make purified water (or, I suppose, fill them up in a river or other water source to make dirty water - I haven't tried). I'm not sure if this feature also exists in non-survival, but I was really happy to see it in survival (though I do wonder what happens to the bottle on the other end - I don't think you get an empty bottle when you use a purified water).

You can fill bottles in a river or other water source to create dirty water. Useful for various soup recipes.

These features are NOT available in any other mode, unfortunately.

I don't understand BGS going to all the trouble to create them only to lock them behind a mode a small percentage of their fan base will play.

Mods, please!

MeanDM wrote:
Well, I finally got access to the survival mode on console, and it is happily quite brutal. I am avoiding the main quest so far, so it is just me and the dog wandering around. (For some reason I can not get Codsworth to open a dialogue after he tells me to go to Concord.)

He won't until after you come back from saving Preston & co., I believe.

Yeah - diseases are brutal. Way too easy to contract imho. And something like parasites, while not as lethal, are still too OP in terms of impact for what it is. (I needed to eat twice as much to satisfy my hunger when I had parasites. A 50% increase would have been a big enough hit. Doubling it was just insane.)

Turin the Mad wrote:

3 days until release.

cKnoor is planning to twitch stream from 6 a.m. EST Monday 9th May until they push the magic button.

There's a metric ton of Let's Play videos on YouTube.

How's the game going?

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