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Zazz's Story and characteristics:

Zazz doesn’t remember where or when he was born. But he’s had flashes of memories and places he has never been to. Early in his known memories he was found under some garbage-scrap-rocks[with no way of knowing how long it was there], by a troupe of entertainers by night , scavenger-traders by day. Deciding that an android could be useful for his senses and would fit well in the entertainment troop they offered to help him gain his bearings in the world. He spent 10 years with them (prior to however we end up together in this). At night he played up the construct aspects of his physiologiy as a painted robotic jester who juggled gear shaped chakram, and cutting various objects out of the air with a finale of the typical of knife throwing-the outlined person trick, using his mesmerist tricks to enhance his play. The result was the crowd assuming he was a normal person playing at being a robot-as the troup aimed for to avoid any possible trouble. During the day he participated in the scavenger half, having absolutely no ability to see through humans due to emotional disconnect-which made him very poor at bartering, and having innate senses that meshed very well with the scavenger scouting group.
Zazz’s android circuit-tattos are violet in nature. Dark violet normally and bright almost neon purple when using nanite surge. To help disguise Cyber art was added. Various lines of blue, and red along the body that can create different images of different kind of clockwork designs depending on how he flexes, squishes body parts together and the like. Zazz is tall and somewhat lanky with silver hair put into a braided pony tail going down mid back length. He often keeps it wrapped around his neck and shoulders. During large entertainment nights him along with the rest of the troupe would put colours in their hair. Typically gold coloured to combo with his hair.
Zazz enjoys cooking-but is not particularly good at it and has on occasion made a recipe from a random memory he’s had that turned out oddly. Zazz’s hobby is reading scavenged books. He finds it soothing and hopes that perhaps he’ll one day read something that sparks a memory or helps him remember something more.
Zazz has trouble following social cues for situations he has not previously encountered. He does learn quickly however. In one book he found he saw a picture of a frog-and felt unnerved. Something in his memories disliked frogs. In fact if he could feel fear he assumed it would be like that feeling.
Zazz has a lack of traditional emotions, but has learned to channel memories he has that display the emotion to fulfil spell requirements. Some are memories of his friends’ displaying emotion and some are from the strange memories he has.

The troupe was fairly traditional sort of folks. The leader with whom Zazz tended to follow around was a gruff sort of person who spoke mainly Terran to the troupe in private.