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Full Name

Leviticus Ennui Zilargo




Mesmerist 5







Special Abilities

Consummate Liar +2 Dimdweller False Flanker (Su) Gatefinder (Perception) Hypnotic Stare (-2, 30 feet) (Su) Hypnotism (Diplomacy, 1/day) Illusion Resistance Low-Light Vision Master Tinker Mental Potency (+1) (Ex) Mesmerist Tricks (150 feet, 6/day) (Su


Chaotic Good




Wati, Osirion


Gnome, Slyvan, Draconic, and oh yes, Common.


Sentinel, Silver Ravens

Strength 8
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 18

About Avaricious

I thought I was a power-gamer until I saw the forums, then I realized the power-divide between the online community and small RPG groups in the real world.

I've DMed before I was a player in 3.5/Dark Heresy just to facilitate the habit so I have learned the game in reverse, so to speak. This makes me aware that I do not know everything, and I have to research a lot and cooperate with player/DMs so I can give everyone a good RP experience balanced in Fluff and Crunch, because you can have both. I do regard the core products as Dogma, believe in RAW, and studiously avoid 3PP. I do believe in hurting PCs as much as providing comic relief, tears and laughter in equal measure. Earn your happy ending.

Hopped onto Pathfinder when some of my players brought it up, and I like it and thank Paizo for what they have done with d20/3.5.

My playstyle is to always be a spellcaster (preferably 9-Tier) in any group as I believe the game to revolve around magic and I happily leave the brawn to my comrades. Raw number of dice hitting the table can just as easily be trumped by changing the narrative through skill, politicking, and shenanigans.

My preferred alignments are Chaotic Good, in particular the Vigilante aspect of that alignment, and Neutral Evil, where sometimes you are just an honest bad seed.

Currently am DMing Pathfinder at Mountain View College in Dallas, TX. Hell's Rebels is the current campaign. Drop on by and see us!