What device do you use or want to use when running Pathfinder mobile apps?

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Poll: What device do you use or want to use when running Pathfinder mobile apps?

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Silver Crusade

JohnF wrote:
Realsyntax wrote:
Nexus 7. As a developer -- I personally think, Everyone should be targeting the only pure android tablet -- the Nexus 7. http://www.google.com/nexus/#/7

As a developer myself, I think it's a bad strategy to try and tell my potential customer base what hardware they should be using. Even if I'm right, nobody likes to be told they chose poorly.

No one here, here is my customer base. I simply develop android apps in my spare time and well, what i stated was simply an opinion from a web developer who develops android an iphone apps. Sorry if i offended.


HTC EVO design 4G

Grand Lodge

Cruz T301 7" Android 2.2 tablet

I voted. Using a Kindle Fire.

Liberty's Edge

When are we likely to see the results?
Must admit I am curious as to the breakdown. I know in my group we have a lot more idevices than android.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game, Companion, Lost Omens, Maps, Pawns, Rulebook Subscriber

I'd expect to see the results when (if?) Paizo decide to release mobile apps. This is marketing data - they might choose not to make it public.

Nook Color Tablet
BlackBerry Playbook

At my table: ipads and iphones.

(Future Purchase: a laptop or Microsoft Surface Tablet)

HTC Wildfire S (Android 2.3.4)
Vizio 8" Tablet (Android 3.2.1)

Though I use HeroLab, and would love to see Lone Wolf come out with a smartphone/tablet version, I think a character tracker app would be cool from you guys as well.

A spellbook app would be PHENOMENAL, one that could keep track of spells known, in which spellbook (as a Wizard can often end up with many), as well as spells memorized, spells/day and spells used, support for metamagic spells, save DC's, number of creatures, area of effect, etc. calculated for the character, and of course the description of the spell right at hand.

Battle tracker, like an initiative tracker, but also with HP, click to roll attack, damage, and saves, maybe even with a database of creatures from the bestiaries.

Grand Lodge

I have an Asus Transformer with Keyboard, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7+ and a Samsung Galaxy S2. Toshiba Laptop.

Based on this thread alone I would have to say that the Android devices far out number the iOS devices thus far. I am glad that I use Android for the operating system alone is just way more open then iOS devices will ever be. Which is a shame considering that they started out wanting open source management far more then proprietary.

-former Apple user and husband to an Apple mac lover that dislikes iPads and iPhones for the above listed reasons.

Grand Lodge

I would love to see a GameMastery like initiative like tracking pad that Gamemastery puts out as a hard copy in an App.

I am an Avid user of Hero Labs and would love to see it come out for Android and iOS devices alike but if I had to choose between the two of them of course I would pick Android at the current time.

I would love to see a printable mapping tool that one can transfer the Maps from a book such as one of the Adventure Paths or the PFS scenarios and be able to print them out to scale so that we can use the actual gorgeous maps that only the GM sees right now and not the players :( (If the players DO see them it is not to scale but much smaller) Which is a shame because they deserve so so much more.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game, Companion, Lost Omens, Maps, Pawns, Rulebook Subscriber
Deanoth wrote:
Based on this thread alone I would have to say that the Android devices far out number the iOS devices thus far.

How can you tell?

All the iOS device users have to do is click on the checkbox for their device, and press the button. It's only the Android users who are asked to post to the thread and say which of the many possible Android devices they are using. So it's not really surprising that most of the followup posts mention Android devices.

Grand Lodge

Alrighty then.. I was trying to be nice and JUST go by the amount of postings and was actually being sarcastic. It did not come across as such but this is what it is.

By pure marketing numbers there is a bigger difference but will not discuss them here.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. (running Android 2.3.6)

I also get a lot of use out of my Kindle Fire, and often read posts on Paizo with it.

Droid X.

Grand Lodge

I use a Asus Transformer

Im our group, we have iPod touch, iPhones and iPads.
Not a single non iOS device...

Dark Archive

all gamers in my gaming groups combined have 2x iPad , 2x iPhone 4, 2xHTC Desire HD, 2x HTC Sensation, 1x Samsung Galaxy and a couple of HTC Desires


This one's pretty easy for me: HTML5 + CSS3 w/media queries.

I don't need an actual native app. Gimme a web app with flexible width. Especially one that allows me to connect using an iOS tablet or my eReader (an IRIVER Story HD) via WiFi and read the messageboards without having to scroll to the right, allows me to report my PFS sessions without having to navigate through five pages to get there, and gives me complete access to the PRD -- again without having to scroll to the right.

EDIT: Oh, and local storage for those devices that support it, which is many of the ones listed by other commenters... but sadly not the IRIVER Story HD.

HTC Thunderbolt and Kindle Fire

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Card Game, Companion, Maps, Pathfinder Accessories, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Maps, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber

Xyboard 10" tablet
Kindle Fire

Liberty's Edge

Asus Transformer (TF101) with keyboard
Samsung Galaxy phone

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Thomas Hatfield wrote:
I have a transformer prime that I use for all my gaming stuff.

Do you use Ratchet or Optimus Prime?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Samsung Galaxy 3, its just incredible!

What would also be incredible is having the pdf´s in a easy accesible format for the devices. Its great for mastering, having all npc´a and foes ready at one point on your mobile. A side for a critter where you see all important fighting stats and abilities, maybe even with spells.
This could so much speed up the game!

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Asus TF300 tablet (android ICS) is what I use for my gaming.

I'm currently stuck using a form fillable pdf for character sheets on it, as the android OS sheet apps are slim pickings, and pretty terrible.

So if you're looking for app idea, that's a great starting point.

Silver Crusade

Nook color, nexus 7 and samsung galaxy 3.

Silver Crusade

Samsung Galaxy S3 with ICS but Jellybean in next month or so.
Toshiba Thrive with Froyo, ICS by end of year (hopefully).

All androids at my game minus my MacPro laptop and a techie who uses his work's iPad.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

And come November-ish I'll be switching from Evo 4G to Evo 4G LTE (unless there's an HTC Nexus device released in the intervening space)

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

Droid X2

Nexus S

Nexus 7
eventually, Microsoft Surface

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Dark Archive

nexus 7 and Samsung galaxy S2

The Exchange

the kindle fire

My gaming group has 2 Kindle Fires, a Galaxy Nexus, and 2 Android Phones. That and 4 out of the 6 people that play at my table have laptops...

Grand Lodge

My gaming group is 3x iPhones, 3x Androids, and I DM with a Nexus 7 and have a laptop as backup. Basically, the best approach I see is a mobile web version of any app for the edge case windows mobile, blackberry crowd, then dedicated OSX, iOS, Android, and Windows 8 apps. Since you're doing mostly layout work, and the data can be stored as xml or json, it should be relatively quick to throw three (OSX and iOS will be so similar to count as a single app) apps together that provide basic functionality. From there, integrate advanced features as players request them, similar to how you guys crowd sourced the original pathfinder book, you should crowd source the app and you'll be left with something incredibly solid.

Sorry for reviving yet another 1+ yr old thread, but I'm looking to make dm'ing on my N7 easier, and ways for my players to stay involved in the game via their devices, and I try not to create new threads when the search turns something up.

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