What device do you use or want to use when running Pathfinder mobile apps?

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Poll: What device do you use or want to use when running Pathfinder mobile apps?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

what i'd really love to see - what i think would be the single most usuable app - is a really good initiative tracker. by good, i mean one that ends up saving time. i've tried a couple of different apps, but they end up being unwieldy and time consuming.

My phone is a Samsung GALAXY S III, and my tablet is a Samsung Series 7 Slate PC.

I tend to always have the Slate at the table, because I use Hero Lab instead of a printed out character sheet. I haven't used the phone in a game yet (though I've also only owned it for a week).

I do have a copy of iCrit and iFumble, but we haven't, as yet, used those rules in a game (either from the phone, or from the card decks, which we also have).

Samsung Galaxy S2 for all mobile phone fun.

Motorola DEFY E525

Asus transformer tf300t tablet and SonyEricsson xpera arc phone.

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Motorola Xoom.

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Droid 3

I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I'm hoping to get an android tablet soon though. Probably a transformer prime.

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new iPad and an iPhone 4S

The Exchange

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Motorola Droid 4. Looking at getting a XyBoard 10.1 very soon.

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I have an iPhone and iPad but a few of the guys I game with have Android phones.

In addition to a universal iOS app, I think an online (HTML5?) version would be nice so it wouldn't need to be specific to any device. Online access would be requirement, of course. The ability to then export to the mobile device of our choice (running the app) would be helpful as well.

(Posted by iPhone)

I've got a Google Nexus S as well as an iPad and would be interested in apps for either one. Probably more so for the iPad with the bigger screen.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
ASUS Transformer 10.1
Kindle Fire

Also wouldn't mind just an I-Phone version.

Scarab Sages

I use an iPad 2 3G and an ASUS notebook to run games. It is going to be hard for Paizo to get into the apps. I use hero labs for combat. I would love to see AP, modules and the like to be data packs that plug straight into hero lab.

I wish you luck and look forward to what you produce. I would suggest that you create apps for PC!!!

Liberty's Edge

I primarily use an Android-powered Asus Transformer, as does my roommate.

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Motorola Triumph and Nook Color

Kindle Fire please :)

HTC Desire HD phone,
Samsung Galaxy Tab (the early, 7inch version)
And I'm saving for an Asus Transformer Prime

I have an Xperia X10 SE and I plan to buy a table, not determined for an ipad or an android tablet.

Chris Lambertz wrote:
In reference to our blog post today, let us know what devices you want to see apps for!

I use a Samsung Galaxy S

HTC Rezound

Scarab Sages

Toshiba Thrive 10.1
(Plan to upgrade both soon)

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I currently use an iPhone 3. Next year I'll be getting an iPad.

Grand Lodge

Tablet: Kindle Fire


Dark Archive

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus that I use at the table. Generally speaking I'll probably be sticking with Android devices.

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Motorola Droid (Soon to be Galaxy S3)

Asus Transformer

Kindle Fire.

I have an HTC Thunderbolt, which I use quite a bit at the gaming table, but mostly to look up rules on the mobile PRD.

I do own the iCrit & iFumble apps, but I rarely use them because I mostly play Pathfinder Society, which does not allow for their use.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Apps I would like to see:

- combat manager (like the combat pad, it would be great if the player characters and nsc would be saveable - with name and ini bonus, and to have the option to let the app roll for ini)

- a summon monster app

Asus Transformer and Galaxy S3 (next week)

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I mostly use an iPad now, but I still sometimes use my phone -- a Motorola Atrix (more for other games than for PF; there's a GURPS app and some general use, but gaming friendly, apps from Android that I haven't found equals to on iTunes). I have a Kindle Fire, but the iPad has eclipsed it for gaming use.

For iCrit and iFumble, the ability to generate multiple results at once (per the rules for high critical multiplier weapons) would be great. If not that, then maybe a history of past results -- so I could look back at the last few results for those situations.

(Note: I believe my players would like to thank you for iCrit, as a timely result was probably the difference between a TPK and a PC victory this last weekend. Four PCs down, one second level monk/wizard with Str damage left standing, versus one fully healthy choker.)

What I'd like: I have a PF SRD app, but it's not quite totally satisfying. A better version would be great; no reason it couldn't be an official Paizo app.

You could also help Lone Wolf get an iPad version of Hero Lab out; that would be beyond awesome. :)

Scarab Sages

I've got an HP TouchPad and an HTC Shift 4G phone, and my wife has a Motorola Xoom, all running Android.

The Exchange

Droid Razr Maxx is what I use. A combat manager type app would be amazing - something to track initiative

Kindle Fire

Samsung Epic 4G here.

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I own a Samsung Galaxy Note. 5.3", Android 2.3, 1280x800 screen.
I own a Blackberry Playbook. 7", can run Android 2.3 software, 1024x600 screen.

I don't use either at the gaming table, amongst two gaming groups but I can offer that nobody we hang with have iDevices; it's all Android here. Were something compelling written, I could be interested.

I use an Android galaxy nexus for a smartphone. I don't use it or any other electronic device for tabletop gaming. I've not seen a useful easy to use RPG app yet.

Blackberry Playbook here.

Everyone else in my group use various android variants.

No one I willingly associate with would ever use an iAnything, we generally boycott Apple products around here.

Liberty's Edge

I'm currently on Android, but I'll likely switch to Windows Phone (8) with my next phone. I may also get a Microsoft Surface or another Windows 8 tablet once that's out. Make some Metro apps!

Scarab Sages

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Samsung Galaxy II. I will buy a tablet when Herolab goes Android.

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Galaxy II Skyrocket.

I have a Kindle Fire. I would love to be able to access the iFumble and iCrit on the Fire.

In addition I'd love just about any app that makes refrencing things in game easy as my CRB frequently is not near me when I need to refrence something quickly.

Something like the PRD only in APP form would be heaven sent for my table and planning as my mother and roommate borrow my books to work on their characters. And in my mom's case to work on her campaign.

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iPad or, in a pinch, iPhone. But we use laptops at the table too and boy it'd be convenient to use these - I own iFumble and iCrit and see no reason to also run them there... I have a Mac but the other guys in my group have PCs.

Blackberry Playbook here. We use them pretty consistantly at the gaming table.

Have a look at all the BB10 developer work that's going on. The new OS is quickly becoming the developers second favorite medium. When it comes out all existing Playbooks will be able to download it.

I have an HTC Rezound and an IPad (1st Gen).

Around my group, myself included, we have two Rezounds, an IPad, a Kindle Fire and three laptops.

Grand Lodge

Samsung Galaxy S2

Dark Archive

Samsung Galaxy W Phone and Transformer Prime Tablet.

Not impressed by the design philosophy or price/value ratio on iPhones/iPads, and I have yet to be impressed by a windows phone/tablet in terms of how well it functions enough that I would ever consider buying any of the ones that have been released so far.

Android Phones/Tablets.
Windows or Linux PC.

I have a Motorola Xoom, and apps for it would be nice.
The forthcoming Windows 8 tablet looks interesting.

What apps would I like to see?

Something that makes the Face Cards available for me to show my players would be nice. I don't use special criticals or fumbles in my games, so I have no interest in apps for that.

An app to handle Knowledge checks would be nice.. but it would also require more specific rules around what information to reveal based on the results of the roll.

I am honestly more interested in seeing clients for Fantasy Grounds II, d20Pro, MapTools, or other VTT programs (not that I expect Paizo to make them). As far as more general digital products go, the Face Cards would make ideal portraits/tokens for PCs in the VTT applications, if they could be published for use with appropriate safeguards.

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