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Don Walker








Boston, MA

Strength 7
Dexterity 7
Constitution 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 12
Charisma 9

About Don Walker

PFS GM and player. Started playing PFS in Season 0 when #0-01 Silent Tide came out. For the first 3 years I was in a home group based in Franklin, MA, that played PFS exclusively. We were the only PFS group we knew about in New England.

In September 2011 I became the first Venture-Captain for the Boston Lodge (covering central and eastern MA, RI, and NH). In my 2 years as VC we went from two conventions and one or two stores running PFS off and on with a handful of unconnected home groups to over 6 cons and 10 public venues running PFS regularly with everyone connected via a Warhorn registration site for games and a Yahoo group for messages, photos, files, and links.

The current hub of Boston Lodge activity is:

My former VL David Montgomery is now the VC and has been doing a great job allowing me to relax and play all my characters now.

You will usually find me gaming in the metro Boston area with occasional trips outside of Boston.