What device do you use or want to use when running Pathfinder mobile apps?

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Poll: What device do you use or want to use when running Pathfinder mobile apps?

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I've got an Acer A500. And I would gobble up apps like little pieces of candy :-)

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Apps I would like to see....

What I want is a character sheet app. Something that would allow me to build, update on the fly, save & back up all my PFRPG characters. In my opinion for a character sheet app to be successful it has to be almost as fast and easy to use as using a normal paper character sheet with out all the erasing. This includes some options for customization.

As already mentioned a good Initiative Tracking app would be good as well. Preferably one that the level of what it will track can be adjusted based on user preference.

Also already mentioned would be electronic forms of the Condition and Buff cards would be nice.

I currently use an IPad for when I'm a player and laptop for DM'ing.


HTC Desire.

Please take care in keeping the app size to a minimum, since I'm really struggling to manage the internal memory on my phone.

Sovereign Court

I have a Google Nexus S and an Asus eee pad transformer prime!

Go Paizo! I want more awesome apps!!

And about the apps: Is there a way to turn the sound off?? I haven't found any! This could be a cool upgrade if there are currently no way to do it...

Acer A500 (Android 4)

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I have a Samsung Epic, iPad 2 and an Asus Transformer Prime (well, I'll have it soon anyway.)

Like many of the other folks here, I'd love an initiative tracker.

Rooted nook color here

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I use these apps on my Galaxy S2 phone and my Asus Transformer Tab.

Also - Turn the Condition cards and the Buff Deck into apps, that would be great!

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iOS (iPhone + iPad) all the way. Already indispensable for reading PDFs because of the superior screen on the retina models.

Bought the current Paizo apps, and will continue to buy the new ones. :D

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Kindle Fire.

Motorola Droid X2 and soon a Transformer Prime.

Personally, I would love to see a character sheet app.

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I utilize a Kindle Fire.

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
In reference to our blog post today, let us know what devices you want to see apps for!

HTC Incredible S would be my thing. At the table, we also have iPads and iPods.

I'm already using the iCrit app on both my Sansung galaxy tab 10.1, my HTC wildfire and my HTC One S.
It's easy to use and fun to play with.

Although I also have the iFumble app on all 3 devices, I haven't used it yet.

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ASUS Transformer 101

Silver Crusade

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Samsung Galaxy Ace, running Android.

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Toshiba Thrive tablet - Android (honeycomb)
HTC evo 4g - android (ics)
Nookcolor tablet - android (gingerbread)

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asus transformer

I am currently using the original Samsung Galaxy i7500 but will probably switch to Sony Xperia P as soon as ICS is released. Furthermore, I will probably buy an Android tablet or color e-ink e-book-reader in the near future. I am actually not so sure about this because I always wanted to buy a color e-ink e-book reader, but apparently Paizo's pdfs could be problematic on something like that. Anyway, I am happy if you produce apps for Android OS as the other systems are a no-go.

An app that allows for easy initiative and HP management in combat would be nice. Naturally, a complete spell book app would be nice as well, but as with most kinds of glossary apps, one should probably just use the PRD. However, an easy searchable and manageable PRD app would be very nice as it currently does not have a very good search function.

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Samsung exhibit

Grand Lodge

Samsung Galaxy S2

I'll be getting some kind of Android tablet this fall.


Henning Kristensen wrote:


Add some kind of slave-tablet functionality, where we could put one tablet at the center of the table and have the GM control the view on that tablet. Including removing "fog of war" on dungeon maps, then I would be in heaven.

I do know a little about software development and the complexities involved here, so I know that it's never going to happen. ...

That's actually not that hard to do.

Use a tablet with Splashtop or Teamviewer (iPad has apps for that), and a small-ish notebook for the GM running TTopRPG or any other Virtual Tabletop software.

I use an ASUS Transformer. It makes an excellent PDF reader and apps would just add to that. I use the touch screen and the optional keyboard.

iPad 2/iPhone 4

Pandigital novel using an Android OS and a Blackberry Torch

Asus Transformer Prime

I use a Samsung Galaxy S2.

I'm seeing a lot of Galaxy S2's, I too will put my vote to that and the HTC Mozart which runs on Windows.

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galaxy tab 7, looking to go for tab 10

Samsung Galaxy S3

I use an HP Touchpad that's been 'jailbroken' and modded to run Cyanogenmod (OS Android clone.) Compatibility with standard Android apps is pretty amazing considering the slightly non-standard hardware.

mac os x

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Droid 2 global

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Samsung Stratosphere

iTouch 2, 3
Android (Gingerbread) on Samsung Galaxy S II
Windows 7 desktop, laptop

Yes - I'd actually use these apps (if I could) on my PCs.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

I've got a HTC Droid Incredible that I'll be upgrading to the Incredible 4G when its finally released, and a Kindle Fire tablet.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Liberty's Edge

Android Phone (please specify in thread):
Samsung Galaxy S II running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

I've bought a couple of apps for gaming: ezPDF Reader (because it handles multi-column PDFs so well) and PF RPG rd (as it's much quicker searching for rules than PDFs or the online PRD). I've also had some use of the free app PFS Scenario Tracker.

I've held off buying iCrit and iFumble simply because all of my gaming is PFS at the moment, so I'm not able to use them.

Nook Color tablet

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I chose Ipad & Android Device (Droid Razr Maxx)

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I use some kind of Android smartphone. You can tell I'm a real tech-head. There are two Ipads at the table, generally, though, so that seems like a a sure bet.

I use a kindle fire. because its cheap

but I"m seriously looking forward to a windows 8 tablet as a laptop replacment.

I've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a Droid X. I'd be particularly interested in an app for the conditions or spell enhancements (Haste, Enlarge Person, Bull Strength, etc.). A lot of that stuff I already know but it'd be so nice to be able to easily and quickly pull them up on my smartphone.

We have an assortment around our gaming table. Personally I primarily use my Galaxy Tab 8.9 but also use my Evo 4G LTE for the times I don't want to haul my tablet along. Additionally various players use an ASUS Transformer, an iPad1, an iPad2, and then two players have Kindle Fires.

Please, please publish any apps you do to the Amazon App Store as well because unless rooted the Amazon tablets only have access to that app store!

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Phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Tablet: Asus Transformer (both TF101 & TF201), rooted Nook Color

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While I agree it is worth while polling to ensure you are targeting the right platforms, I think the more important question though, is are you targeting the right content?

I know I was super underwhelmed by the iCrit and iFumble apps.

Maybe it is because I'm not in general a huge fan of those game mastery products, but it is my belief that a solid apps should improve the experience at the table, not make it gimmicky. The crit/fumble decks (if we used them) are about the same form factory and usability of the device itself. Which is to say, just as easy to grab and deal as my phone. They don't enhance game play, nor do they aid in streamlining game play.

I think everyone has shouted that they would like a character sheet app for a tablet, but that is ambitious, just look at Lone Wolf's work to keep a platform that is both effective and extensible, to do the same on a tablet from scratch would be a monumental undertaking.

Still there is a clear niche for stuff like a combat pad, spell/buff/status tracking. Just you know, something with a little more meat then a deck of cards.

HTC Droid Eris and a 3DS

You know, the words 'droid' and 'druid' are awfully similar. I have an HTC Druid Eris.

All Hail Discordia!

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I just ask that these products work well for phones as well as tablets. I do not have a tablet, I do not want a tablet, and even if I am eventually forced to have one, there are plenty of places I won't take it that I would like to have my phone, with your cool apps.

Obviously it's a long way off, but a character sheet/generator app would sell like hotcakes. Or possibly something even hotter. Lavacakes. Molten-heart-of-the-suncakes.

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Samsung Galaxy S2
Galaxy Tab
iPhone 3GS (but I would prefer Android).

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