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Rysky wrote:
It’s very obviously a glob XD

I mean yeah. I'm not saying it's a huge deal. But between that and the mummy's breath being sand, and not fire I think it shows they're kinda phoning in any ole breath is fine.

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Rysky wrote:
Acid isn't always green.

Absolutely true, but this is VERY obviously fire. shed/adult-copper-dragon_pre.jpg

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Question: How did the copper dragon get past approvals at paizo?

I get the misstep on whizkids part I guess, but how does a dragon with a wildly incorrect breath weapon get missed by paizo QA? lol

Heya, think this got lost in the shuffle.

As I'd posted before, these are not the correct miniatures. Can we get the correct promo minis listed possibly?


Thanks for looking at it. Sadly these aren't the correct miniatures. Those are the originals, of which the originals are in that set.

The promotional miniatures are alternate paint jobs.

Duergar Sharpshooter is the original for example, to dwarven Sharpshooter. The promo leaf leshy is orange, not green for a second example.

These aren't the promo models.

Not sure if this was missed, But bump?


Was wondering if the Gencon 2020 promos were ever going to go up for sale?

I'd thought maybe at first they were going to be kicked over to 2021 season but I see the collection site has 2021 promos listed now. Sounds like maybe not if there's separate 2021 ones. atures

Can we get these listed so we can throw our wallets at y'all? :)

Please cancel my Pathfinder Battles subscription, effective immediately.

I love these minis and I'm excited for the new releases, but I'll be purchasing my Battles cases elsewhere from now on.

The new subscriber price does not offer any savings vs. those from the competition, online or brick & mortar. Even the Premium piece is no longer a solid deal, with the price of shipping outweighing any savings our 30% off gives us.

I'm pretty upset about it, and I even bought all the prior sets as the prices got higher and higher due to shipping costs being insane for Any other site you order almost five hundred dollars of product they aren't going to expect you to pay any shipping, let alone upwards of 80 dollars on shipping.

I'll be buying my product somewhere more competitive.

Jeff Alvarez wrote:
Daniel Gray 572 wrote:
Jeff Alvarez wrote:

The details on the Darklands Rising set are now finalized and so is the pricing. For those of you that aren't aware, the increase in MSRP on this set is due to the booster configuration changing from Standard Boosters to Huge Boosters. This change allows us to reintroduce Huge-sized figures to the cases, but also increases their price.

The MSRPs are listed above and subscribers will receive a 30% discount, displayed in the My Subscriptions section of each subscriber's account.

And for those new to the product line, I'll reiterate that while we hope that every case includes one of every figure, this is not a guarantee.

So i am confused. in the past pazio always had the MSRP/Pazio Price/Subscription discount.

Right now you are only showing 30% off the MSRP. So is there no Pazio price anymore? Or have you not determined what that price would be.

Can you please confirm the final price for Subscriptions? Right now it is showing $447.78 plus shipping. Please let me know ASAP if this is correct as I will need to cancel my subscription and do a preorder somewhere else.

Seems like in the past we have always had issued with getting the correct price so i am hopeing that is what it is now.

Yes, the $447.78 price is the correct subscriber price.

I'll go post in customer service thread to cancel like I'm supposed to, but you should know that I've been a day one battle subscriber, and have everything and have ordered nearly all of it from you directly, even when your shipping costs made it more costly. The case price being lower, then the 30% off on top of that was the thing that made it sorta close.

But the last couple sets, and changing the incentives to not be 25% cost for case purchases means it'll cost me at least 100 more to order from you. I can order the case plus dragon for $487.44 with free shipping elsewhere. And I've paid your shipping costs on cases like 20 times now. With this dragon there's no way that shipping isn't at least 80 dollars.

I love y'all, but you're screwing up.

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Thanks for the reply Yoshua. This confirms my fears. I'll go order elsewhere, I'm not paying a hundred dollars extra or more. I was happy to support paizo directly, EVEN when it cost a little bit more to do so. But they've made it impossible not to go elsewhere on battles at this point.

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For context, dragon + case was $487.44 shipped for free. You're prices are not competitive and it's not close. :/

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Nevermind, I see the price in the account management. I see you're not doing the case price discount, then 30% off anymore. After your insane shipping costs (which will be worse with this dragon's shape) I cannot order directly from you anymore. I'll be cancelling my subscription and order elsewhere til you stop pricing yourself out of competition.

These look awesome!

I'm curious though, what the heck is going on with the premium singles like:
Pathfinder Battles: Premium Painted Figure - Elf Fighter Male

For example? they should have come out ages ago and no update.

Also any word on the last few promo repaints hitting the webstore, that often happens around now, but usually we have to poke and ask about it ;)

I'm also curious what the subscriber price + shipping is going to be like, can we get the subscription price put on the website before the product comes out for once? This is too big a purchase to be a surprise.

Any update on the release of the Pathfinder Battles: Premium Painted Figure series?

Order Authorization just hit. Me: Happy. Credit card? Sad. Wife? Honestly used to my bullshit by now and supportive thankfully :P


I know we have to add these to side cart manually now as there's no more case incentives.

I did so, and my order email just now said it includes the battles case and dragons, but the thieves guild is missing from order.

Please correct this and you may want to check the batching system in general as I saw a couple more reports of this so it's not isolated.

I'd normally call for this but your phone lines are down at moment so this seemed the best way?

My order generated with Red and Black Dragons and Battles Case, but No Thieves Guild.

Will make a separate post too for this but adding my two cents this isn't working right.

Smart, thanks!

Joan H. wrote:
Pathfinder Battles subscribers will see their cases generate on a new order at the end of this week to align with the July 8 street date. Battles subscribers, please check the email associated with your account for more information about July's subscription shipment and how the Battles subscription has changed.

I never seem to get these sort of emails. Had to call last two sets to get my order built correctly at shipped. Here's hoping it actually automates correctly this time!

Any idea what sort of shipping price I'm look at to 78641 for a battles case and both premiums? Last sets shipping was enough to get me some...looks from the wife. Would like to know if I'm in trouble or not.

Since the deal for the cases has gotten worse since we are getting a much smaller discount on the premiums has paizo fixed the godawful pricing for case shipping? The last sets shipping costs were re dic u lous. And it was nearly enough to run my business off.

Sara Marie wrote:
If you have a subscription, you should not be completing check out. Use it to calculate shipping by going through the checkout process just far enough to see what shipping is going to be, and then let us know if you want us to generate the subscription order. If you want to skip it, you don't need to do anything, (though it would be helpful if you let us know that shipping was the reason you are choosing to skip it).

Yep I know, (if that was a reply to me). I was just calling attention to it because the price when Virginia (or was it Victoria? I'm terrible with names). Anyhow when the lovely lady on the call earlier today helped me process my order. It tried to set the case price as 399 originally, but she got it to work properly after some fiddling. Almost didn't catch it at first, that would have been a bummer @.@

Anyone getting shipping quotes/shipped, be aware the price in cart seems to be working correctly, but when trying to checkout on the phone just now it wasn't giving the proper subscriber rate (279.99 ) for the base case part of the shipment. I've noticed it's done this on a number of sets in the past until an update was pushed or something for the set. Make sure it doesn't charge the wrong amount before giving the go-ahead.

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David knott 242 wrote:
Lorian wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:
Lorian wrote:
Ahh, that's nearly 90 dollar shipping to Texas.

Interesting. I got a quote of just over 80 dollars for shipping to New Jersey. I guess the fact that I live in a more densely populated area overcame the greater total distance?

Not sure, I’m in Leander Texas, which is a suburb of Austin, so not exactly in the middle of nowhere either.

Are you sure you are going for the cheapest shipping? I seem to recall seeing a price around $100 for the second cheapest option when I ran the miniatures items through the checkout process to check shipping prices.

The price I got does seem to match up with Pigraven's.

Sadly, it's just that terrible.

Options are:
USPS priority for 87.89
UPS ground for 162.86
UPS second day air 348.82
UPS Next day air 531.47

Absolutely bonkers.

David knott 242 wrote:
Lorian wrote:
Ahh, that's nearly 90 dollar shipping to Texas.

Interesting. I got a quote of just over 80 dollars for shipping to New Jersey. I guess the fact that I live in a more densely populated area overcame the greater total distance?

Not sure, I’m in Leander Texas, which is a suburb of Austin, so not exactly in the middle of nowhere either.

Ahh, that's nearly 90 dollar shipping to Texas. Yeah if that's what this ends up costing I'll definitely not be ordering directly anymore, even with the subscriber discount it's wildly more expensive than buy from another (or several other websites).

Paizo's shipping prices have always been on the high end (even with the unimpressive first ten discount) but 87 dollar shipping is... well I can see why you know it needs to be improved lol.

I'd much rather by direct though, so I'll chill for now while you find a better solution. :)

Yes, any ETA on the battles situation?

What does this mean in terms of expected shipping window for battles then?

Groovy thanks!

Hey, just noticed my battles sub doesn’t properly show the case incentive. Could someone take a look at the settings please?

Hello again.

My order of Iconic Heroes Evolved is not reflecting the 30% off that's part of having a battles subscription.

Additionally, in my last thread the customer service rep was having tech support check my account since my orders keeps charging my card in full and not using my store credit. Can we please confirm that's corrected now, happened the last two cases in a row.

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Wow these look SUPER bad.

Any news?


I've had a lot of issue in the past with my store credit not being used correctly for my subscriptions.

I've got enough preloaded to pay for the subscription in full, what do I need to do to make it not charge my credit card? Last two times it charged my card incorrectly and I don't want a repeat.


Once again the system charges my bank account. I don’t know whats wrong here, but why even have a “charge my store credit first” setting if it will never once function correctly?

Refund my card and charge my store credit asap, I am beyond pissed.

Could you please confirm my order actually uses my store credit? The last few times despite being set to it still charged my card, which nearly overdrafted ><

Looks like the order was only partially refunded. The shipping needs to be refunded too.

Weird, but thank you for your assistance :)

I'm real confused by this. I just got a ready to email for iconic heroes #7. Do NOT send me this again please, I long since bought this from you, two years ago lol.

Financial issues popped up, please cancel for now.

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Mark, I'd like to express serious appreciation for your consideration to subscribers. I love that you're working hard to have these fully revealed before subs charge, and that you're trying to be considerate of international buyers too, since that's a big ask, but an important one for them. Bravo!

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We don't have any Drow yet right? It's gotta be a Drow.

Thanks much!


I had a replacement order for some broken items. Was wonder why it has not shipped yet

I know there was inventory but it seems stuck

Mark Moreland wrote:
Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper wrote:
Joey Virtue wrote:
Have they announced the cool bonus figure for this set? Its the only thing I buy from each of these sets now

You can also visit to see what has been revealed for the set so far:

Slight correction to the gallery, Kor. The crypt wall is a piece of dungeon dressing, not part of the Cemetery of the Fallen premium set.

I think I quoted too much, but Kor, another error in the gallery is the gold dragon is weirdly an uncommon.

Ugh, I JUST needed Iomedae last game session.

Still, awesome sculpt!

Thank you Virginia! Wonderful support as always!

Thank you Steve, good idea. Sent these in an email now.


My case sub arrived today, which was great!

Unfortunately there are a couple issues. Breakage are normal and fine, however one mini just...doesn't have a head (jaethal) and a rare (soul gorger) simply has no arm.

Could these be replaced? I can send photos if you'd like not sure how to upload though.

Thank you!


These generally go up for purchase once the convention season ends, But I haven't seen Atomie, Crimson Vine or Mold Boss yet.

Despite being unable to physically attend any of the conventions, I've actually has the fortune of keeping my set complete so far and hope to continue that. Could these be made available soon?

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