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The mighty is banned for not appreciating good facial hair.

UDS is banned for not having a face, let alone facial hair


Banned for failing to see that not only do we all have faces but we have supremely excellent facial hair on our faces.

banned for not displaying it


Banned for not seeing when we are in plain sight

banned because my chocoboey awesmeness allows me to

Coco Puff bird is banned because it is Friday and no coco puffs allowed on Fridays. Plus I am hungry and I want to each the bird.

Banned for overeating.


Banned for we do not like doctors

Banned because everyone needs The Doctor.
You'd be a Cyberman without him bringing them down.
Well... maybe not. You're a bit too psychotic for cyber conversion, with the dissociative identity disorder.
Exterminated by the Daleks is more likely.

Scarab Sages

The Man from Gallifrey is banned because I saw that coming 3-4 hours away, and abstained from posting in order to let it happen. Which of us is the better Time Lord, I ask?

IHIYC is banned for scaring the audience with such a devious smile.


The fiend is banned for we do are not scared at all. We are immune to such things.

The Awful Life Battalion is banned for "we do are not scared."


The little bunny is banned for not making any sense

Scarab Sages

Ulfen Death Squad is banned for assuming things don't make sense unless they make sense to THEM.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is banned for flibble.

The shy one is banned for making the same avatar picture appear twice in a row.

Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

Kat's Eye is banned for failing to recognize someone is badly impersonating IHIYC.

Uncle Teddy is banned because he doesn't resemble a Teddy Bear at all.


The fiend is banned for we are more fantastic than you are.

UDS is banned for glorifying themselves injustly.


The fiend is banned for thinking it bad that we glorify ourselves

The Squad is banned because all those who glorify themselves will be humbled and all those that humble themselves shall be glorified.


The bunny is banned for we are assigned to do the humbling and glorifying around here

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16

Ulfen Death Squad is banned for not joining the Death Squad Union.

Petty Alchemy is banned because this is a right-to-work thread.

gran rey is banned because i need to vent frustration and this perfect for it.

TFF is banned for being frustrated

Chocobo is banned because he is really a feather duster.

*blinds Kat with dust*
Kat is banned by Karma


Banned for we hate the taste of chicken

Banned because I'm not a chicken


Banned for trying to spread false rumors about how you are not a chicken

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Ulfen Death Squad is BANNED for spreading false rumors on someone else trying to spread false rumors about something having to do with chicken and there was no crossing of road involved.

Frencois is banned for smoking.


The fiend is banned for trying to aid in taking the topic away from how we hate chicken

Scarab Sages

Ulfen Death Squad is banned because cool people hate steak, not chicken.

Hidey is banned for being the most wrong that I've ever seen on these forums.
Steak is so much better than chicken.
Unless of course you're mocking "cool" people for disliking steak. That is perfectly fine. If this is the case, you're alternately banned for being unclear.

♣♠Magic♦♥ is banned for being indecisive about why Hidey is banned!


Jan us is banned for it is clear why hidy is banned

UDS is banned for littering

FF is banned for loitering.

Spanky is banned for literacy.

Magus Janus is banned for combo breaking.

The magic bunny is banned for not giving me colored eggs.


Tff is banned for not giving us the eggs so we could make an omelet

UDS is banned for not bothering to read properly.

I can't give you eggs if i didn't GET any to begin with.

Fiend is banned because he can't secure an egg supply.

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*You are banned for fishing without a license.

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