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Silver Crusade

UDS is banned for being the greatest enemy of the platypus.


Lucky7 is banned for we care not about the platypus

UDS is banned for platypus apathy.

MagusJanus is banned for having eyes in the back of his head.

Old Doc Flumph is banned for being the only one to make an appearance in Mass Effect 3.

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for ignoring my existence. Banned right through a wall.

Banned for not resembling the actual thing.

Mr Flumph actually had some genuine resemblance.


Banned for we care not about this mr. flumph

Banned for not addressing me as Doctor.

Banned because you aren't The Doctor.

Banned because I never said I was "The Doctor."

Banned for illegal flumphnessing

Banned because I'm tired of being used to ban people.

Dark Archive

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Banned because you're a tool, don't take that the wrong way.

Banned because "you're" using "your" incorrectly.

Just because I'm stuck in here doesn't mean my warm, squishy house can use improper grammar. :/

Dark Archive

Banned because I don't see an error.

Banned for flooding the threads with your vileness.

Dark Archive

Banned because I've already killed you multiple times and have stopped caring.

Banned for stopping to care.
Bugs that keep coming back are to be taken care of. *squish*

Dark Archive

Banned for missing me

Banned because I have the Returning enhancement!

Banned for hitting the squishy house!
I felt that in here...

Dark Archive

Banned because I have your brother, The banblade

EDIT: Banned for Ninja'ing me


Banned for being a purple cricket and leaving a baste spot on the ground when we squished you.

UDS is banned for scaring the medical examinor during the job.

Dark Archive

TFF is banned for getting undead medical exams


Cr500cricket is ultra banned for we do not like purple crickets

The squadies are banned because the squishy house is not purple. The squishy house is black and red. I think. It's hard to tell in here.


Banned for failing to tell black from purple

Dark Archive

Banned because Im black and Red not purple, your empty eyes must not be able to tell the colours apart


Banned for hating purple

Dark Archive

Banned because I don't hate purple, I'm just not purple.

Banned for being the wrong color.


Banned for making us think of bacon somehow

Banned for catching the Spanky Syndrom

Dark Archive

Banned for Pscychology practices


Banned for your cr 500 is nothing compared to our cr 500,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Banned because your cr 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 is divided by your 250,000,000,000,000,000,000 personalities and can only manifest 1 at a time.

Both of you are banned for excessive "0" spamming. Period.


Banned for hating on 0

Dark Archive

Banned for being too cool for this thread


Banned for not providing enough strong succubi to destroy us

Dark Archive

Banned because you guys are immune to energy drain

The Exchange

Banned for not getting the hint

Dark Archive

Banned for having an unstattable object

Cr500cricket is banned for chirping while I'm trying to brood.

The wannabe is banned for not being batman yet claiming to be him.

Dark Archive

Banned because maybe he is


Banned for we have the real Batman hiding in our kitchen

Banned for being an inferior undead.

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