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Captain Spalding is banned for not wearing the new necklace i sent her last weekend.

Dark Archive

TFF is banned for giving out bling

The cricket is banned for stealing my necklace before I got even it.

Banned because you're a pirate! take it back

The Chocobo is banned for calling me a pirate. I am a hunter of pirates.

banned because frankly, I couldn't care less


Banned for not caring less enough

UDS is banned for using rubber knives when assaulting an ogre.


Banned for failing the check so bad that he thinks a magical adamantine greatsword is a rubber knife

Banned for still being alive.

banned for looking funny

Banned for funny looking.


Banned you silly rabbit. That is for kids

UDS is banned for banning rabbits. Just so happens a certain rabbit slaughtered more people than UDS has thus far.

The Fiend is banned because it wasn't my fault. Everything just happened so quickly...

Magic is banned for being fast on his feet.

Scarab Sages

Schism is banned so at last there may once again be One True Church.

Sovereign Court

I'm hiding in your closet is banned cause the joker said so


Banned because we listen to the suicide king, not the joker

Banned unless you slay that blasted spammer

Banned for blackmailing people to commit murder.

banned because the ends justify the means when it comes to spammers

Where's the Love man.... I'll tell you just call me at 91-Iwantyourcreditcardnumber

You get no love

The Mighty Chocobo is banned because Doom is not amused.

Krevon is banned because if Doom wasn't amused he would tell me himself

Banned for being an overgrown chicken.

Banned for causing me to play the day after ragnorok rpg

banned for being invisible

The Mighty Chocobo is banned for not entering the golden saucer's race.

Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

TFF is banned for hellhounds. Why not hellbears or hellchickens or hellturtles?


Banned for subscribing too much

UDS is banned for being bothered over such a trivial thing.

Scarab Sages

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for aiding and abetting the unworthy acronym epidemic (which I finally recognized had gone too far back in the early-mid-'000s, when I overheard a television commercial referring to The Powerpuff Girls as "PPG").

Banned for alleged time travel

The Mighty Chocobo is BANNED because cats can't fly

finian is banned because he is wrong, there's them
Good times..

fiend is banned for bringing in bad cartoons


Banned because some cartoons are so bad they are actually fun to watch.

Banned for being multiple people at once.

Scarab Sages

ImperialSunlight is banned for rudely pointing out a person's multiple personality disorder.


Banned because we have no problem with people pointing out that we are one

banned for not recognizing you have a problem

The Mighty Chocobo is banned for running too fast.

Banned for causing the pimple on my backside.

Banned for too much information

Banned for popping that pimple.


Banned for we do not care about pimples.

Banned for being unsympothetic about my pimple.

Banned for being self centered

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