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There were Giant Ants in a classic series episode, but they were on their own planet, if I remember right.

Time travel! Adventures in time and space!

Would you rather be a diplomancer bard or a bandaid-hander-outer Cleric?

Banned because Kirk didn't claim to be a doctor.

I however, am in fact The Doctor.

You are banned for deleting the fiend.

Just give us what you remember of the last episode. We'll know where it is. XD

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lynora wrote:
Monkeygod wrote:
So Agartha was already a planet beforehand, just nothing could live there?
Yes. Think Mars. A rocky planet with no real atmosphere to speak of.

Don't drink the water...

Banned for not being The Doctor they really need.

Your time travelling doctor isn't as good as mine.

Banned because you aren't The Doctor.

Banned because everyone needs The Doctor.
You'd be a Cyberman without him bringing them down.
Well... maybe not. You're a bit too psychotic for cyber conversion, with the dissociative identity disorder.
Exterminated by the Daleks is more likely.

The big bird thing is banned for taking my Sonic!

Melody Waverider wrote:
Florence Levitt wrote:


Florence is actually quite nice.

I was referring to the trouble Mel usually causes.

when she isn't in detention, or blowing up shuttles, or breaking into Sim rooms. Or reprogramming the arrow system (well trying to but actually failing at that) Oh and doing unauthorized biological scans of other students.

and recently discovered she can't die (as far as she knows anyway)

(BTW the can't die part isn't really true, but Mel doesn't know that.)

well besides all of that Mel is a nice girl

"Who is this woman, Doctor?!"

"Hell. In high heels... Yowzah."

Bliss also tastes like a horrible virus that kills everyone on the surface of the planet that isn't in their super car.

It has nine speeds!
(Is safe)

Banned for being a paradox.

cmastah is banned in the name of The Doctor.

Trying to decide if I'm going to cosplay Tom at our convention this year again. If I do, it'll be good to have that link. :)

I'm having a party, watching the simulcast on a rented big screen.

I was thinking that it won't be just one person but now two if you know what I mean. Now that both of them are gone.

Um Lyn. With what's happening right now, I kinda need the Cariban idea to be finalized as soon as you can. I am pretty sure you lost the pm a while back. I am gonna resend it. If you don't get to it tonight I am hoping I can go ahead with the basic story part, as I can't think of a reason you would turn it down. If there is then we can just retcon it but I can't think why there would be. :)

Is a teddy bear.

Didn't know that existed. . . .

Hey Ice I'm gonna send you the pm I sent to Lyn about this. Put it in a quote and add the technical stuff to it and send it to Lyn would ya?

David.De'Foul wrote:
I'm pretty sure I can take on a stuffed bear, *looks to Icehawk* right?

Not quite yet. Lyn needs to get to an old pm first. You survive for now aasimar. For now.

I made an alias for him.
We can make another with a star at the end of his name so we can both use it.

Life's no fun without a good scare!