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Looking at this thread title, I was expecting to see stuff like "Summon Self". :)

Congrats! :)

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claudekennilol wrote:
As a metal, how much is it worth? So if I find a thousand pound hunk how much would it be worth?

From a pure weight standpoint?

Well, 50 coins is a pound. 16 ounces to a pound. That's 0.32 oz per coin, and on the exchange 1 oz of copper is US$0.16104.

So at the moment one copper is 5.15328 cents.

It's a nickel... and change. :)

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Pi, of course. What an irrational question.

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"Are you sure?" is universally known to be GM-speak for "Do you want to start rolling up a new character up now, or do you want to first wait for me to explain what happens next in horrific gory detail?"

Dammit! I lost.

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Radiarch wrote:
Brynn was definitely inspired by Firefox.

Now we just need a Chrome modron that looks like a colorful beach ball, an Opera nobody notices, and a rotten Explorer that keeps destroying everything he touches when out on Safari. :-)

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"I want an MMORPG that will delete your character from your account upon his/her first death. Otherwise, what's the point?"

Man, was I stared at.

Update: This was eventually followed by the question: "What if you got disconnected or lag resulted in you getting killed." I answered: "S*** happens." Then: "Even if you're at max level with epic gear?" I nodded.

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My rule of thumb for racial casting is: "Try to keep things as close to the source material as possible. However, if somebody is good (and I mean REALLY GOOD) at fitting the character without the racial change causing other problems, then it can and will work."


Perry White payed by Lawrence Fishburne - This was one of the cases where switching the race not only didn't bother me, but knowing Fishburne's abilities and demeanor, I saw this as actually "perfect casing".... It's just a shame he had so little screen time and it was in a movie that I thought was painfully dreadful. Still, I put no blame on Fishburne or his performance. (Man of Steel: WORKED)

Peltz and Rathbone playing characters of a race that is a fantasy world's equivalent to Eskimos - Dear God NO. Their performances did not merit the switch, and even so none of the rest of the tribe were switched to match. The shot of them amongst "their people" looked ridiculous. I don't care how good of an acting job is or how awesome an actor is, you can't have Morgan Freeman playing a Grand Dragon. (Last Airbender: DIDN'T WORK)

Now, these are extreme cases: one where the race was so out of place it was an obvious error, and another were the character wasn't all that important so nobody would care. But in the middle, I still stick with my rule of thumb. So in short, YES, a black person can play Peter Parker... but (and I admit this is unfair) the person has to be damn good in the role. And in Peter's case, it's not an issue of race. It's more an issue of appearance.

Yes, there is a difference.

Comic book fandom is very picky over details. Hell, most fandoms are. People b****ed over having a blond James Bond. A sudden change of a character from white skin to black skin is highly distracting. BUT if the actor and/or writer can pull it off gloriously (like Nick Fury), then it not only overcomes the change in the character's appearance, but it ends up standing out as a GREAT performance.

Pseudo-Side Note: I'm loving Miles as Spiderman. I also thought Peter's death was extremely well handled. In fact, I prefer having Peter's story with a conclusion. It makes that line have a definitive beginning, middle, and end; something most comic lines sorely lack. And personally, if they ever adapted the new Ultimate Spiderman to screen, I would be pissed off if somebody casted Miles with a non-black actor without any having any logic or massive talent to back up the reason for the switch.

Also, so long as the reasoning for being for or against loose-racial casting can apply both ways, there is no issue of racism.

That, in a nutshell, is the Worldwound for you—a place where even the grass wants to kill you.

So it's a crossover with Ultima. ;-)

(Search for "Spoony Ultima Grass" to see a bunch of videos about the battles with the ancient deadly foe.)

Granted. You can now eat lu-.... Oh. Hrm. Well, you could had eaten lunch. But "now" just went by into the past. You've missed your opportunity. You'll never be able to eat lunch again.

I wish my wish would be corrupted.

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And thus my kickstart donation is finally given.

CapeCodRPGer wrote:
I'm going to pick up an Ipad. I noticed on the Itunes store they have a few different PDF readers. What is the best Ipad PDF reader for my Pazio PDFs?

I use iBooks, which is Apple's own eReader, to read PDFs.

1st) I was so happy when I saw 4th Edition come out. Finally my bank account would have time to heal after so much damage done to it during 3rd Edition. I was looking forward to not wanting to buy any RPG material for years on end.

To Hades with you, Paizo! Now there are more products that are so cool that I must spend money to get them! *weep*

2nd) I wish the Oracle was already in the core material. As a Dragonlance player/DM I wanted a spontaneous divine caster to use for the Mystics. But now I gotta wait. *sigh*

Yes, I'm impatient. :)