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Does anyone here still have the audio files made by Skyler Brungardt?
I'd really love to use them in my game, once the players get their hands on the book.

The party get's drugged somehow (maybe accidently, maybe a monster, some npcs...) and spents the session running around through a magical realm full of mad hallucinations and wunderful theories about the universe. Would probably work best in a big city, lots of input there. At the end they wake up to the laughs of spectators on the market place or something.

sweet, haven't yet checked it all but looks like what I need at the moment

I have a sweet spot for the Dreamspun bloodline or the martyred bloodline, both have some really cool powers.

What about going after trip and saying for fluff that you actually trip using powerful wind? For that matter you might actually try to build a combat maneuver character with maybe wizard cross classing or something else that gives you wind-related class powers. So when you bullrush you surround yourself with a shield out of strogn wind that actually does the pushing, disarm would be a blow of wind and so on.

You should totally add some sort of hex-exploring during the downtime in Kelmarane or when starting the 2nd book - There is a lot of stuff to explore and be turned into adventures around Kelmarane (for example what the f+$$ is up with Marudshar?)

I'm running for a 3 party group and only one spellcaster (oracle) - They are doing fine and usually have an NPC with them jsut because it kinda happened.

CUrrently they run around with Kyra (the official paizo one) because she was the headpriest of Sarenrae coming to Kelmarane and they decided they want to have her with them.

Yes, you should really just give out level ups at plot points, removes needless xp tracking and keeps everyone on the same page.

Totally fine, just tell your GM about it. Just because slavery is mostly normal doesn't mean you have to like it after all.

Salim - Human Spellsinger/Oracle of Pahrasma/Sarenrae, finally got vengance against the Carrion King
Indranna - Tiefling Rogue, swinging around a big nodachi and generally one shotting most stuff
Igby - Catfolk Warlord, somewhat in love with Indranna, always seems to get his share of all the nasties in the world, be it slime going god knows where, gore or anything else, really

You don't really need a cleric of Sarenrae - however someone of her faith would a lot to the campaign, as there are tons of references and possibilties for stuff related to the Dawnflower.